BLUNDER OF 2002. The "Joint Electorate System" [JES] will result in disappearance of Christian representation on national and international level. Bishop T. Nasir.


CNI Gujranwala. January 17th 2002. After three years champagne the "Church Leadership" has succeeded in getting the "Separate Electorate System" [SES] in Pakistan. This is another blunder that the shortsighted Christian Leadership has made to deprive

We witnessed it in 1964 Basic Democracy Elections, 1970 general elections and 1977 "rigged" elections. Late General Zia-Ul-Haq introduced "SES" on demand of Christian leadership of that time enabled Christians to have their own representatives at Provincial and National level. Although the Christian members of National and Provincial assemblies failed to come up to the expectations of the community, yet the majority MNAs and MPAs failed too. The story goes back to 1987, when Catholic Clergy failed to get its candidate elected in local body elections in Gujranwala, nominated and supported one of its Clergyman from Gujranwala for the seat of National Assembly and his relative (who lost the local body elections in 1987) for Provincial Assembly during 1988 general elections. Catholic leadership expected that their candidate [a Father] will become "His Master's Voice" but failed to reap the fruits, the Father "ignored and disobeyed" the Catholic Clergy. In 1990 general elections, despite the orders from "Vatican" the "Father" contested the elections and won. This was a big blow to the Church leadership, which wanted its own projection and control in national affairs. To regain their lost political status and aims, they now started demanding "JES" to block any representation that is not endorsed by the church. They raised Human Right "Alarm" in Pakistan, won the favor of "Left wing" Muslim extremists. Raised the issue of Christians being left out of mainstream of national politics for their vested interests. The fact remains that the "politicized church leadership wants "total ecclesiastical and political control" of Christian minority in Pakistan. It is anticipated that the same church leadership will cry and demand Christian representation at Provincial and National level. Any government under the present conditions that are likely to prevail for a long time will accept their demand. They will then "select" and "nominate" their own blue-eyed people and impose them on Christian community at National and Provincial level. "Total ecclesiastical and political control". "Full Stop". "The End" of the carrier of Pakistan's Christian politicians. January 16th 2002, when the Joint Electorate was announced is a "sad day" for silent majority of Christian minority. A day of "triumph" for "vocal Christian minority". May the Lord grant wisdom to "politicized" church leadership that resembles the 16th Century church leadership of "Rome" to start doing their primary job to "preach Gospel to all nations" and stop indulging in political activities in Pakistan. Common Christian is fed up of the "power hungry" church leadership, yet there is no end of their miseries in sight. GOD HELP CHRISTIAN OF AKISTAN.

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