“India under obligation to negate 'Partition'. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- Following should stop:-
(A)- Hindus insecure and some fleeing Pakistan
(B)- Riots between Bodo / Assamese and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh
(C )- Thousands of Assamese Hindus fleeing Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh etc to fight Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam
(ii)- India should not give asylum or / and citizenship to Hindus from Pakistan
(iii)- India should take the lead for the unification of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh as members of FSDRSA
(iv)- FSDRSA will bring immense prosperity, peace and power to South Asia.
(v)- FSDRSA should have MP-1 of CCPR instead of OP-1 of ICCPR at UN
(vi)- Martial forces of FSDRSA (combined from present forces of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) can be relied upon for impartial and effective implementation of this MP-1.
(vii)- USA, UK & Allies and world community should help in FSDRSA.
(viii)- In second stage FSDRSA can have common currency
(ix)- FSDRSA should have new capital than Delhi
(x)- Better if following is also stopped:-
(A)- Exodus of millions of Kashmiri Pundits from Kashmir valley
(B)- Killing (which has already reached ~ one hundred thousand) of Muslims for Kashmir solution
(B)- Persistent political turmoil in Nepal
(C )- Political uncertainty in Afghanistan
(D)- Continuing Tamil problem of Sri Lanka
(E)- Political unrest in Maldives.
(xi)- Later on Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives may also join if they want, as States in FSDRSA
(xii)- J& K can also be a State in FSDRSA comprising pre - 1947 territory
(xiii)- More States can be formed out of three States of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
(xiv)- In view of Syria tragedy, in third stage FSDRSA may mobilize world community for ‘League of Democracies’ in place of UN.
Because India was primarily responsible for the partition of India in 1947 (due to insistence of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel etc for over-centralized India keeping in view the majority of Hindus in undivided India and rejection of Jinnah’s suggestion of Federalism which he gave in view of minority of Muslims in undivided India), it is the responsibility of India to negate the partition of India in view of the present unfortunate situation which calls for such unification, as explained below:-
(1)- Even if we forget (i)- The immense loss of life, honor and properties before during and after 1947 partition in which about 1 million were killed and more than 10 millions were displaced (ii)- The communal & sectarian forces the partition unleashed resulting in (A)- horribly gory experience of partition of Pakistan resulting in Bangladesh (B)- massacre of thousands of Muslims including in Gujarat in 2002 in the wake of demolition of Babri Mosque (C )- Continuous persecution and harassment of Hindus in Bangladesh and of Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan
(2)- The on-going following tragedies and problems which are also the direct result of 1947 partition can be solved only when partition is reversed and as per principle involved in the suggestion of Jinnah, the ‘Federation of Secular Democratic Republic of South Asia’ (FSDRSA) is launched comprising three countries as its member States (of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) out of the eight member countries of SAARC:-
(i)- As per reports, in 1951, Hindus constituted 22 percentage of the Pakistani population (that includes the modern day Bangladesh). Today, the share of Hindus are down to 1.7 percent in Pakistan, and 9.2 percent in Bangladesh. Even today Hindus are unsecured and some are fleeing Pakistan. Thousands of Pakistani Hindus who have come to India in the past two decades have still not received Indian citizenship.
(ii)- On Monday, several Indian lawmakers raised this issue in Parliament in view of ~ 250 Hindus who have come from Pakistan as pilgrims but after arriving in India, as per prominent national and international media reports, are asking for asylum (and citizenship) in India by saying that – “[they are being harassed by new Muslim fundamentalist groups in Pakistan. They barge into our homes in broad daylight, snatch jewelry from the women, money from our shops, and kidnap Hindu girls and convert them to Islam. We want India to let us stay and ease visa rules for our relatives who are still in Pakistan]".
(iii)- As per media reports there are 25 to 40 million illegal immigrants in India from Bangladesh. Riots are going on for the last one month between Bodo / Assamese and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in India in which over 100 have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displace (including in refugee camps). In order to defend their lands and to secure victory in this gory fight Hindu Assamese are asking their family members from all over India to come to Assam and join the fight against Bangladeshi Muslims. During last two days alone thousands of Assamese Hindus have fled from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh alone by train to fight Bangladeshi Muslims in Assam
(iv)- The problem of exodus of millions of Kashmiri Pundits from Kashmir valley during last two decades still remain unattended and millions of these Hindus still remain out of their native place, the Kashmir valley, due to fear of Muslim fundamentalist in the valley.
(v)- On the other hand, the killing of Muslims for Kashmir solution has already reached ~ one hundred thousand. Even during 1947 partition the people with same religion and same language remained on one side of the border. But only Kashmiris who have same religion (Islam) and same language are forced to remain on two sides of border under India and Pakistan. Therefore without unification of Kashmir there can be no Kashmir solution.
(3)-But what is more surprising & damaging is that some Hindu organizations are demanding that these ~ 250 Pakistani Hindus should be given asylum and citizenship in India. It is as good as compromising on the human rights of the people. Especially given the fact that these Hindu Pakistanis are reportedly saying that -"[There are thousands of other Hindu families in Pakistan who want to flee to India. However, their voices have been silenced by fear. Only those who can afford or who take a risk, take that big chance of moving to India. Most of those who come to India come as pilgrims.]”. Have these Hindu organizations (including BJP) ever thought that what will happen to these Hindus who will be left in Pakistan ? Moreover why India should follow a policy which allows Pakistan and Bangladesh to drive out Hindus from their countries where as Muslims are still 15 % as per official record in India, equal to what they were in India after Partition, if not more (given Muslim illegal immigrants from Bangladesh not likely to be counted in census) ?
(4)- Therefore there is only one genuine solution to all these problems. The India, Pakistan and Bangladesh should again unify in the form of FSDRSA in which there should be provision for 'Mandatory Protocol' MP-1 of Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR) and not absurd provision of 'Optional Protocol' OP - 1 of ICCPR at United Nations. This will enable the FSDRSA Human Rights Commission to requisition armed forces of FSDRSA for the implementation of human rights, wherever and whenever there will be violation of human rights across the entire territory of FSDRSA.
(5)- If Field Marshal Auchinleck, the last British Commander-in-Chief of the undivided Indian Army could keep the armed forces impartial and thoroughly professional then there is no reason that FSDRSA armed forces can not remain so in the interest of implementing human rights in FSDRSA as per elaborate mechanism of MP - 1 of CCPR.
(6)- It does not need any mention that such FSDRSA will bring immense prosperity, peace and power to these three countries of South Asia once they, in second stage of FSDRSA, go for common currency. This 'FSDRSA Currency’ should have equal asset back-up including gold etc under physical possession of money issuing authority (the 'FSDRSA Bank' with its head office at capital of FSDRSA and branches in all the States) and real estate etc under the constructive possession of this FSDRSA Bank. This is important because without such FSDRSA currency not only economic unification and progress of FSDRSA is impossible but also the open loot by governments and politicians through unbridled fiscal deficits and huge public debt cannot be prevented.

(7)- Of-course FSDRSA can not even think of having its capital at Delhi (which has given goodbye to town planning long back and allowed ~ 2,500 unauthorized colonies in Delhi and which have made traffic in Delhi a nightmare despite metro and traffic-light-free ring-road). Hence this new capital can be made at any suitable place within the territory of FSDRSA.
(8)- The USA, UK & Allies and other members of world community should help in FSDRSA because later on the other countries of SAARC, the Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives may also join it in view of the following problems in these countries, which will be solved and tackled in effective and better way in FSDRSA:-
(i)- Despite elimination of LTTE, the Sri Lankan Tamil problem still persists and it will not go unless equal political rights are granted to Tamils. The Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is cautioning that separatist elements in the country have not given up yet, in a veiled reference to the Tamil Elam supporters' conference held in Chennai recently.
(ii)- Afghanistan problem hardly needs any elaboration
(iii)- After Mao insurgency, Nepal has never enjoyed a stable government in the last 5 years.
(iv)- The aftereffects of removal of President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives, allegedly by armed forces, have still not died down.
(9)- In third stage the FSDRSA may mobilize world community for 'League of Democracies' in place of UN. Because nothing has demonstrated the futility of UN than the tragedy in Syria. The only crime Syrians committed is to aspire for democracy. But in the name of Veto power to permanent members of UN, the Syrians are suffering immensely where tens of thousand (including civilians) have been killed, hundreds of thousand civilians displaced (including in refugee camps) and civilians (including children, women and elders) are living under constant fear and anxieties about their life, safety, honor and properties.
(10)- In this 'League of Democracies' there should be no Veto power to any member. Rather voting right to every member can be as per formula based upon record of democracy & human rights in member Country and upon contribution by members of resources (men including armed forces, material including armaments, money).
(11)- Of-course depending upon situation and merit more States (like J&K) can be formed out of three States of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan who will initially form FSDRSA and from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives who will later on join FSDRSA.

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