Pakistani Bishop T. Nasir surrenders his Pakistani Nationality as a protest against extreme hate and religious discrimination.


Gujranwala: August 8, 2006. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir have renounced and surrendered his Pakistani Nationality to President of Pakistan. He mailed copies of his National Identity Card to President Musharraf with a letter to express

Bishop Nasir said "In view of extreme hate, religious discrimination, intolerance for the Christian community at ever level of Islamic society of Pakistan. The false hope or promise of equal rights for Christians of Pakistan and the ignorance and willful silence of the Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I have "Renounced and Surrendered my Pakistani Nationality" to the President of Pakistan on 7th August 2006" He further added "I have sent a letter to the President General Pervez Musharraf, renouncing my Pakistani Nationality along with colored photo state copy of my "National Identity Card". Bishop Nasir said" Now I am a Non Pakistani Resident and an "Alien" in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a country that was once my pride" Reliable sources informed PCP that more than one hundred Pastors along with their congregations are going to "Renounce" their Pakistani Nationality along with Bishop Nasir on 10th of August 2006. Bishop Nasir said that he is also waiting to hear the news of my other Christian brothers and sisters around the world to renounce their Pakistani nationality. Following is the text of letter by Bishop Nasir to the President of Pakistan, written on his official letterhead, sent via "Overnight Mail" on 7th of August 2006. 7th August 2006 His Excellency, General Pervez Musharraf, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. President House, ISLAMABAD. Subject:- Request for Acceptance of "Surrender" of My Pakistani Nationality. Your Excellency, I write these words with utter disappointment and distress, that my pride and confidence in my "Pakistani Citizenship" has been totally shattered. The ignorance for Christians at every level that prevails in Pakistan. The hate and that I see for Christians in Pakistan, and the scornful and disdainful attitude of Muslim majority towards us and the way we face affront and despicable treatment in Pakistan. This deplorable condition of Christians in Pakistan has exhausted my tolerance. I have lost my confidence in Pakistan in most painful way. My confidence in you, Your Excellency has also been shattered because of your silence or ignorance on the deplorable conditions that we are living with in Pakistan. My love and loyalty to Pakistan is diminishing fast because of your ignorance towards me and my fellow Christians living in Pakistan. Your Excellency, please note that you are the only person I voted for in year 2002 and I only accept you my personally elected representative. I have written you a number of letters on very important issues concerning sad state of Christians since September 2005, they remain unanswered even to this day. You have totally and mercilessly forgotten us, Your Excellency. Therefore I have no option left but to rethink of my "Oath" of loyalty to Pakistan that I took on 19th August 1972 and which I have never broken or forgotten. As I see no hope for Christians in Pakistan, that include me, I hereby "Surrender" my "Pakistani Nationality" the status that was once my pride, has become "Meaningless" for me for following specific reasons. 1. Despite of all my loyalty and love for your country, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I am not recognized as a Pakistani by the Muslim majority and the government of Pakistan. This is extremely painful for me. 2. In Pakistan, the Christians including me are facing extreme hate, discrimination and detestation by Muslims. We are unwanted people in Pakistan, as I experience every day. This attitude of Muslims is not acceptable to me any more. 3. According to the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, I have very "Limited Rights". Rather I have no rights at all. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has curtailed the rights of Christian minority and has fixed a ceiling of our rights. We have no chance of any progress or prosperity despite all the qualification, ability and merit. We are pushed back at every level. This is also not acceptable to me any more. 4. Muslim scholars and self proclaimed third rate scholars who have no standing in civil society of Pakistan, and who have no knowledge of even Islam, for the purpose of insult of our "Ecclesiastical Office or Commission", feel pride in dragging our Ecclesiastical Office and Religious Commission" in the Courts of Pakistan. This is neither bearable nor acceptable for me any more. 5. A Maulvi from Karachi has file a malicious "Law Suit" in Sindh High Court Karachi against me. I have written letters to His Honor, The Chief Justice of Pakistan, Honorable Chief Justice of Sindh and to you, Your Excellency on 11th May 2006. These letters were mailed via "TCS" on 15th May 2006 and were received in your office on 16th May 2006 at 12:43 PM. In three months time, all I experienced was a deep silence from all corners. This ignorance has revealed the reality on me that there is no one who is a bit interested to look after or care for my legal yet "Limited Rights" given to me as "Privilege" and check this Maulvi who feels pleasure in insulting my Religion, the Holy Bible and the Holy Personage of Christianity. He is cashing his Islamic identity at every level and enjoying "Extra Rights" and protection by the government and Judiciary in Pakistan. This also is neither bearable nor acceptable for me any more. Therefore very earnestly, I wish to inform you, Your Excellency that after August the 10th 2006, it would not be possible for me to carry the burden of my "Limited, Crippled and Meaningless Citizenship" of your Pakistan. Therefore, I "Surrender" my "Pakistani Citizenship" and hand it over to you, Your Excellency. From here on wards, I will live in your country as an "Alien" who has no Nationality. I would very humbly request you, Your Excellency, that please make a law, whereby me and my family can get a "Non Pakistani Resident" Identity Card as I will return my "National Identity Card" as soon as I am given the status of "Non Pakistani Resident". Along with my nationality, I also surrender my "Pride" that once I was a Pakistani who still loves Pakistan and who has rendered "some" services to Pakistan in its defense and internal security. Your Excellency, if my request can not accepted, then I may please be declared "Persona None Grata" and expelled to a non Muslim country, so that I don't face any more insult of my religion, the Holy Bible and the Holy Personage of Christianity. I am attaching the photo state copy of my "National Identity Card" which will be of no use to me after my request is accepted. Your Excellency, I have no regrets on my letters or its wording. Thanking you in anticipation Your Excellency, Faithfully Yours, Bishop Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir.

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