Bishop T Nasir expresses anguish and anger of Christian on desecration of Holy Cross in a Letter to President Mushrarraf


28th February 2006 His Excellency, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan President House, ISLAMABAD.

Subject: - Desecration of Holy Cross and Anguish & Anger of Christian Community. Your Excellency, With all my respect and loyalty to Pakistan, I wish to bring following few lines to your kind notice for sympathetic consideration and just action please. On publication of "Blasphemous Caricatures" in Danish and other European countries, the Christian leadership denounced and condemned these "Blasphemous Caricatures" in strongest words and expressed complete and unconditional solidarity with the Muslims around the world. I assure you, Your Excellency that we the Christian community of Pakistan hold the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in high esteem and respect Him from core of our heart. Every Christian leader, of every level has condemned this heinous crime committed by those people who have not even spared Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible. I am sure Your Excellency that you know the fact that in Western countries, every one is not a Christian and today there is no Christian country as such in Europe that cares for Christianity. Yet all the churches and His Holiness the Pope has categorically condemned the "Blasphemous Caricatures" first published in Denmark in September 2005. You are well aware of the fact that "Church" has no authority or control over the deeds of any individual or the government of any Western country. Having full understanding of the religious sentiments of our Muslims friends and there strong and stern reaction on this very serious issue that has shaken the world. Yet I have failed to understand the "Desecration of the Holy Cross" by our Muslim friends, a sign held most sacred by every Christian who is living in Pakistan. As you know Your Excellency that on "Danish Flag" the "Holy Cross" is imprinted in white with red background. Almost every Christian has seen the "Holy Cross" being stampede and burnt by the protestors in every protest that we have seen in Pakistan. We have seen "Sign of Holy Cross" being desecrated by hitting it with shoes and "Chappals". Very large "Danish Flag" with huge "Crosses" were laid on roads and people waked over the "Holy Cross". I have been given an "unfinished Foot Ball" with patches of "Holy Cross" on it. Once this "Foot Ball" comes in market and playgrounds, the "Holy Cross" will be "Kicked around". This "Foot Ball" is being manufactured with "Willful desire" to insult the "Holy Cross" in most derogatory way. On Friday the 24th February 2006, "Holy Cross" was painted on roads with willful intent to desecrate the "Holy Cross". This came to my notice at 2000 hours the same day. I went to the spot and saw the Desecration of "Holy Cross" with my own eyes. All type of traffic was running over the "Holy Cross". Pedestrians walked over the "Holy Cross" kicking it and spiting on the "Holy Cross". With deep sense of grief and sorrow, I went to the office of District Police Officer (DPO) Gujranwala, to request him to remove the "Holy Cross" but he was not available. I tried to contact the Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Gujranwala Range but no one picked the telephone. Thereafter I tried to contact the District Coordinating Officer (DCO) Gujranwala but failed again. Finally I spoke to His Excellency Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Ul Haq, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, who listened to my complaint in a very gentle way and assured me that he would call me back. He got into contact with the "DCO" Gujranwala and around 2300 hours told me that the "DCO" has been told and the "Holy Cross" will be removed within two hours. I checked at 0200 hours and 0600 hours on Saturday the 25th of February 2006. The "Holy Cross" was still there. Thereafter I tried to contact every one including His Excellency Mr. Mohammad Ijaz Ul Haq, but failed. Earlier around 0230 hours, I sent an Email to Major General Shukat Sultan Khan, my course mate and sent you Your Excellency a message on the subject through you Web Site. Yet no one cared. Your Excellency, we the Christians living in Pakistan have nothing to do with the printing of "Blasphemous Caricatures" any where in the world. Yet we are being forced to see the desecration of "Holy Cross" helplessly! Why Your Excellency, why? Why no one cares for our religious sentiments. We are the sons of the same soil, we have the same frame of mind, the same feelings and same respect of our religion and Sacred Cross, the Holy Bible as our Muslim friends have. Few days ago two churches were burnt in Sukker Sindh, earlier churches were burnt in Sanglla Hill. Your Excellency, when a church burns, along with it burns the Holy Bible and the Holy Cross. Love and respect of our religion, Sacred Book and Holy Cross runs in our blood too. On such occasions blood rushes restlessly in our veins too. Yet the Christian leadership controls it and does not let it "overflow". How long would we face such insult of our religion, Your Excellency? For how long would we be punished for crimes that we have never committed and will not ever commit? On 21st November 2004, the Daily Dawn published an extremely derogatory "Book Review" in their "Book and Author Section". In that it was narrated the Lord Jesus Christ was married and had a son and the Holy linage still exist. I met His Excellency Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Ul Haq on 25th November 2004, His Excellency Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on 3rd January 2005. Yet no action was taken against the Daily Dawn. This book review was on notorious book "Da Vinci Code" that was aired by National Geographic Television Channel very recently. In this scenario you are our last hope to redress our grievances and give us assurance that we are also citizens of Pakistan and we also have same right to live in peace in Pakistan. Therefore a delegation would be honoured to meet you, Your Excellency according to your convenience. We know and understand that you have to look after so many things and deal with a huge number of issues. Yet we have an issue too, Your Excellency. We request an audience with you on this particular issue, when ever you can give us time. I thank you, Your Excellency in anticipation. Very Faithfully Yours, Bishop Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir (For readers: There is no response from the President till 8th March 2006)

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