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Written by Bishop Samuel Azraiah and published by the so-called Communication Desk of Raiwind Diocese in order to defend himself and shift the blame on others is a shameful effort on his part

The news of murder case registered against him is shameful within itself for the entire Christian world. It is baseless to swing the responsibility of the shooting or the murder on anybody whosoever as the failure in discharging pastoral responsibilities on the part Bishop Azraiah is evident from the incident itself. It is worth appreciating the efforts of Dr. Nazir S. Bhatti who has linked and united not only the Christians of Pakistan living all over the world but has brought the people of different faiths near to each other and has raised issues of immense importance to the focus of the world. The Pakistan Christian Post has stood-up to the standards of the civilized world by becoming the voice of the voice-less and truly deserves our uncompromised appreciation. It has thus become more than an "Institution" within itself represented by people from all over the world and being their representative at the same time. All the while the Pakistan Christian Post has been highlighting the inner corruption of the Church of Pakistan and an open debate could decide the truth at the core of Church of Pakistan governance and politics. Bishop Samuel Azraiah has been the focus of the unruly, brutal and shameful politics of the Church of Pakistan. Following actions of Bishop Azraiah shall reveal his true heart and mind. Bishop Azraiah was the coordinator and motivator of the first murder in Multan. Through the relations of his pastor Rev. Victor Khokher he was able to motivate group politics in Multan resulting in the first murder on political basis in the Church of Pakistan. He paid all the expenses occurred in this connection. All the people know that his house on Warris Road, Lahore was the meeting and planning place of this group. He is the man who criminally fabricated the unification certificate of Bishop Mano Romal Shah in order to make him the Bishop of Peshawar. He had to criminally manipulate the Church of Pakistan files as he was the convener of scrutiny committee at that time. When Bishop Mano resigned from the Church of Pakistan on joining USPG, it was Sammy who played a dirty role as Moderator to hide Mano`s resignation. Being the Moderator he dragged the Synod of the Church of Pakistan due in 1997 in order to become the Bishop of Karachi. He paid a huge amount through his front man Collin Kamran Dost and Marvin Pervaiz. Using his evil genius he was able to control the voters of the Bishops election of May 1995 so that he may succeed in the next attempt and has thus ruined the entire structure and peace of the Church of Pakistan. In the murder of 1994 in Raiwind he paid 1.6 million to the wife of Hadayat Masih to reach a court settlement to save his neck, under the Islamic law of Diat. The money he spends lavishly on his family living abroad and his travel are from the resources of the Diocese. Would he be fair enough to allow an audit of only last ten years from all the accounts to prove he is innocent? An audit report of the partners in the past has accused him of keeping two sets of account books, would any expert on accounts throw light on as to what it means to keep two sets of account books? The allegations against him by Dr. Raja Nathaniel Gill of sexual immorality are of immense importance. They go along with the constitutional abuses and financial embezzlements. Would he be kind enough to leave the Diocese to allow a fair and free inquiry by a foreign agency of neutral character? He joined hands with Bishop Malik knowing that Bishop Malik has established a parallel Church independent of the Church of Pakistan and is thus a part of the dishonesty of Bishop Malik. Similarly he joined hands with Bishop Pervaiz Samuel over the sale of St. Andrew`s Church, Karachi. The agreement of the Bishops of CoP dated 30th October 2005 is documentary proof of the same. Joining hands with Marvin Pervaiz he fabricated a new constitution of the "Executive Board of the Methodist Church" to monopolize all powers concerning the handling of the properties. No worthwhile audit has been presented among the stake holders resulting in alienation of properties where money went under the table in to the pockets of Bishop Azraiah and Marvin Pervaiz and their privies. Misled the former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey for desired results to grab power within the Church of Pakistan resulting in disorder and abuses of all kinds on the principle you rub my back I rub yours. A huge amount of money in foreign exchange disappeared last year from the Standard Chartered Bank, Lahore Cantt. Branch where he is the only signatory. Who will return the money to the poor people of the Diocese?

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