Unjustified War" A message for the President of the United States of America. By Bishop T. Nasir.


CNI.Gujranwala. We the Christian Community of Pakistan are watching the developments on "Iraq Crisis" very carefully and with greater concern. Most of Pakistani Christians that includes me, are of the opinion that the United States has no justificati

How bad any regime may be, no one has any right to impose its will of the people of any independent and sovereign state any where in the world. We do sympathize with America and the victims of "terrorist attacks" on 11th September 2001. Yet we believe that fighting terrorism with greater terrorism in shape of a large-scale attack on a sovereign state is not appropriate. We also are of the opinion that Iraq at present is no threat to world or regional peace. Having few missiles of no real significance does not give moral right to even the "only supper" power to attach a nation that is already suffering due to sanctions since last twelve years. Most of the countries including American allies have spoken against an attack on Iraq. Mr. Bush must have foresight of post war world. It will be a world that will be ruled on "might is right" concept. It will set a precedence that any powerful country will attack a weaker country that will take the 21st century world into Stone Age. The United States will lose many friends it has and its own credibility in the world affairs. It will cause misery to an unaccountable number of people around the world. The prices of oil have already gone up, they will further go up in case of war. Thus war against Iraq will be too dangerous for American economy as well as world economy. This war will isolate America and render the United National into a useless body. It will justify further treat to Christians especially in Islamic countries. (Please remember that Pakistani Christians have paid heavy price for "war on terrorism" and they are still paying the price. Please don't forget Pakistani Christians who have so far been killed for America. Their blood is as red and precious as blood of the victims of 11th September terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon more over if the United States or let me be more clear President Bush are serious in disarming the world, the United States and President Bush must disarm France, Germany Russia, India and all other countries that have some sort of weapons of "mass destruction". We saw weapons of "mass destruction" being used in Iraq in 1991 and Afghanistan in 2001). The United Nations Organization was made to prevent war and not to promote war. If war on any issue becomes inevitable, the United Nations must be allowed to play its role. No country should ignore or bypass the United Nations especially the United States, which is one of the countries that created this organization for world peace. Right now the world is facing more serious problem than "weapons" of Iraq or Saddam Hussain. The flash point of a nuclear war that is Kashmir, the solution of Palestinian problem. The constant war and miseries of African people. AIDS and other fatal diseases. Hunger and poverty is more dangerous than Saddam Hussain. We must not forget that "a hungry man is an angry man". This war will make more men women and children "hungry and angry". Mr. Bush have you considered that. Have you considered that the war against Iraq will start an other series of "crusades" as seen by most of the Muslims? There is open resentment on your decision in America, Europe and many other countries including Pakistan. Have you considered that the governments of these countries can ignore the sentiments of their people? You have put most of the strong world leaders in great trouble. How long can they or will they be able to sustain pressure from their own people? Have you considered the enormous lose of life in and around you "fresh target"? I must warn you Sir; a day will come when another "Supper Power" will be pitched against you. Not today, not tomorrow, may in fifty or hundred years from now. That power will decide to disarm you, what will be your option then? Nations have risen and fell. This is a universal truth. In twentieth century the world have witnessed the British Empire shrinking to a small island. An empire in which "sun never sat" now sun does not rise very often. Please learn lesson from history. Where is Alexander the Great? What happened to Egyptian Civilization? Where did the Roman go? Where are Mangoles today? What happened to Ottoman Empire less than one hundred years ago? And very recently the Soviet Union, that was an equal "Super Power" and a threat to America especially after world war II? I personally do not consider you a "Super Power" because you are behaving like a child. To show your supremacy, you don't have to wage war against weak countries. You will be highly respected if you concentrate on a better future for those who have no future. Provide food to hungry humanity. Invent new medicines that are within reach of common person even in United States. Use your resources for eliminating hunger and war from the world. Educate the world to get rid of weapons of all kinds and start using tools to make economic progress. Forgive your enemies and let the judges decide the fate of you adversaries. Provide justice don't impose justice with military might that you have today and might not have tomorrow. You initiated the term "Global Village", make it a model of peace and prosperity and not war and destruction. The "New World Order" must bring "order" in the world, not by force but through peace. Mr. President, I don't know if you have witnessed the horrors of war in person and not on television screen? I have, and let me tell you, it is more dreadful than what you see on television screen. You can verify my statement from your own soldiers and generals who have seen actual war. May our Lord Jesus Christ grant you wisdom to avoid war for His sake. He who preached love want to see love and this is THE TRUTH. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you. Long live Pakistan.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir
Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan,
The United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan,
P. O. Box. 570
Gujranwala. 52250

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