‘Resurgent Islam’ in making. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- Fall of Assad regime without any State actor openly behind rebels, will strengthen fundamentalist forces in NAME countries.
(ii)- Assad regime bound to give way to democratic forces in Syria
(iii)- Election year inaction of USA in Syria will cost heavy for Israel.
(iv)- The way Sunnis are resisting the temptation of suppressing Shias in and through Syria, the Islam will be resurgent force world over.
(v)- Resurgent Islam bound to create problems for Israel if one State solution is not adopted by Jews.
(vi)- Due to reservation policy, repercussions of resurgent Islam in 1.2 billion India will be of special interest
(vii)- By respecting West for its contribution in science & technology, resurgent Islam can avoid unnecessary clash with West / Christianity.
(viii)- Resurgent Islam has six plus points / advantage:-
(A)- Petroleum oil in NAME countries
(B)- Islamic aversion against usury
(C )- In a position to ask for global currency thus finishing monetary & fiscal indiscipline of West.
(D)- Zakat institution as missionary for health & education
(E)- ~ 700 million Muslims in South – East Asia.
(F)- The only religion suitable to democracy because preaches supremacy of civil society over temporal power.
Dear Sir
When time for some idea or creed comes then no body can stop it or rather all the circumstances contribute for its success. The way things are moving globally it is evident that Islam is on its way of resurgence provided it avoids certain pitfalls, as given below:-
(1)- It is an election year in USA and taking this lame excuse USA is neglecting its role as leader of free world. In this election year the USA (including its incumbent and aspirant politicians and their parties) is in the mode of inaction with the result USA is not taking any overt interest in Syria where tens of thousand (including civilians) have been killed, hundreds of thousand civilians displaced (including in refugee camps) and civilians (including children, women and elders) are living under constant fear and anxieties about their life, safety, honor and properties..
(2)- Though rebels in Syria are getting secret support of every kind (including weapons) from USA & its Allies but there is no State actor openly against Assad regime, which is bound to fall before democratic forces sooner than later notwithstanding support of every kind to it from Russia, China and Iran (for the simple reason that democracy with universal adult franchise is the most powerful ideology of the contemporary world). This will give tremendous boost to fundamentalist forces who are crucially and hugely shedding their blood in Syria along with rebels.
(3)- Syria is different from Egypt and Libya. In Libya regular forces were subdued by rebels with open and active support of State actors under UN resolution. In Egypt regular forces were never defeated by rebels. Even after Morsi became President and tension surfaced between him and armed forces, the way US Secretary of State and Defense, Hillary and Panetta met chief of armed forces of Egypt and brokered peace and despite easing out of top generals by Morsi, the old power centre & composition of armed forces remains intact in Egypt.
(4)- It is for the first time that armed forces of a NAME country, the Syria, will be defeated by rebels who have fundamentalists (even from other countries) as an important element. This is bound to improve the credibility of Islamic militants not only in NAME countries but all over the world especially amongst Muslims.
(5)- These Islamic militants who are mainly Sunnis (who constitute above 85 % of global Muslim population) so far, by and large, have been able to resist the temptation of suppressing Shias in & around Syria. If these Sunni Islamic militants are able to resist this temptation in future too in the interest of avoiding internecine war, then the dizzy height resurgent Islam will gain world-over, will be unprecedented.
(6)- In this resurgence of Islam one factor will contribute immensely. Islam is the only major religion in countries (democratic or aspiring to be so) which suits democracy. In monarchies State runs the people but in democracy people run the State. In a nutshell, people moral has to be higher which is the central preaching of Islam where Prophet Muhammad (who Himself lead the armies to victory) asked Muslims to fear only Allah and no other temporal authority (king or other rulers). Coupled with it the concept of ’martyrdom’ for the cause of Islam, gives a heady mix.
(7)- On the contrary in Christianity Prophet Jesus Christ preached meekness and asked Christians to seek kingdom of heaven when kingdom of earth was denied to the people of Israel against mighty and victorious Rome. It does not require a genius of political science to understand that with such meekness the Christians of West (who are dominant and crucial for the survival of Christianity and are cowardly suffering at the hands of predatory rulers and politicians) can hardly sustain their democracy for long.
(8)- As far Hindus, its laboring productive class (which forms the majority of Hindus) are demoralized due to reservation in State jobs & posts terming them oppressed (Dalits), backward, other backward etc, India has no future (till this reservation remains) unless these majority of Hindus convert to other religion which will treat them equal, socially and will impart high moral in them. In such a back-drop about 700 million Muslims in South East Asia will trigger developments in this region which will be profound and educative to watch, amidst resurgent Islam.
(9)- The unethical facilities and bail-outs to usurers (banking and financial institutions) and open loot through unbridled fiscal deficit resulting in huge public debt by printing currency without asset back-up (huge money amassed by governments in the name of ‘Welfare State’ and still there is huge unemployment in developing world the USA, Europe etc which is against democracy because without right to work / economic freedom democracy has no meaning ) - these all resulted in US financial / economic crises of 2007 (which engulfed the entire world in it and still on-going) and the on-going Euro Zone crises. These two crises are still troubling the entire mankind without any respite.
(10)- Though every Muslim or Muslim country has not shown allegiance to ‘Huq-Halal’ (earning as per justice) and aversion to ‘Usury’. But still followers of Islam have shown much more commitment to abolition of Usury’ as no other religionist have shown. This is relevant in the present context of global financial / economic crises (brought about by Christians of economically developed world) hence will be the crucial factor in the resurgence of Islam.
(11)- If NAME countries who have resources and clout due to huge reserves of petroleum oil (needed desperately by entire world and especially by developing countries) show commitment to Islamic values of anti-usury and ‘Just Earning’ then they can certainly mobilize world community for the launch of ‘Global Currency’ which will have equal asset back-up including gold etc under physical possession of money issuing authority (the Global Bank with its branches in all the countries) and real estate etc under the constructive possession of this Global Bank. This is important because without such global currency not only ‘democratic globalization’ (which should be the guiding principle & policy of resurgent Islam) is impossible but also the said present global financial / economic crises cannot be tackled effectively.
(12)- Resurgent Islam will have one more support and strength from its practice of Zakat etc (religious donations). If Islam succeeds in converting the institution of Zakat into some thing like missionary activities (which Christians used to do for health and education of the people) then it will be immensely relevant to its followers in this-worldly-matters too and which will tremendously increase the appeal of resurgent Islam amongst mankind.
(13)- But one thing Muslims will have to avoid religiously if they want to see the successful resurgence of Islam. The Western World (mainly the whites of Christian majority USA & Allies) have contributed immensely to the well being of the mankind through contribution in Science & Technology during last ~ 500 years. Therefore if resurgent Islam will give due respect to them (of-course without compromising on injustices perpetrated by these people and their governments - for example toward Palestinians to quote just one such case), then this will ensure the success of resurgent Islam more than anything else will do.
(14)-. Gross injustice has been done to Palestinians hence practically every Muslim has turned (though some may not say it openly) against Jews of Israel. With democracy in all the NAME countries only a matter of time, the people & governments of this region (with no more pro- Israel / USA & Allies autocrats ruling these countries) will increasingly turn against Israel causing serious existential threat to it. This will constrain Israel (even in tandem with its Christian sponsors the USA & Allies) to take pre-emptive actions which not only will immensely disturb the entire NAME region but will also unnecessarily divert the attention & energy of resurgent Islam towards petty and non-crucial issues.
(15)- The USA & its allies have been unnecessarily penalizing the Palestinians through two nation theory especially when Netanyahu practically demanded one State solution during his 2011 address to joint session of US Congress (by demanding demilitarized Palestine and Israel armed forces along Jordan river whereas every body knows that without armed forces there can not be any State).
(16)- Palestinians had nothing to do with holocaust. Earlier there were above 90 % Arabs and less than 10 % Jews in old Palestine (present day Israel). There was no movement or armed struggle by Jews in or out of Israel to take Israel back from the Palestinians. Even as per Old Testament Israel does not belong to Jews (rather Jews were taken out from Egypt by Prophet Moses and were asked to kill the then residents of and capture this so called ‘Promised Land’ of Israel).
(17)- Therefore resurgent Islam should persuade Jews & Palestinians (and world community especially USA & Allies) to go for one State of Israel for Jews and Palestinians.
Hem Raj Jain
(Author of 'Betrayal of Americanism')
Richfield, Minnesota, USA, Presently at – Bangaluru, India

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