The None Pakistani Residents, and The Christian Republic of Pakistan. By Bishop T Nasir


Gujranwala. June 26, 2006. (CNI) I am surprised with joy on the concern for me by the Pakistani and None Pakistani Christians that they have shown after a third rate Mullah instituted a “Law Suit” against me in Sindh High Court Karachi.

I am encouraged that I am not alone in my decision to "Surrender my Pakistani Nationality". Fifty Five percent of Pakistani Christian citizens have decided to denounce their Pakistani citizenship on 11th of August 2006. On August the 10th 2006, I shall apply for an "Identity Card" for a "None Pakistani Resident in Pakistan" that the government of Pakistan will have to print. My Pakistani brother and sisters might have or seen an official identity card for "None Resident Pakistani Citizens". Yet I shall try my very best to get a "None Pakistani Resident in Pakistan" as this is my status in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Islamic Republic of Pakistan that came into existence on 14th August 1973 is not my country. My country was "The Republic of Pakistan" that came in to existence on 14th August 1947. The country I loved and took proper and official "Oath" to serve it and protect it from external and internal threats and dangers "even at the peril of m life". I never ever took any "Oath" for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Though I am loyal to my "Oath" even today, yet on 10th August 2006, this "Oath" will also be taken back. Knowing that now I am a "Persona None Greta" in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. I served Pakistan in what ever way I could. Now it is all finished. I read in letters from my fellow Christians that there is a suggestion of an independent Christian State "The Christland" and that a government of Christland is being formed in Exile. My fellow Christians have even indicated its location in the Province of Baluchistan. However I think, it is not possible to establish an "Independent Christian State" in present geographical boundaries of Islamic Republic of Pakistan especially in Baluchistan in face of the following ground realities. 1. We are scattered all over Pakistan. The first problem would be to convince the entire Christian population to migrate to Baluchistan where the proposed "Christland" is surrounded by extremist Muslims from all over the world. 2. We must see are the Christians living in Pakistan ready to make sacrifices that are required to win independence from a country that has only 1.58 percent Christian population. 3. Christians living in Pakistan have a lot of economic interest in Pakistan, they have businesses, jobs, and properties. Are they ready to sacrifice their economic interests? (It must be remembered that in 1947, only those Muslims migrated to Pakistan who had no "social status in United India". The "well to do" Muslims did not migrate to new Islamic State. Hindu and Sikhs were forced to leave and to leave all they had in this region which was taken over by the ""Low Class" Muslims of this region and the incoming "Refugees"(Then called "Panahgazeen" or "Panahgeer" later they became Mahajar or "Immigrants"). Our generation and our past generation are well aware of this fact. Bloodshed of Hindu, Muslims and Sikhs is known to older Christian generation of Pakistan. Are the Christians of Pakistan ready for the bloodshed of that magnitude? 4. What do our elite Christian church leadership thinks on this issue? The church owns billions of dollars worth of property in Pakistan. They enjoy extremely cordial relations with the government and Mullahs, are the ready to make such a great sacrifice? 5. As far as I am concerned, I am ready to make any sacrifice for a piece of land where me or my future generations can live in "Freedom and with Liberty", but where to start from? I would be the happiest person if we can fight and find an Independent Christian State. I would like to name it "The Christian Republic of Pakistan", yet do we have any support of any Christian country in the world. If yes would some one help us in building the basic infrastructure, industry, defense forces, judiciary and so many other things that will be needed to "Construct" an independent country. 6. And finally from where are we going to get much needed financial assistance? The extremely hateful and discriminatory attitude of Muslims, the ignorance of the government of Pakistan and selfishness and ignorance of our religious and political leaders has taken away the very thought of any hope for the Christians of Pakistan. They are born in silence, they live in silence and they die in silence. They have taken their present deplorable "Human Status" as their "Destiny". Some time they do shed some tears which are wiped with rough hands. To bring an end to the miseries of Pakistani Christians, all Pakistani Christians around the globe have to send a clear message to demoralized Christian community in Pakistan that they are not forgotten. Our Christian brothers and sisters living abroad will have to play a leading role through their practical efforts, through there representatives in there country of residence. Bring the miseries of Pakistani Christians to the notice of all Human Rights Groups. Tell the plight of Pakistani Christians at every forum even "Inter Faith" forums. Work hard to bring awareness about Pakistani Christians in your city, county, state and country of residence. And when during "Summer Time" our Religious and Political leaders visits you, ask them what are they doing for the welfare of neglected and unfortunate Christian community? When our Christian community re-gathers their confidence, then only we can think of an Independent Christian State in this region of the world.

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