I renounced my Nationality but have nothing to do with idea of independent Christian state as linking Pakistani media. Bishop Nasir


Gujranwala: (CNI) On 11th May 2006, a news regarding a “Law Suit” in Sindh High Court Karachi was published. My Christian brothers and sisters from all over the world responded with great concern and many people expressed different opinions.

It was also said that the day I would appear in the Court, 15 Million Pakistani Christians will renounce their Pakistani Nationality. I appreciate their concern for me and my safety in Pakistan especially in Karachi. In my letter to the Government of Pakistan and the Judiciary, I announced that if the "Law Suit" against me is not withdrawn before 10th of August 2006, I shall "Surrender" my Pakistani Nationality. I did Surrender my Pakistani Nationality on 7th of August 2006 in my letter to the President of Pakistan. Meanwhile on 14th June 2006 Mr. Raymond W. Durrani probably from Canada went too far and suggested an independent Christian State in Baluchistan Province of Pakistan. Now it is being linked with me that I want an independent Christian State within Pakistan. I made it very clear that I have nothing to do with this idea, yet I don't know how this suggestion got printed in some news paper. I am being asked about "Chrisland" and my involvement in formation of "Christland". I want to make it clear that I have renounced my Pakistani Nationality as a protest and not to demand or work for an Independent Christian State. Deeply disappointed on the silence of the Government and Judiciary I did mention once, a Christian Republic of Pakistan. I have demanded the status of "Non Pakistani Resident" of Pakistan, and that is subject to approval according to the laws of Pakistan. I am facing this mental torture since last three and a half months, yet all my Pakistani brothers and sisters have not made any contact with me. I am grateful to Dr. Stephen Gill for his kind concern and his article that was recently posted on Pakistan Christian Post, Dr. Nazir Bhatti for his concern. I am also grateful to my American friends Mr. James Reese, Mr. James Case, Grand Prior of KGCTJ and Bishop Jerry Ogles and the Anglican Orthodox Church USA along with some my Pakistani brothers and sisters abroad. I am grateful to my brothers and sisters in Pakistan, Rt. Rev. Elias Sardar Raja, Bishop of Azad Kashmir. Bishop Jacob from Peshawar Pakistan and a great number of Christians of Pakistan who have written letters to the President of Pakistan to take personal note and interest in the "Law Suit" against me. Without offending any one, I wish to express my personal feelings on response of my Christian brothers and sisters living abroad. What I did, is not that I wanted any monitory benefit, or for any other personal gain, I wanted to give a "wake up" call to Christian community in Pakistan and abroad. I have not requested or asked any one to obtain any kind of asylum for me out side Pakistan. What ever my status in Pakistan is or will be in future, I am staying right here in Pakistan. What I am trying to do is to bring awareness in Christian community in Pakistan. I am trying to convey to them that we have Right to live with Honor in Pakistan and we must fight for our Rights as Pakistani citizens. We must not let any one undermine us and I am glade that my message in being received and accepted by Christian community of Pakistan. We the Christians of Pakistan are sons and daughter of this soil and that Pakistan is not an Estate of Mullahs. I feel disappointment when I read "Lofty Aims" and suggestions from our brothers and sisters living abroad, yet they are not ready to help poor Christians in Pakistan. It is all in air, yet there is nothing on ground. This is a bitter reality. I received an email message on 26th of June, and today I am going to display it. I wish to know any justification of such message? Sir, you are PhD (Doctor), as I see from your web. You should be responsible to convey correct message in your articles or news clips. On 25th June you used a word "None Pakistani" and is repeated in the body of text many times. Now people are doubting your education. Its correct word should be "Non." I hope you got my point. Please don`t be offended, I have no jurisdiction to make such corrections. But Sir, in such manner people get message from reading in between the lines. Everest John I don't know Mr. Everest John, yet I know that my spellings are very poor and I have a justification for that. Yet he did not point out any thing wrong with the text of my Article, "None Pakistani Resident". I ask Mr. Everest John, do the doubting people who read "in between the lines" realize or understand the message I am trying to convey? (Please note Mr. Everest John's mistakes in this short message) With this attitude of finding faults, what Mr. Everest John and the people who doubt my education can do for us in Pakistan. Therefore I would request my Pakistani brothers and sisters, that if they don't want to help us, then "Don't use my shoulder to fire the gun". You want "Christland" please come to Pakistan and get it. Please do not create more problems for me I already have enough problems to deal with. Thank you very much. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir

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