Pakistani Christians deserve equal rights. By Clarence Anthony


A sad incident occurred in Karachi in which a church was under attack by a group of Muslims. The reality is that the people from both the religions have to understand that, if they are born in a Muslim house it is from God and if they are born in Christian house that is also from God.
Our Muslim brothers strongly believe that (EVEN A LEAF OF THE TREE CANNOT MOVE WITH OUT GODS WILL) and so do the Christians. We as having a common faith and believe on same one God should not interfere in God’s work. By doing this we commit (SHIRQ).
All of us know that God knows better than us what to do and what not to do. Our God is not week that he needs a group of people to implement his laws on others. He is Almighty God who has full command and power to do whatever he wants. He needs not strength of a group of people who could help him destroy or spread the religions.
Now a days in the name of humanity most of the religions have even stopped evangelizing or enforcing there system on others.
As a countrymen or at least as a human being, It’s our moral duty to respect each other’s feelings, love mankind and do not harm other to please God, or kill people in God’s name, by doing this you do not please God but the evil in side you mind and heart for which you will be answer able to God who says, ( I WILL FOR GIVE YOU HAKOOK ALLAH ) BUT ( NEVER FORGIVE YOU HAKOOK ABAD )
Our God is God of Peace and Love and not Hate, Enmity and Bloodshed. The God of heaven and earth is the only one God to whom the Muslims holy book Quran says, He is ( RUB AL ALAMEEN ) it does not says ( RUB AL MUSLIMEEN) or ( RUB AL MASIHEEN ) or ( RUB AL YAHOODEEN ) but it says he is (RUB Al ALAMEEN) which means God the provider of everyone in the world, (Palnawala Kul Alam ka).
All of us must have fear of God in our hearts, sprit of tolerance and great love for each other. If we love God we must love his creation. This is what God wants from us and at this moment this is the requirement of our country. If we really love Pakistan and want to see it stabile and prospering we will have to come out of old thoughts and join hands with minorities to build our beloved country. The Christians of Pakistan are as much Pakistanis as the Muslims are and have served the country more sincerely then any Muslim. Instead of spreading hatred let us work to bring and love and work hard to bring the country out of crises. Love Pakistan and keep Pakistan first.
Christians in Pakistan are the sons of this soil and are not imported from Europe; neither, Christianity came in this country from Europe. Jesus Christ was Asian as we are and not European.
It’s more than 60 years staying together in ups and downs, good and bad, in peace and war as a nation we have always stood beside the Muslims.
We the Christians of Pakistan today demand to Let us stay freely as one nation and let us not forget that the cause of the separation of Pakistan from India was two separate nations, Hindus and Muslims which was said cannot stay together because the Hindus never excepted Muslims as one nation and this is what the majority of Muslims are doing with the Christians in Pakistan now.

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