Bail plea rejected of blasphemy accused Christian woman who protested desecration of Holy Cross by Muslim mob protesting on Cartoons in Kasur on March 3.


Kasur: April 10, 2006. Naseem Bibi, a Christian woman in jail under blasphemy charges is kept in special solitary cell and not permitted visitor while the court rejected his bail application on April 7, 2006

The family members of Naseem have fled from native home and gone in hiding due to fear of attacks by fundamental Muslim groups. When Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan SLMP team went to meet Naseem Bibi in jail, the administration denied visit. The SLMP team has issued exclusive statement of her husband Gulzar Masih to shed light on incident of blasphemy accusations: "I do job in a marriage hall as a sweeper, Naseem Bibi was also sweepers and was government employee. We have three daughters and one son named as Sahiba aged 8 years, Marry 5 years, Adeel (son) 3 years and Sumera 1 year old. Our residence is in Fatah Din Da Kot Shahbaz Road Kasur but presently we are living with my brother in Lahore. . On 3rd March 2006, day of occurrence, many Muslim fellows of locality gathered in the market near our house for mob against derogatory cartoons of prophet Mohammad. They were raising slogans against American president Bush, abusing him and Christianity too. My elder daughter named Sahiba saw them that were passing by the house. Naseem Bibi was washing clothes at that time. There is a heap of garbage near our house. Sahiba saw that one of Protestants was making a sign of cross on the heap of garbage by plaster of Paris. Sahiba came in and told Naseem about the cross on the heap. They were also burning the dummy of President Bush. Naseem rushed there and quarreled with tem that why did they make cross on the heap of garbage as it is a Holly sign of Christians and why are they abusing president Bush and Christianity. They were large in number; they clutched Naseem and tortured her severely. They stripped her clothes off at public place. After beating Naseem Bibi they left her. But after a while some Muslims again came to our home. Naseem hide herself in a trunk. People had a picture of Khana Kahbah (holy temple of Muslims), which was grubby with shit. Muslim people accused Naseem Bibi for making the picture of Khana Khabah dirty. They were anguished and wanted to kill Naseem Bibi. Meanwhile someone informed a lady councilor of our locality about the situation. She made a phone cal to emergency police. Police came and ask the mob about the matter. They moved a complaint to police about the insult of picture of Khana Kahbah. Police entered our house and ask about Naseem. My daughter Sahiba told the police that Naseem hide herself in a trunk due to fear of mob. Police recovered Naseem Bibi from trunk and started beating her. Police took Naseem Bibi to police station. One of team member asked Gulzar Masih where he was at that time. Gulzar told that he was at home but he kept quite due to fear of mob. He further said that he doesn't know what happened afterwards. He just came to know that police has sent Naseem Bibi to the Jail. I went to jail to visit my wife but jail management did not allow me meet her" SLMP team also obtained legal documents of lawsuit against Naseem. Case has been registered vide FIR No. 93 dated 3rd March 2006 offence under section 295-A with police station A/Division Kasur.

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