Why are you bent upon to destroy Pakistan? AN OPEN LETTER TO QAZI HUSSAIN AHMAD, Amir-e- Jamat-e-Islami. By Bishop Timotheus Nasir.


Janab Qazi Hussain Ahamad Sahib, With due respect, I dare to address you in person for so many reasons. The immediate cause is your recent comments at "Daily Jang" Seminar at Lahore, Pakistan on 25th January 2003. In which your statement as reported

I shall take up this statements mad by you latter on. At this time I want to take you back in the history of Islam and Pakistan. And yet before I take up the history of Islam and Pakistan, your own history and the history of the Islamic religious/political parties. Your predecessors Jamat-e-Islami and Jamiat-e-Ullma-e-Hind were never in favor of an independent Pakistan. They opposed Sir Syed Ahamad Khan, who brought the Muslims of sub-continent out of "Jihalat" (ignorance) followed by Allama Iqbal and Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Due to the ignorance of the then leadership, all three pioneers of modern Pakistan was declared "Kafars". People like you mislead the Muslims of British India under the name of "Tehreek-e-Khilafat", made them believe that they should migrate to Turkey to save the Ottoman Empire. What happened to these mislead Muslim is another sad story written and executed by your predecessors. Once Pakistan came into existence despite the opposition of your predecessors; your leadership started to destabilize newly created Muslim State. My Information may be wrong, yet it is said that the United States picked up Jamat-e-Islami to fight against "communism". Your party being extreme right, was funded by the United States till the disintegration of Communism and the Soviet Union. I have witnessed Mullana Modudi, and Mian Tufail as Chief or "Amir" of Jamat-e-Islami, yet they were much better than you (my apology again). Ever since you became the leader of Jamat-e-Islami, you projected your own self. Your first slogan was "Zalmoo Qazi AA Raha Hai". You took out big processions and disrupted the public life. Yet you failed to secure a single seat in National or Provincial Assembly, in 1988 and 1990 and thereafter boycotted the elections of 1990, 1993 and 1997. You were against President Ayub Khan, Zufiqar Ali Bhuttoo, Gen. Mullana Zia-Ul-Haq, Bainazer Bhutto, Mian Nawaz Sharif and now Gen. Prevaiz Musharraf and Prime Minister Jamali. In February 1999, you created such mischief in Lahore on arrival of Indian Prime Minister. You blocked major areas of Lahore, created law and order situation. Then you got after Mian Nawaz Sharif and when he was removed, at that time you did not feel pain of "democracy". In year 2002, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, ordered the then Chief Executive, Gen. Musshraf to ensure general elections in October 2002, you reportedly criticized the decision of the highest court of the country. After the terrorist attacks on United States, "Billi kay Bhagoon Chinka Tota", you planed your strategy with other Islamic religious/political parties. Immediately after the declaration of the President to join the alliance against terrorism, you started en-cashing the sentiment of "ignorant and illiterate" people of tribal areas. You and other Islamic political/religious parties started demonstration. You made "Pak Afghan Defense Council". At the time when our and your priority would have been to save Pakistan from the wrath of America, you were trying to save Afghanistan, Taliban and Ossama Bin Ladin. You did not care for Pakistan. I August 1998, when Ossama Bin Laden bombed American Embassies in Africa, and poor African lost their life, you made Ossama a " Hero". Your "Hero" and his friends the Talibans did not care for you or the religious/political leadership of Pakistan. What I believe, your Heroes, i.e. Ossama and Mullah Omer, wanted Pakistan to become another Afghanistan. Under you nose, many Islamic militant groups were established to fight the Americans and Christians. "We have not forgotten Bahawalpur to Chianwali and we will not forget". Previously, redical Islamic groups such as Sipha-e-Sahaba, Sipah-e-Muhammad, created havoc in Pakistan. Mullana Haq Nawaz Jhangwi created a more radical Islamic group "Lashkar-e-Jhangwi" that killed so many innocent Muslims. Then came "Lashkar-e-Taiba". (I must tell you that I always favored the "Freedom struggle' in Kashmir and I still do so). Latter we found "Jaish-e-Muhammad". All fighting primarily against America, while it has been reported that your own son is or was a student in the United States of America at that time. All this was done in the name of Islam. Your Islam is not the Islam that is according to the teachings of Holy Koran and Sunna. There are millions of Pakistani people living in misery and poverty. Islamic organizations failed to help them. Instead of use your sources and energy in bringing Pakistan in equality with educated society, you pushed them to primitive times. The Madras's, once known as home of knowledge became "hate teachers and preachers". You talk of Islam yet I ask you where is Islam? We read there is one Islam yet to day we see many faces of Islam as created by you and the Islamic political leadership. There are many sects in Islam and each fighting amongst themselves. The Islam that you preach is different that other sects. You have different Islam, Mulanna Fazal-ur-Rehaman had different, Mullana Noorani has different, Dr. Tahirul-Qadri has different, and Dr. Israr Ahmad has his own interpretation of Islam. Where is Islam that existed during the time of the Holy Prophet (SAWA), Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Umer and Hazrat Ali. Unfortunately for Muslims, it has been forgotten by the Islamic leadership of the present time. Qadri, Naqashbandi, Brailwi, Dubandi, Ahal-Hadess, Ahal-e-Sunat, Wahbi and so many other sects have divided the Muslims. Why "Shariat Bill" could not be implemented? Because every sect or "Firqa" demanded its own interpretation of Holy Quran and Sunna to be implemented. Don't you think this is extremely unfortunate situation? Now coming back to Ossama Bin Ladin, which school of though he belongs to? I think as an Arab from Saudi Arabia, he must be "Wahabi". Mullah Umer should be a "Sunni". Therefore the common goal not the supremacy of Islam, the common goal is to defile and misrepresent Islam. What have Ossama done for the welfare of Muslim Ummah. Nothing. If he is or was a concerned Muslim, he would have used his wealth for the uplift of Muslim Ummah. What he did instead, he started a war or "Jihad" against America and Europe directly and against Christianity, indirectly. The result is not hidden from any Muslim. Total ditruction of Afghanistan and more and more trouble for Muslim Umma. May I ask a simple question, what good did he do for Pakistani Muslims? He preached hate and called for "Jihad" when Muslim Umma was not ready. Our religious Islamic leadership keen to dominate the world followed him. How many Muslims were killed in Afghan war, no one knows. Yet the number is in hundred of thousands. Those who are not killed are living dead. Whose fault? Our ignorant Islamic leadership that does not care for Pakistan at all. Their hearts and minds are in Palestine, Iraq, Bosnia , Chechinia and Afghanistan. Who cares for Pakistan? Let me now take up the political stand of our Islamic leadership. The President of Pakistan, General Pervaiz Musharraf made amendments in the 1973 constitution with the permission of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. All opposition parties did not speak and quietly contested October election under the "Legal Framework Order" (LFO). Strangely enough "LFO" was legal to win the election but became illegal after MMAP, PML (N) PPPP got reasonable representation at national and provincial level. Our "outspoken" Qazi Sahib is thrashing "LFO" and objecting the Presidency of General Musharraf. If "LFO" was illegal and contrary to the "heavenly revealed" 1973 constitution, why they chose an illegal way of winning the election. If "LFO" is illegal or a sin, why they "sinned" and took part in general election in October 2002. This is outright hypocrisy on the part of MMAP, PML (N) PPPP and Nawabzada Sahib's ARD, MRD and now APC. In my humble opinion any one who took part in October elections under "LFO" and is demanding abolishing of "LFO" must resign from his/her seat. What we understand "LFO" is very much part of the Pakistan Constitution and it will create lot of problems if it is taken out. Now the latest statement of Qazi Sahib, "If Pakistan is not a place (Khitta-Zameen) or it does not have geographical boundaries but only a belief, faith or doctrine (Aqeeda) then where is Pakistan on world map"? In the light of this strange statement, if Pakistan is an "Aqeeda" and every Muslim is Pakistani, then what about almost two hundred million Muslims in India, another two hundred million Muslims in Former East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), thickly Muslim populated Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Gulf States, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Turkey, North African Muslim countries and Muslim African countries? Do they call them Pakistani? Are they Pakistani? Do they care for Pakistan? No, Qazi Sahib they have their own national identity only you are trying to deprive us of our national identity. No Muslim out side the geographical boundaries of Pakistan is ready to identify himself/herself as a Pakistani. You are sadly mistaken as always. In view of this fact if you still insist, may I suggest, please take your "Aqeeday Wala" Pakistan to Afghanistan or any other Islamic country and try to make them Pakistani. Leave our geographical Pakistan for us. Good for you and good for us. Pakistan has suffered at your hands for a long time, it is still suffering. For once could you please let us off for a while? No body will stop you of miss you if you leave Pakistan, we will be more than happy to say "Farewell Qazi Sahib". And please do not forget to take like-minded Islamic leadership with you, this will be another favor that you can do to Pakistan. In the end I must remind you, please restrain from becoming "Thekedar" of Islam and Pakistan.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Major Timotheus Nasir,
Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan.
The United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan.

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