A misleading article by Mr. Arturo Ramo: By Frank R. Eggers


Dear Dr. Bhatti:
A Mr. Arturo Ramo had a somewhat misleading article in your 9 June 2012 edition of your Pakistan Christian Post. He had an identical letter published in the Fiji Times, to which I have provided a link at the end of this e-mail.
It appears that Mr. Ramo's letter was written to slam what he terms radical feminism. He clearly implied that a boy's penis was amputated to prove a point, i.e., that a boy could be made to believe that he is a girl if the attempt was made beginning when the boy was young enough. Following is a letter which I sent to the Fiji Times in response to his letter; I hope that it will appear in the 10 June edition of the Fiji Times. I hope that you will read it, check the references I provided therein, and consider publishing it:
Saturday, June 9, 2012
Subject: Failed sex change attempt (192 words)
In Sunday’s paper, Mr. Arturo Ramo’s letter related a case in which a boy raised as a girl still identified himself as a boy. Some comment is required.
The boy was raised as a girl because a circumcision accident had destroyed his penis and it was mistakenly thought that his best chance to live a relatively normal life would be to perform further procedures and raise him as a girl. Mr. Ramo’s letter omitted the reason for raising the boy as a girl and conveyed the impression that it was done purely for experimental reasons, which was not the case at all. However, as Mr. Ramo stated, the attempt failed. It also rubbished a previously held psychological theory, showed the risks of accepting theories and opinions without adequate examination, and showed how people cling tenaciously to unproven theories.
For a much more thorough description of the attempt, use the Internet to read the article at the following link:
This is a very well known case and doing google searches on “boy with no penis” will find several articles on the case. I suggest reading several of them to learn other viewpoints.
file e:mediaFT190.doc
Here is a link to the letters column in the Fiji Times; Mr. Ramo's letter is the last one:
The way I found that his article was published in your newspaper was by doing a google search on his name. You may wish to do it also and see in how many newspapers he has had the same misleading information published.
Yours very truly,
Frank R. Eggers
Albuquerque NM

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