Pakistani military dictators are shaking hands with Taliban and Al-Qaida in Waziristan but killing innocent Balochi in Balochistan. Dr. Wahid Baloch


WASHINGTON DC: A peaceful demonstration against the Extra Judicial Target assissination of Baloch Nationalist Leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in Balochistan was held in front of The Capitol Hill on September 08, 2006 by World Sindhi Institute, Balochistan National Party, Jamhoori Watan Party, Pakistan Peoples Party, World Sindhi Congress, Baloch Society of North America, Baloch International League (for Peace and Freedom), Baloch Human Rights International, World Baloch Jewish Alliance and other organizations and think tank individuals. The demonstrators were chanting slogan: Down with Musharrf, Down with Pakistani army Stop military Operation in Balochistan Stop Genocide of Baloch Nation Pakistani military out of Balochistan Killing Fields of Pakistan - Sindh and Balochistan Long live Baloch-Sindhi unity The protesters were carrying and displaying many banners and cardboard placards, which stated: LONG LIVE BALOCH STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM END THE OCCUPATION IN BALOCHISTAN End Military Rule in Pakistan Stop State Terrorism in Sindh and Balochistan A Human Killed is Humanity Killed All Unite Against Bugti`s Killers Down with Musharraf, Down with Pakistan Army Stop Military Operation in Balochistan Stop Control of Baloch People`s Resources No Military Cantonments in Balochistan How many more Sindhis and Baloch must die of torture? Killing Fields of Pakistan - Sindh and Balochistan Stop the Human Rights Violations in Balochistan ISI Equals Al-Qaeda End Mullah Military Alliance [MMA] Now No to Terrorism, Extremism and Fundamentalism Yes to Freedom, Democracy and Secularism Why is U.S. Supporting Military Mullahs of Pakistan? No More [Army] Boots in Pakistan People with no democracy value democracy the most. We want Peace and Democracy in Sindh and Balochistan Speakers - who delivered informative, educational and thought-provoking speeches at the Washington protest rally - included WSI leader Mr. Munawar Laghari, BSO-NA President Dr. Wahid Baloch, Balochistan Assembly former Speaker and President of Baloch International League (for Peace and Freedom) Mr. Waheed Baloch, PPP Washington activist Dr. Amjad Riar, PPP Balochistan and World Baloch Jewish Alliance activist Mohammad Ali Baloch, human rights activist Dr. Malek Towghi, Balochistan`s Hindu community activist Dr. Tara Chand, women`s rights activist Ms. Tasleem Azhar and Think-Tank for National Self-Determination (TNS) Executive Director Dr. Walt Landry, an ex-U.S. State Department official. Speaking at the rally, BSO-NA president Dr. Wahid Baloch condemned the extra judicial target assassination of Baloch Nationalist leader Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, who was murdered by Pakistani military in a massive air raid on August 26th 2006, using F-16 jets and gunship helicopters, dropping thousand tons of bombs, cluster and other chemical weapon on his hideout in the remote mountains of Dera Bugti in Balochistan. His mountain hide out was located by intercepting his cell phone with the help of Chinese listening equipments. "Baloch Society of North America Strongly condemns this shameful act of Pakistani State terrorism against our leader and ask the international community for immediate intervention and investigation of Pakistani crimes against our Baloch Nation. These targeted crimes have been going on Baloch of both sides of border by the Governments of two religious fundamentalist states – Iran and Pakistan." Dr. Wahid Said. "On one side Pakistani military dictators are shaking hands with Taliban and Al-qaida Terrorists and on the other hand they and killing and torturing ordinary innocent Baloch and Sindhi people in their own homeland. The military equipment that was given by our US Govt to track and kill Alqaeda and Taliban Terrorists are being used against the Baloch leaders in Balochistan. I ask our president George W. Bush and the American lawmakers, "how long we will be fooled by Pakistani dictators who claim to be our ally in the war of terror but are the terror themselves". They are sending terrorists in India and in Afghanistan to terrorize people and kill the American and NATO peace keeping troops. "are we with the terrorist or with the Baloch freedom fighters"? he asked president Bush."Prevez Musharraf is not our ally Mr. President. He is a terrorist who's hands are painted with the blood of innocent Baloch and Sindhi people and of American troops. He must be brought to justice. It is time for a realistic American foreign policing in south Asia. The US and world community must not be fooled by Pakistani military dictators and terrorists anymore, " he said, "Since last year, thousands of Baloch have died due to intensive Pakistani bombing in Dera Bugti and Kholu. More than 6000 Baloch are behind bars and many are missing. More than 300,000 Marri and Bugti Baloch have fled their homes from Dera Bugti and kholu and are living under harsh conditions without any food or shelter, water or medicine" Dr. Wahid said. Balochistan has been turned into a 'mega-prison' by Pakistani military and the Baloch people are living in fear and in hopelessness. They are calling upon the international community for help and immediate intervention. " We ask the international community to take notice of these gross human right violations and genocide of Baloch Nation in both occupied Balochistan. The illegal Occupation of our land Balochistan by Iran and Pakistan must end. We demand immediate international intervention. International intervention in Balochistan is long overdue and cannot and must not be delayed or put away anymore in order to save the lives of Baloch people. Yes, Baloch Nation demands International intervention NOW", he concluded.

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