Further Shia – Sunni bloodshed in Syria will immensely harm Islam. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- Christians, Chinese, Hindus will not take initiative to solve Syria problem. Muslims will have to take initiative on unconventional lines.
(ii)- Shia (Alawites) regular army and Rebels from 70 % Sunni population bound to make Syria civil war, most brutal.
(iii)- Another 10,000 to 20,000 killed and hundreds thousand displaced up to US elections will render Shia – Sunni rapprochement impossible.
(iv)- Threat of Sunni fundamentalists in Syria (Al-qaeda etc) to Shia fundamentalists Hezbollah in Lebanon indicative of things to come.
(v)- Entire Muslim world will face Shia – Sunni sectarian strife, influenced and orchestrated by fundamentalists.
(vi)- Iran lead Shia and S. Arabia lead Sunnis conflict bound to suck-in Israel.
(vii)- Fundamentalists will increasingly encourage and covet Pak Sunni nukes and potential Iran Shia nukes.
(viii)- OIC should intervene militarily in Syria for realizing objectives of its charter (democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom).
(ix)- OIC should send Islamic Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) of member countries in Syria, to stop on-going civil war.
(x)- OIC should constitute ‘Election Commission’ to recommend constitution and to supervise elections in Syria.
(xi)- IPKF of OIC should remain for two years after elections to assist ‘OIC Human Rights Commission’ for enforcing human rights in Syria.
The way the Shia -Sunni bloodbath is unfolding in Syria, if Muslims of the world through their 'Organization of Islamic Cooperation' (OIC, having 57 Member States and 12 Observer States) do not take initiative to stop this sectarian strife (which will soon engulf entire Muslim population of the world in it), then it will leave such indelible scars on the hearts & minds of the Muslims and will hugely disturb the global political order (also due to NAME and Persian region being major source of petroleum oil to rest of the world) - that Islam will find it extremely difficult to cope with it. Therefore by resorting to unconventional method (out of UN), the OIC should immediately do the following in view of given below:-
(1)- There are two months (if Obama wins the Presidential election) and four months (if Romney wins and goes to White House) before USA (hence its Western Allies) will start taking any interest in global affairs. The way 100 to 200 people are being killed daily in Syria (where over 20,000 have already been killed and hundreds of thousands already been displaced including in refugee camps) - another 10,000 to 20,000 will be killed and hundreds of thousand will be further displaced before USA and its Allies (Christians, the primary major human block) start taking (if at all they take) interest in Syria.
(2)- Moreover Russia and China are good only at invoking Veto in UNSC but not concerned about adopting any method to solve Syria crises. Other major human group in India (1 billion Hindus) can hardly be expected to even think of solving this unprecedented problem which Islam is now facing. Rather Hindus may even enjoy this predicament of Muslims (who have inflicted so much injury and humiliation to Hindus during ~ 1400 years of Islamic History, through brutal invasion, partition etc).
(3)- Therefore Muslims should remain under no delusion. Firstly, the Muslims should realize, sooner the better, that Shia (Alawites) who form majority of regular army of Syria and Rebels who come mainly from 70 % Sunni population of Syria bound to make Syria civil war most brutal (also due to fear of persecution and execution of minorities at the hands of Sunni majority after inevitable fall of Assad regime). And the way, as per media reports, the Sunni fundamentalists in Syria (Al-qaeda etc) have started threatening the Shia fundamentalists Hezbollah in Lebanon etc, it is indicative of Shia - Sunni sectarian grave strife to come.
(4)- Secondly, Iran the leader of Shia world and Saudi Arabia the leader Sunni world are already deeply involved in on-going Syrian civil war. Therefore with increase in Shia - Sunni sectarian strife not only the Shia- Sunnis of entire world but also Israel (strategically the most important ally of Western World and the country facing utmost hostility and anger of entire Muslim world) is bound to be sucked-in, in this Islamic conflagration. Once Israel enters the fray in any manner, which is bound to be there even for existential considerations then where this gory free-for-all will lead to, is any body's guess.
(5)- Thirdly, with entire Muslim world engaged in fratricidal war and with nuclear Israel taking sides in it, the fundamentalists are bound to increasingly encourage and covet Pakistan Sunni nukes and potential Iran Shia nukes and what jitters it will send to remaining mankind, is not difficult to understand
(6)- Fourthly, if Muslims think that the Muslims ~ 25 % of world population will engage in Islamic conflagration and remaining ~ 75 % world population (of Christians, Chinese, Hindus etc) will remain passive spectators to the near destruction of entire so advanced human civilization and will not device ways and means to keep these warring Islamists peacefully at their 'Proper Place' - then they are living in their make belief world.
(7)- Therefore Muslims should think of developing OIC at least as complementary if not an alternative to UN. Otherwise also Islam (which faces deep-down and un-revealed prejudices and hostilities of other religionists out of envy, mainly due to its values which suits democracy more than any other religion of the world) - one day will have to muster courage and faith in order to develop a global organization which will not depend crucially upon the mercy of other religionists.
(8)- Hence the OIC should immediately summon its plenary session where resolution should be passed that IOC will intervene militarily in Syria for realizing objectives of its charter (democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom). Here it is important to mention that the aim of OIC namely - "[Respect the right of self-determination and non-interference in the domestic affairs and to respect sovereignty, independence]" - can not be and legally is not in conflict with the objectives of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedom as mentioned in OIC charter.
(9)- For the purpose of this military intervention, the OIC should send Islamic Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) of member countries, to stop the on-going civil war in Syria. For the purpose of fighting and for other work for this IPKF the OIC can invite people and resources (including monetary) from Muslims of other countries also, which have Muslim population (like India having ~ 200 million Muslims more than any but one member country of OIC)
(10)- The OIC should also constitute 'Election Commission' to recommend constitution and to supervise elections in Syria. The OIC should realize the importance of proper constitution which will not make the mockery of democracy by giving right to President to dissolve elected Parliament / Congress as was done in Syria by Assad and which (despite elections in Syria) is the main reason of on-going civil war in Syria. This 'OIC Election Commission' should help in registration and organizational elections of political Parties and preparation of electoral lists in Syria,
(11)- This IPKF of OIC should remain for at least two years after elections to assist ‘OIC Human Rights Commission’ (OICHRC) in enforcing human rights in Syria (especially of minorities). This OICHRC with branches in different regions of Syria will have power (on the recommendation of mainly & also the Human Rights Commission of Syria across the country) to intervene militarily (through IPKF) in case of serious violations of human rights (minor violations of human rights will be taken care of by the judiciary of Syria with the assistance of police and armed forces of Syria, which will have nearly proportionate representation from different ethnic, religious and other groups).
(Hem Raj Jain is Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')

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