Cameron should listen to demands of leaving EU and of giving Europe to Merkel. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- Mankind eagerly waiting for Europe to become one political entity from Portugal up to Turkey.
(ii)- Mankind will benefit immensely by solution of financial crises of Euro and also by single political authority of Unified Europe.
(iii)- With genuine federalism Europe can be a peaceful and economically fast developing political entity.
(iv)- Once responsibility of Unified Europe comes, Merkel will cease to be fiscal anarchist.
(v)- Germans in Unified Europe quite capable of launching democratic secular global order
(vi)- Germans still remains the only people on earth who ever thought of bringing mankind under one political order.
(vii)- Unified Europe will keep USA also in good humor in view of US demography where majority of powerful American whites are of European origin.
(viii)- There is a limit to which mankind can wait for USA to take the lead for globalization.
(ix)- USA too constrained by isolationist mindset to utilize opportunity of democratic uprising in NAME countries.
(x)- Syria has exposed fundamental weakness of US policies in bringing democratic secular global political order
(xi)- Being the major part of birth place of modern Science & Technology Unified Europe will take no time in becoming almost equal to USA in economic and military power.
(xii)- India and other developing countries should support with gusto Merkel’s efforts for politically Unified Europe
Media reported good news of domestic demand raised by number of MPs, ex-diplomats etc of UK asking British Prime Minister David Cameron (to come out of European Union and leave Europe for German Chancellor Angela Merkel to bring it under one political authority) has not come a day too soon, as given below:-
(1)- Regarding solution to on-going Euro zone financial crises which has disturbed the economies of the entire world, the Eurozone’s paymaster Germany is reportedly not keen to shell good money after bad and has called for structural reforms including shared sovereignty before sharing sovereign or banking debt. Merkel also told that - "We need more Europe, a budget union and we need a political union first and foremost, we must step by step cede responsibilities to Europe."
(2)- It does not require a genius of political science to understand that these political posturing of Germany is meant to send the message to the world, that what Germany wants is a single political entity of Europe (of contiguous land mass bordering Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Greece, Italy).
(3)- Simultaneously with Germany’s demand politically influential people in Britain have started demanding, as widely reported in media that UK should come out of European Union and leave Europe for Merkel to unify as one political entity. These developments have tremendous implications for entire mankind and especially for developing world.
(4)- With the on-set of globalization (due its inevitability in view of advance in Science & Technology especially in the field of IT technology of past half century) global trade has increased phenomenally which cannot depend merely upon barter system (between currencies) of double coincidence of wants between two countries. Hence instead of two currencies of trading countries the one global currency is needed to solve this problem (similar to what the currency of a country solved in early stage of monetary development where it solved the problem of double coincidence of wants between commodities of two persons of a country and making them free to purchase the commodity of their want from any where by this national currency).
(5)- Moreover no currency can survive without single political authority as has been demonstrated in case of Euro also where multiple political authorities of many countries behind Euro has brought the near doom of Euro. In a nutshell for economical globalization, global currency is a must and which is impossible without a single global political authority.
(6)- Especially after democratic uprising in NAME countries where USA & Allies intervened even militarily for democracy, the people thought that USA will take lead in ushering the mankind in to ‘Global Secular Democratic Political Order’ (GSDPO) and then will try to launch a global currency in the member States of this GSDPO, which will have almost all of the mankind in it.
(7)- But what USA has shown in Syria (where it has irresponsibly succumbed before Russia and China - who will neither do any thing themselves to stop the bloodshed of innocent Syrians nor will allow other countries, by exercising veto in UNSC, to do some thing about it) has convinced the mankind that the commitment of USA towards GSDPO is only skin deep and it is useless for the mankind to wait eternally for USA to come out of its traditional isolationist mindset.
(8)- Precisely at this time of despondency mankind had the blessing in disguise in the form of financial crises of Euro zone, which is inexorably ushering into Unified Europe and which ultimately is bound to be good for GSDPO.
(9)- This Merkel’s sponsored Unified Europe has every chance of success because:-
(i)- Unlike Americans it will have Germans as predominant influence in it. The Germans still remains the only people on earth who ever thought of bringing mankind under one political order (mankind is not unnecessarily worried about excesses of Germans during World Wars because times have changed profoundly and fundamentally where such mass scale prolonged violation of human rights is not possible in contemporary world).
(ii)- Unified Europe will be able to keep USA also in good humor in view of US demography (with 72 % Whites) where majority of powerful American Whites (who control vital economic & military institutions) are of European origin and amongst them Germans the maximum ( though these Whites also have isolationist mindset but are quite capable of generating goodwill for Unified Europe and Germany in USA).
(iii)- How USA can be kept in good humor was demonstrated during Libya war also where USA did all the dirty jobs (of firing ~ 200 missiles) whereas leadership was exercised by Europe.
(10)- Of course there is one pitfall in this arrangement, which may bring downfall of Euro in Unified Europe also. Merkel is also a fiscal anarchist who believes in disciplining only the gullible people of Europe but not their profligate rulers / politicians as is evident from the fact that Merkel never asked why various governments of Europe have been incurring huge public debt beyond their consolidated funds and any other collateral. But it is hoped that once responsibility of Unified Europe comes on Merkel then she will cease to be fiscal anarchist and will ensure legislation in Unified Europe that will restrict the government (in case no other collateral is offered) to incur cumulative public debt through fiscal deficit at about 12 % of GDP, which is generally the annual revenue income of governments word over.
(11)- Regarding political viability, the Unified Europe can be a peaceful and economically fast developing political entity if it will practice genuine federalism and not a pseudo federalism as being practiced by USA & India (where every State subject has been usurped by Federal / Union Governments). Rather being the major part of birthplace of modern Science & Technology the Unified Europe will take no time in becoming almost equal to USA in economic & military power.
(12)- Therefore in the interest of ushering the mankind into GSDPO, India and other developing countries should support with gusto Merkel’s efforts for realizing politically Unified Europe and UK should not only come out of EU but also try honestly and seriously to help Germany and other countries of Europe to realize the Unified Europe.

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