War and Peace in the Work of Stephen Gill


Professor Dr. NDR Chandra invites scholarly papers on the works of Stephen Gill to be published in War and Peace in the Works of Stephen Gill, an anthology. Scholars are expected to submit papers conforming to the MLA norms. The subthemes of the paper could be on peace, non-violence, conflict , human values , tolerance ,terrorism , democracy , discrimination (religious, social , racial , caste , creed etc.), fanaticism, coexistences, cruelty , revenge , corruption, compassion, terror and tranquility, good and evil forces, riots and rehabilitation, root and enroot, dominant culture and multiculturalism, tension, equilibrium, order and disorder, democracy and world government, partiality and impartiality, psychological and other disorders, emotional and rational thoughts, cash, crime and corruption, power and position, class, race and gender, equality and equality, freedom and autonomy. The editor would appreciate if the contributors would approach the work from different angels applying cultural, literary and social theories.
Scholars are encouraged to visit the websites of Stephen Gill for information (www.stephengill.ca and www.stephengillcriticism.info). If any scholar needs any particular creative book on Stephen Gill and critical book on his works, please get in touch with Stephen Gill (stephengillgazette@gmail.com). The deadline for submission is October 15, 2011. Every contributor will receive a complimentary copy of WAR AND PEACE IN THE WORKS OF STEPHEN GILL, anthology.
Stephen Gill is the voice of our time.. He believes that the world can achieve peace, human dignity, and global unity through multicultural outlook, and democratic elected world government. Almost in all his work, there is continual search for peace, harmony, fraternity and coexistence. R. K. Singh and Mitali De Sarkar aptly say;
“Stephen Gill is a poet of values---universal peace and love, oneness and wholeness of human race, respect for human right, and a social structure designed to produce and promote justice. The poet, who considers his poems part of his spiritual self, urges abolition of racial, religious, political and economic prejudices and seeks equal opportunities and privileges for men and women, adoption of a world code of human rights and responsibilities, and creation of a world federal government to heal the dissensions that divide people. He knows religious fanaticism and hatred are a world devouring fire whose violence none can quench. God alone can deliver humanity from this desolating affliction..."
War is a conflict against external or internal forces, an absence of peace, justice, harmony, and humanity. It is devoid of poise and equilibrium within our mind and beyond. When we are passing through a time of terror and conflict because fanatics, criminals are prone to wage war in the name of religion and social status. It is high time to assess the works of Stephen Gill in the light of war and peace as he prescribes solution to the present day maladies in his poetry, fiction articles, interviews and particularly in his novel The coexistence.
NOTE: Author of several critical studies, a Fullbright—Nehru Post-Doctoral Fellow of Brown University(USA), and editor of Journal of Literature, Culture & Media Studies. Professor NDR Chandra is the head of the Department of English of Nagaland Central University at Kohima, India.

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