Stamping out the menace of terrorism from world. By Mr. Ghulam Shabeer Malik, Rawalpindi.


December 26 was a day of terror and death in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. In the second assassination attempt with in 11 days suicide terrorist rammed and detonated two explosive filled pickup trucks into the presidential motorcade.

It was the most daring and determined terrorist attempt to kill President Mushraf. God wanted him to live, and may required by all the moderate, liberal and peace loving people of Pakistan irrespective of their faith, race and creed. The suicide car attacks were so perfectly masterminded that the President, s escape was a miracle. Soon after the attacks the president expressed condolences with those killed in terrorist attacks. After the investigations it has been reported that blasts and attacks were planned and launched by the activists of the religious extremists who believe in the thesis propounded regarding class of civilizations and religion. Islam teaches tolerance, magnanimity and respect of human life.
Although now the government has taken steps to ensure security of VVIPs and VIPs but overall situation can not be changed in through out the country because the same team targeted in 2002 Islamabad Church, Christian School Muree, a Church in Taxila. Attempt on Mushraf in Karachi was also made by the extremists of the same group, which remained busy in killing the innocent moderate Shia Muslims during the last decades. Police has traced a 13 members terrorist group, which was arrested on august 15, 2002. The group confessed its involvement in Islamabad, Taxila and Muree incidents. The group's members revealed they were to attack a Church and Mission Hospital Multan and planning to target prominent Shias and foreigners in Kot Adu. They were also involved in number of sectarian killings including that the Ahmadyar Khichi, M. Siddique Kanjo, Bahawalpur Church case, killing of Police Inspector in Jhang and the explosion in a Majlis in Bhakkar Immambargah. The team had arrested notorious, Abdullah Sheraz, Muhammad Wasim, Fayyaz Tarrar and his accomplices, Riaz Basra and Hamza Shakeel of Lashkar-eJangwi. In July 2002 the team arrested Manzoor, Nadeem, Kashif and Ahsan Muawiya who were also involved in killing of dozen of peace loving moderate and liberal Shia, govt. officials and non-Muslims.
Now, when it has been reported that recent attempt on president of Pakistan have also been made by the extremists of the same group it is clear that the group which is still active and alive secretly with the support of its unidentified mastermind. The assassination bid has been condemned at international level and difficulties of the government of Pakistan, which is frontline state in war against terrorism, have been realized but it is universal truth that President Mushraf is a brave man having a sensitive heart who has accepted a big challenge because the exact number of activists/extremists can not be assessed immediately therefore estimated time 5 to 10 years would be needed to gain vital lead against the extremists to bring the general public on the right path by making changes in the minds of young generation in the light of real teaching of Islam.
God bless success to our President Mushraf who is playing leading and unique role against terrorism.

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