Historical Karachi to Islamabad Mohabbat-e-Sindh Train March and Sit in of Sindhis in front of Parliament house Islamabad. By: Kalavanti Raja


In continuity of several Mohabat-e-Sindh Rallies in all the districts of Sindh including Karachi, Dynamic Leader Rasool Bux Palijo led Awami Tahreek launched 03 days Mohabat-e-Sindh Train March started from Karachi with message of love to all people of Pakistan, awareness of Sindh issues and received warm welcome at every railway station.
And ended with mammoth sit-in ahead parliament house Islamabad to protect against anti-Sindh and anti-people planning and projects by present Government like 22nd May Massacre, Target Killings in Karachi, Water Shortage, Creation of Zulfiqarabad, Division of Sindh, Forced Conversion & Kidnappings of Minorities, Sindh local bodies Ordinance’ 12, Honour Killings, Unemployment, Inflation and Corruption .
AT only ended Train March but made a new anouncement of 05 full-days Mega Sit-in on Main Highways agianst News Local Government Ordinance in all divisions of Sindh from 22 September.
This was no doubt a first and highly splendid political activity in the history of Sindh in which they not only promoted and received love and peace in all people of Pakistan but also presented their demands at the door steps of law makers very peacefully and successfully in a highly disciplined manner.
For more information I have detailed below the reporting of main national newspaper as and when publish.
September 06, 2012
1. AT train March against PPP policies begins
Dawn: http://dawn.com/2012/09/07/at-train-march-against-ppp-policies-begins/
HYDERABAD, Sept 6: Awami Tehrik president Ayaz Latif Palijo has lashed out at moves to reintroduce the local government system and accused PPP leaders of bargaining away rights of Sindhis for the sake of power.
Speaking to journalists at the railway station here on Thursday before leading the Mohabbat-i-Sindh Train March to Islamabad, Mr Palijo said that PPP leaders were busy appeasing the MQM with the new local bodies system.
The AT has organised the march in protest against the local government system, Zulfikarabad project and deteriorating law and order condition in Sindh.
He said the government was not serious in addressing issues of joblessness, loadshedding, lawlessness, water shortage and poverty. The persistent problem of water shortage had destroyed millions of acres of land in Sindh and impoverished thousands of growers, he said.

He said that if the government tried to stop the train march from Karachi cantonment to Islamabad, AT would jam the railway system in Sindh and block all vehicular traffic.
He said that thousands of people, including activists of PML-N, Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM), Sindh United Party (SUP), PPP-SB, Sindh Taraqqi Pasand Party (STP) and Jamaat-i-Islami, had joined the march.
He said that after the train march reached Islamabad, a rally would be taken out from the Islamabad Press Club to the parliament on Sept 8 where the participants would stage a sit-in.
He said that division of Sindh was out of the question. The government had initially planned to make Zulfikarabad a city, then declare it a province and finally make it a country with the support of allies and foreign powers but Sindhis would never allow the conspiracy to succeed, he said. Mr Palijo said that education system of the province was in tatters and people of Sindh, which produced 70 per cent of the total gas generated by the country, faced poverty and joblessness.
NAWABSHAH: Mr Palijo said that his party would never accept dual system in Sindh. He was addressing supporters when the train march reached Nawabshah.
He said that PPP wanted to hand over local bodies system to ‘terrorists’ in the name of reconciliation so that target killers could get security of police and revenue departments.
He said that Zulfikarabad was an anti-Sindh project aimed at converting Sindhis into a minority by settling non-Sindhis in the city. If anti-Sindh projects were not shelved they would observe sit-ins on main railway tracks, he warned.
SANGHAR: Mr Palijo said the train march was a protest against conspiracies for Zulfikarabad and division of Sindh.
He was talking to reporters at Tando Adam and Shahdadpur railway stations where a large number of supporters showered rose petals on the participants of the march.
He said that PPP had failed to serve people who voted it to power several times. Instead, it had given them menaces of loadshedding and lawlessness.
2. Awami Tahreek launches Mohabbat-e-Sindh Train March against Government
The News: http://www.thenews.com.pk/Todays-News-4-130449-AT-launches-Mohabbat-e-Sindh-train-march-against-govt
Karachi: A Sindhi nationalist party, Awami Tehreek (AT), on Thursday launched a Mohabbat-e-Sindh train march from Karachi to Islamabad against the government and its policies.
Vice-President AT Syed Alam Shah headed the train march from a Karachi railway station, which was later led by President AT Ayaz Latif Palijo from Jung Shahi in the Thatta district.
Activists of the nationalist party gathered early in the morning in Karachi to participate in the train march. At the railway station they chanted slogans against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)-led government and demanded the arrest of the culprits who killed several participants of a Mohabbat-e-Sindh rally staged in Karachi on May 22.
Talking to The News, Palijo claimed that the PPP had broken all previous records of corruption and a large number of Sindhis had been directly affected due to the poor governance of the PPP-led government in the province.
The Sindhis were against any possible division of the province and the PPP decisions to create a new city named Zulfiqarabad and introduce a proposed local bodies system for Sindh seemed to be a step towards the bifurcation of the province, he said.
“Like other Sindhi parties, the AT, is also against the PPP-led government agenda and would do everything which could stop the division of the province. This train march is one of such measures adopted against the PPP and its policies,” Palijo said.
Unfortunately, the federal and provincial governments had totally failed to deliver anything to the people. The poor were becoming poorer and the rate of inflation and unemployment had increased a lot under this government, he added. The province had dried up and water shortages in all districts of Sindh had affected the livestock, agriculture and people, but the government had done nothing in this regard, he said, adding that loadshedding was another serious issue not addressed by the PPP-led government. Palijo said that the AT leaders would decide further line of action after reaching Islamabad.
3. Awami Tehreek’s “Mohabbat-e-Sindh Train March” begins from Karachi for Islamabad to protest for Governament’s anti people decisions.
The News Tribe: http://www.thenewstribe.com/2012/09/06/awami-tehreeks-mohabbat-e-sindh-train-march-begins/
Karachi: Accelerating their movement against the new Local Body system in Sindh province, the Awami Tehreek began the train march from Karachi to Islamabad on Thursday morning.
Large number of supporters holding protesting banners and placard reached Cantt Station to participate in “Mohabbat-e-Sindh” (Love of Sindh) train march. The protestors say that they will foil any plot to divide or break the province.
They said that the new local bodies system has been created to break Sindh province and the lovers of the province would allow anyone to divide their motherland.
The AT leaders said that thousands of people would also join the march in other cities.
Meanwhile, the government has made special security arrangement for the train marchers.
4. Awami Tehreek, Sindh Mohabbat start train march
Pakistan Today: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2012/09/07/city/karachi/awami-tehreek-sindh-mohabbat-start-train-march/
KARACHI - Awami Tehreek has started its train march towards Islamabad Thursday against imposing local bodies system in Sindh. According to details, dozens of activists of Awami Tehreek and Sindh Mohabbat reached Karachi Cantt station on the occasion of Pakistan’s Defence Day. Heavy contingent of police and other law enforcement agencies were present on the occasion to keep a check on any untoward occurrence. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with slogans in favour of demands and against local bodies system. Talking to media persons on the occasion the leaders of two organizations struggling for rights of people of Sindh, said that forcefully imposing local bodies system in the province against the desires of masses was an attempt to divide Sindh.
5. Ayaz Palijo's 'Love Sindh' train steams towards Islamabad
Express Tribune: http://tribune.com.pk/story/432820/ayaz-palijos-love-sindh-train-steams-towards-islamabad/
HYDERABAD: Awami Tehreek’s President Ayaz Palijo, who had ruffled a few feathers by holding rallies in Karachi with the infamous Lyari’s Amn Committee, embarked upon his Muhabbat-e-Sindh (Love Sindh) train to Islamabad on Thursday.
Having succeeded in quelling the clamour for a Muhajir province through ‘Love Sindh’ rallies, Palijo is now due to stage a protest outside the Parliament House. The issues on his agenda include the revival of local government system of 2001, targeted killings, Zulfiqarabad project, water shortage, lawlessness, Hindu conversions, corruption and unemployment.
Escorted by hundreds of supporters, emotional scenes of parting and exhilaration embodied by women and girls dancing to Sindhi songs as he made a stopover at Hyderabad railway station. “If the Pakistan Peoples Party rulers remain unperturbed by the march, we will block all the highways of Sindh by the end of this month,” he warned while talking to the media.
The train began from Karachi on Thursday morning. Party workers kept joining the march as it snaked through Sindh towards Islamabad stopping at Kotri, Tando Adam, Shaheed Benazirabad and Rohri railway stations.
The train is due to reach the federal capital Islamabad on September 7 with more supporters are expected to join in at Rahim Yar Khan, Khanpur, Bahawalpur, Multan, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Okara, Lahore and Rawalpindi.
The love Sindh march will hold a public meeting outside the parliament house on September 8.
“The PPP government was voted into the power by Sindhis. But it is punishing its most staunch supporters with poverty, calamity, lawlessness, water shortage and allowing the Sindhis to be turned into a minority,” Palijo said.
He warned that the people of Sindh will not allow the restoration of Pervez Musharraf’s local government system before terming it as a continuity of Ayub Khan’s One Unit system. ”He [Musharraf] divided Sindh in fiefdoms with the two big cities given under the control of MQM and the rest went to the marauding feudals.”
He accused the PPP for once again opting to hand over the biggest cities of the province to the MQM under the garb of a new governance system.
September 7, 2012
1. ‘Sindh saviours’ garlanded in Lahore
Dawn: http://dawn.com/2012/09/08/sindh-saviours-garlanded-in-lahore/
LAHORE, Sept 7: The Awami Tehrik’s Islamabad-bound ‘Muhabbat-i-Sindh train march’ reached Lahore on Friday in a bid to mobilise people against reintroduction of the Local Government System, proposed plan for establishing Zulfikarabad and alleged corruption by the PPP and the MQM in Sindh.
“These poor people have not come here for recreation but have left their homes just to save Sindh through Muhabbat-i-Sindh rally from the corrupt PPP-led coalition,” AT chief Ayaz Latif Palijo told a big gathering at the Lahore railway station. This is the first extensive public mobilisation campaign against the coalition government by any left-wing political party.
The train march was warmly greeted at all major railway stations in Punjab, including Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal, Sahiwal and Okara.
At Lahore, scores of Labour Party Pakistan (LPP) workers led by Farooq Tariq and trade unionists and activists received the participants by hoisting their party flags. The AT workers responded to the gesture with joyous dancing to national and Sindhi songs played through an electronic music system installed by the march managers in train.
“For holding the train march, we have spent money from our own pocket and through donations from those poor people who want a rapid and positive change in society,” Ms Hassna, the AT women wing’s head, commented while talking to this reporter.
She said as her party believed that a majority of people in Pakistan wanted change, it had started efforts at the grassroots level.
Mahmood Ali, another AT worker, said the people of Sindh were annoyed with the government for its failure to rescue Karachi from the clutches of terrorists.
“The Sindhis now want change because they are fed up with the system of Wadera Shahi (feudalism) and massive corruption in their province. I also want to tell you that the PPP has handed over Karachi to the MQM and international powers,” said the party head.
He said the Sindhis had woken up to the realisation that conspiracies were being hatched to divide their province.
While rejecting the proposal for establishing Zulfikarabad and new provinces and holding LG polls before the general election, he said the AT would resist all these moves tooth and nail.
“We are not among those who buy polling stations and drown millions of people in floods,” he said and appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take a suo motu notice of the wrongdoings being committed by the PPP-MQM alliance.
Later, Mr Palijo told Dawn that the AT along with other left-wing parties had been mobilising the people against feudalism for a long time.
“We also plan to involve even other political parties including the PML-N, the PTI, the Jamaat-i-Islami and the ANP in the process. And although we will welcome participation of the PPP and the MQM workers in our move, we will not offer these parties leadership role,” he said.
He claimed his party’s move was fast gaining momentum as people from all walks of life were actively participating in their rallies and other events.
2. Awami Tehreek’s train march reaches Lahore today
Daily Times: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2012%5C09%5C07%5Cstory_7-9-2012_pg7_29
LAHORE/KARACHI: The Awami Tehreek, accelerating its movement against anti-Sindh projects and new local bodies system, began its train march from Karachi on Thursday and would reach Lahore today (Friday).
While talking to Daily Times, Awami Tehreek General Secretary Anwar Soomro said that the train march began from Karachi at 8am. A large number of supporters holding banners and placards reached Cantt Station to participate in ‘Mohabbat-e-Sindh’ (Love of Sindh) train march, he added. Soomro said that it was expected that train march would reach Lahore on Friday morning.
Soomro said that after a brief stopover at the Lahore Railway Station, the train march, under the leadership of Awami Tehreek chief Ayaz Latif Palijo, would leave for its final destination, Islamabad, where a sit-in would be staged in front of the Parliament House from September 8 to 10.
In Lahore, workers of the Labour Party Pakistan, Awami Party and members of civil society would welcome the participants of the march to express solidarity with them, he added. Soomro claimed that 2,000-3,000 participants were with them and more people were joining from major railway stations that came their way. He said that a large number of supporters holding protest banners and placards welcomed the ‘Mohabbat-e-Sindh’ (Love of Sindh) march at all major stations.

Soomro said that the Awami Tehreek was protesting against the proposed project of Zulfikarabad Town and other anti-Sindh projects initiated by the ruling PPP-led coalition government.
He said that the new local bodies system had been created to break Sindh, however, its inhabitants would not allow anyone to divide their motherland. “There is no rule of law in Karachi, which is hit by target killings. Rampant corruption and employment are adding to the people’s woes in the country,” Soomro added. He said, “Awami Tehreek wants peace. We strongly protest any conspiracy against Sindh or the country.”
The protesters said that they would foil any plot to divide or break the province. Mean while, the government has made special security arrangements for the train marchers.
It is pertinent to mention that on May 22 a pro-Sindh rally of the Awami Tehreek was attacked by unidentified gunmen. Resultantly, 14 people were killed and several others wounded. However, a month later the party held a massive public rally in Lyari, demanding the arrest of attackers of its workers. staff report
4. En route: Awami Tehreek rejects Sindh LG Ordinance
Express Tribune: http://tribune.com.pk/story/433261/en-route-awami-tehreek-rejects-sindh-lg-ordinance/
LAHORE: Awami Tehreek on Friday said they rejected the Sindh Local Government Ordinance promulgated on Thursday and demanded that the law be discussed in the provincial assembly.
Ayaz Latif Palejo, president of the Awami Tehreek, was speaking during his half hour stay at the City railway station in Lahore. Palejo is leading a rally to Islamabad to show his and his supporters’ love for Sindh. He named the train they were travelling on as Muhabbat Train.
Palejo said the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) are both had roots in Sindh but were not interested in solving the problems faced by Sindhi people.
The rally will reach Rawalpindi on September 8 (today) and a demonstration will be held in front of the parliament house the same day.
5. Awami Tehreek’s train march leaves for Islamabad
Daily Times: http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2012%5C09%5C08%5Cstory_8-9-2012_pg13_6
LAHORE: The Awami Tehreek’s train march against “anti-Sindh projects” and new local bodies system left for Islamabad after a stopover in the city on Friday. The Mohabbat-e-Sindh train march, under the leadership of Awami Tehreek chief Ayaz Latif Palijo, set out from Karachi on Thursday and will reach its final destination, Islamabad, today (Saturday), where a sit-in would also be staged outside Parliament House.

Hundreds of workers of Awami Tehreek and Labour Party and members of civil society accorded a warm welcome to train marchers at Lahore Railway Station. Addressing the gathering, Ayaz Latif Palijo rejected the new Sindh Local Bodies Ordinance. He said Sindh’s division would be tantamount to dismembering the country. Palijo criticised Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and its allies, saying ruling parties had left million of Sindhis helpless by taking away ‘roti, kapra aur makaan’ from them.
Awami Tehreek General Secretary Anwar Soomro said that they were protesting against the proposed project of Zulfikarabad town and other “anti-Sindh projects”, initiated by the ruling PPP and its allies. He said that the new local bodies system had been created to break Sindh province, but lovers of the province would not allow anyone to divide their motherland. “There is no rule of law in Karachi, which is hit by target killings. Rampant corruption and employment are adding to the people’s woes in the country,” he said. “Awami Tehreek wants peace. We strongly protest any conspiracy against Sindh or the country,” he added. Labour Party Secretary General Farooq Tariq said that they would never support the construction of Kalabagh Dam. After a 30-minute stopover at the Lahore Railway Station, the train march left for Islamabad.
6. Mohabbat Sindh train march reaches Pindi
Sama TV: http://www.ittaleem.com/showthread.php?t=309629
RAWALPINDI: Mohabbat-e-Sindh train march led by Awami Tehreek reached its final destination of Rawalpindi on Friday.
Participants of the train march were accorded a warm reception at Rawalpindi Cantonment Station. PML-N workers were also present on this occasion.
Addressing the participants, AT leader Ayaz Palijo announced that a strike would be observed across Sindh on September 13 against the new local body system.
He said that a protest rally would be taken out from National Press Club to D Chowk in the federal capital. SAMAA
September 08, 2012
1. Palijo warns of shutter-down strike on 13th
The Nation: http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/islamabad/09-Sep-2012/palijo-warns-of-shutter-down-strike-on-13th
ISLAMABAD – Awami Tehreek (AT) President Ayaz Latif Palijo on Saturday threatened of shutter-down strike on September 13 in Sindh if the new decision regarding Sindh local bodies ordinance was not taken back in 100 hours. Addressing a mammoth ‘Mohabbat-e-Sindh Train March’, which staged sit-in at D-Chowk, Palijo also appealed to the people of Punjab for solidarity in their mission. The participants holding placards raised slogans against the Sindh and federal government. The rally led by AT central leader Ayaz Latif Palijo and Sindhyani Tehreek president Husna Rattojo started from National Press Club and culminated at D-chowk.Palijo said that if their demands were not fulfilled then the roads leading towards five different important cities would be closed from 21 Sep to 24 Sep. He also termed the new ordinance tantamount to revenge with Sindhi people. He further said that that the division of Sindh would not be accepted. Criticizing the incumbent government policies, he also demanded for snap polls in a transparent manner. Awami Tehreek leader Abdul Qadir, Civil Society members and other also addressed the gathering. The members of Sindhyani Tehreek also presented tableaus and songs.
2. For the love of Sindh, protesters vow to resist ‘division of province’
Express Tribune: http://tribune.com.pk/story/433667/for-the-love-of-sindh-protesters-vow-to-resist-division-of-province/
ISLAMABAD: Having come from the southern most part of the country, their message was loud and clear– they would resist any conspiracy to divide their province.
To express their love for Sindh, hundreds of people, men and women, from across the province, arrived in the capital and held a rally at the Jinnah Avenue on Saturday. The participants of the Mohabbat-e-Sindh rally were eventually stopped at D-Chowk, where they held a demonstration.
The rally was organised by Awami Party of Pakistan, Awami Tehreek and Labour Party of Pakistan to press for repealing of the local bodies ordinance applicable in Sindh, which they said was a disguised attempt to divide the province.
Awami Tehreek President Ayaz Latif Palijo threatened to observe a complete shutter-down strike on September 13 in Sindh if the local bodies ordinance was not repealed. “Over our dead bodies; we will never let this happen,” he said while addressing the demonstration. “The people of Sindh will hold protest rallies and hunger strikes across the province against the local government system,” Palijo added.
He also said that if their demands are not fullfilled, they will block roads of five important cities of Sindh from September 21 to 24.
“If there is a single system of governance in all the other provinces why not in Sindh?” questioned an Awami Tehreek worker, Dost Ali Khan from Nawabshah district. He added that after the restoration of the local bodies system in Karachi, there would be parallel systems running in the province as the commissionarate system is still in place in rural Sindh.
“Due to this clash, under-developed areas of Sindh will remain deprived and people will suffer,” said Murtaza Jokhio, another participant from Nawabshah district. He questioned the need for creating Zulfiqarabad. Jokhio said the people of Sindh would resist any attempt to divide the province with their lives.
“Zulfiqarabad is a clear indication that some elements in the Sindh government were planning the province’s division,” Jokhio added. He alleged that the coalition government of Pakistan Peoples Party and Mutahida Qaumi Movement was involved in the conspiracy.
3. Peace rally ends with protest ahead parliament house
Dawn: http://dawn.com/2012/09/09/news-in-brief-09-09-2012-i/
ISLAMABAD, Sept 8: A train rally, which started from Karachi, formally ended outside the parliament house here on Saturday.
Participants of the Mohabat-i-Sindh rally, who had reached Rawalpindi on September 7, gathered outside the National Press Club to show solidarity with the people of Sindh and later marched towards the parliament house building. President of Awami Tehrik Ayaz Latif Palijo led the rally. Civil society leaders and a large number of people belonging to Sindh were also present.
Speaking to participants, Mr Palijo said his party would not allow division of Sindh. He said the ordinance regarding local bodies’ election was not acceptable to the genuine Sindhis. He also announced his party’s decision to observe a strike against the ordinance on September 13, 22 and 24
4. Division of Sindh won’t be accepted: Palijo
Online News: http://www.onlinenews.com.pk/details.php?catid=&newsid=202106&catname=Pakistan
ISLAMABAD: President of Awami Tehreek (AT) Ayaz Latif Palijo said on Saturday that the division of Sindh would not be accepted at any cost.
His party’s rally (Mohabbat-e-Sindh rally) that started from Karachi ended here at the parliament house. The rally was warmly welcomed here amid songs and dances.
The Sindhis were against any possible division of the province and the PPP decisions to create a new city named Zulfiqarabad and introduce a proposed local bodies system for Sindh seemed to be a step towards the bifurcation of the province, he said.
“Like other Sindhi parties, the AT, is also against the PPP-led government agenda and would do everything which could stop the division of the province. This train march is one of such measures adopted against the PPP and its policies,” Palijo said.
Criticizing Sindh Local Bodies Ordinance, Palijo said that it was very sad to know about the ordinance and his party would not accept such steps of the government.
Palijo claimed that the PPP had broken all previous records of corruption and a large number of Sindhis had been directly affected due to the poor governance of the PPP-led government in the province.
He said that AT will observe strike in Sindh against the ordinance on 13, 22 and 24 September.

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