Shariah Will Dominate: Islamists Outwit the West: By Assad Elepty


"Democracy is Evil and anti Islamic" It is less than three months after the momentous Egyptian revolution, and it is patently clear democracy will not be the future path of Egypt. Islamists have seized the moment and are determined to dictate the road for transition. Despite the denials from the military, the evidence overwhelmingly proves Field Marshal Tantawi has aided the Islamists in a secret treaty.
Even the blind and ignorant can not refute the facts: 1700 radical Islamists freed from Jails, military attacked Coptic Monasteries, constitutional referendum perverted, demonstrations outlawed, crimes against Coptic community swept under the carpet and protests outlawed.
In addition the interim Government and military have made sweeping changes with no mandate or legitimacy. Iranian warships permitted to pass through Suez Canal, ties with Iran been formally renewed, general elections set for September and presidential elections set for November.
Please do not be deceived for a single moment, the planned “September elections” is no accident, the date was selected specifically to deny liberal and secular parties the opportunity to establish formidable forces to counter the Muslim Brotherhood.
More importantly, September was chosen as a very cunning and strategic tactic, the September elections will be held immediately after RAMADAN when Islamic sentiment is at its highest and mosques will be used to brainwash and pressure the Islamic community to abandon any desire for democracy, which is been painted as “ungodly and unislamic”.
As for the ban on demonstrations, as I have always stated the law was specifically designed to prevent further pro democracy protests by the youth. The military are now selectively enforcing the law and appeasing Islamists.
Since the law was passed, the Coptic protest in Cairo after sustained attacks on their homes and churches by radical Islamists “was met with ruthless brutality by the military resulting in the death of 11 Copts.”
At the same time protests against a Coptic Governor, protests outside the U.S embassy demanding the release of “Blind Sheik” held in U.S jails, and protests demanding Mubarak be arrested were allowed with no attempt by the military to enforce the law
The selective enforcement of this law shows the military is been underhanded, unethical and subtly dictating the future path of Egypt by aiding radical Islamic sects.
Yesterday hundreds of people demonstrated outside the Egyptian state television headquarters in Maspiro. Some were supporters of ousted president Hosni Mubarak calling for him to be honoured and not insulted. At the same time, another demonstration demanding he be immediately placed on trial. Tantawi did not instruct the army to enforce the law banning protests; he merely had them place a cordon of army soldiers between the two groups. It is worthy to note the demonstration was disruptive and brought traffic on the Corniche to a total halt in the area.
The hypocrisy did not end there, the army refused to bring a halt to the 7 day demonstration dominated by the radical Salafists in Qena, even though it blocked the railway and highway detaching the north of the country from the south.
Instead, yesterday the Prime Minister Essam Sharaf bowed to the Islamists and suspended the Coptic Christian governor to appease the radical Islamists sect. To justify his action Sharaf said “Emad Mikhail who has now been suspended because he was a former senior police officer under the Mubarak regime”, one would have thought Essam was fully aware of this before appointing him to the position, the reality been the Islamists said “we will not be ruled by a Copt”.
Let’s not forget Tantawi and his Military, consider they are above the law and beyond criticism, this was demonstrated when they Jailed a Coptic Blogger for 3 years because he had the forthrightness to speak the truth and expose their corruption. Writing this article, it gives me some satisfaction as I can express the truth on behalf of the persecuted without fear of Tantawi. It is also reported Egypt could threaten relations with Israel. Today AP reported a recent poll shows 54 percent of Egyptians would like to see the Camp David treaty annulled. There is no reference to how many people participated in the poll or how it was conducted. It appears to be a precursor to bow to the Muslim Brotherhood’s desire to see the treaty scraped.
Finally in a reprehensible and disgraceful act, a Salafi sheik appeared on a popular current affairs show hosted by Amir Adib and stated, “The Copts are infidels and Kaffirs and will go to hell with all non Muslims”.
The Military are directly responsible for releasing these intolerant Islamic radicals that were locked up under the rule of Mubarak. The entire interview is reprehensible and shows Islamic intolerance and belligerence. In addition the radical Sheik states “Copts would be better off under Shariah law,” his sentiments reflect the disillusionment of radical Islamists.
I urge our leaders to look at reality and stop the denial of the truth of Islam. Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance and statements to that effect are totally ignorant and misguided. Having said that, I am aware not all Muslims are brainwashed with the radical ideologies of Islam. Sadly even in non Muslim countries radical Islamists follow the strict word of the Koran and Haddith, if this was not the case we would not be spending $100’s of millions on anti terror Units, if not for political correctness they would be named “Anti Radical Islamic Units”.
At the end of the day, whilst there has been much condemnation of Mubarak, his greed for power and wealth, nothing is been said about his achievements and successes. In the wake of the corrupt actions of the Military led by Tantawi, the positives of Mubarak have certainly come to light

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