Hornet’s Nests. By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


On 12th November 2005, a news was published in "The Daily Jang Lahore" that a man named Yousaf Masih has set ablaze an Islamic Library in the City of Sangilla Hill near Shekhopura. The local Muslims caught Yousaf and but he managed to escape. What happened in next 24 hours is reported by "The Daily Dawn" in brief report. What exactly happened seems to be an altogether different story. The fact remains that Christians are facing extreme "hate" by Muslim majority, and the religious tolerance of Muslims for Pakistani Christians is running out. Pakistan that once was considered on of the most tolerant state for minority communities has been blanketed by the inbuilt hate of "Mullahs" for the Christians of Pakistan. There final goal is that either the Christians convert to Islam or leave Pakistan. Many Christians have left Pakistan and many are trying to leave Pakistan. The "Mullahs" use various methods to frighten the poor Christian community. They are always looking for excuses to demonstrate their hate and disliking and their "self engineered" allegations finally result in such "deadly" incidences. We must see and find the "aim" of creating such incidences where defenseless is alleged of a crime against the Holy Books and Holy Personage of Islam. If we read "in between the lines" of the Islamic News Media of Pakistan we can conclude that the recent and latest "Hate Crime" in which "three churches, and two Pastor houses, a nursing hostel, Nuns hostel, a convent school and four houses of Christians have been burnt. According to reports a Christian named Yousaf Masih threw a "burning matchstick" in the "Quran Mahal" which caught fire. The question is, was throwing a burning matchstick" towards "Quran Mahal" a willful act of the accused? Was there some "highly inflammable material" placed or kept out side or inside the "Quran Mahal" that caught fire by an ordinary "burning matchstick"? Who saw him throwing the "burning matchstick" at Quran Mahal? Was "Quran Mahal" opened on Friday? If it was opened where was the person in charge of Quran Mahal? Did "Quran Mahal" immediately burst in flames or the fire caused by a "burning matchstick" spread slowly? (As it should by a burning matchstick). Why efforts were not made to extinguish the fire and save copies of Holy Koran? Wasn't it more important to extinguish the fire than catching "culprit" who any way was recognized as resident of the same city and could be arrested any time? How the accused once caught by a number of people, managed to escape, even after being caught according to the reports on Saturday the 12th of November 2005 published in the "Daily Jung Lahore". And what about the reports that the accused who is now in Police custody and that the accused had a "money dispute" with Muslim Gamblers. According to "Reuter's" report and Catholic Arch Bishop Lawrence Saldanaha, "the attack seems to be planned and organized as the attackers were brought to the site on buses", Catholic Archbishop Lawrence Saldanaha told a news conference in Lahore. "And according to the church's own initial investigations suggested the accusations were motivated by a dispute over money. According to Mr. Akram Gill, a Christian legislator, the dispute was due to a gambling debt owed by two Muslims to a Christian. The Muslim Gamblers refused to pay the money and created this nuisance. Over the years it has become a routine matter to resolve personal disputes, religion is brought in by the Muslim majority. False allegation are framed against Christians and the Mullahs instigate and the mob immediately starts burning or destroying Churches, schools and what so ever comes in their way that belongs to Christians is burnt to ashes. The Police keeps on waiting till every thing is destroyed. Had the Christian people not left there homes, they certainly would have killed. In February 1997, Santi Nagar was attacked in similar fashion. Every Christian knows and understands the consequences of such a crime. They remain very careful as they are well aware of "Extreme Hate" against them that is prevails every where in Pakistan. Small cities and villages are an easy "Pray" for demonstration of the hate for Christians in most cruel way. No Muslim, educated or illiterate has ever tried to investigate the reality, all that is done it kill, burn and destroy the Christians like insets. The "conspiracies" against Christians are concocted in Mosques, where "mischievous" elements are "ever busy and ready to create extremely dangerous planes and conspiracies. The authorities knowingly, ignores the anti Christian "conspirators and executors". I am sure that the "Quran Mahal" was set ablaze by Muslims conspirators after removing the copies of Holy Koran and other religious books. They burned the "Quran Mahal" and then instigated crowd of ignorant people who has learnt nothing from their religious teachers and preachers, but to hate Christians and destroy them. Let any one challenge my deduction or conclusion on this heinous and deplorable conspiracy against Christians of Sangla Hill, that has consumed Christian property and worship places and the Holy Bibles. With that it has consumed my love for Pakistan to a larger extent. Pakistan has become a vast jungle with large "Hornet Nests" every where and we can see these "Hornets" flying around us. And every know and then, these "hornet nests" are let lose on Christians. On the other hand we are so much divided that we have failed to take a unified stand on this inhuman treatment of Christian minority by the Muslim majority in Pakistan. Vengeance is prohibited in our religion and every time we have to "forgive" in the end. We are being slapped, on both cheeks constantly, we have been striped naked after taking our Cloak and Shirt. We have walked millions of miles on demand of Muslims of Pakistan. But we have yet not sold our "Cloak" and have not bought "Sword". Are we prohibited to take evasive actions or defend our selves? Surely not! We are told to be obedient to the people who rule us. But what should be done when our rulers for whom we pray and obey, willfully ignore us? Such a serious and heinous crime has been committed by Muslims against a small minority, yet no official statement has been released by the Provincial Governor, Chief Minister or Federal Government or the President of Pakistan or the Prime Minister of Pakistan or for that matter any senior interior ministry official? If no one else, I want to warn the government of Pakistan that we the Christians of Pakistan are sick and tired of your attitude towards us. We are sick and tired of "hate trading" Mullahs. We have been cornered to an extent that if we keep silent now, no one will even remember that Christians ever existed in Pakistan. It is "Now or Never" situation that created Pakistan. I demand an independent "Christian Republic of Pakistan", any one likes it or not! The End. Please see the Report published by "The Daily Dawn" below on 13th November 2005 and respond. 13 November 2005 Sunday Shawwal 10, 1426 Mob torches 3 churches near Nankana Dawn Report FAISALABAD/SHEIKHUPURA, Nov 12: A mob of 3,000 people, mostly youth, set to fire three churches and homes of two clergymen as well as destroyed a nursing hostel, nuns' hostel, a convent school and four other houses in Sangla Hill area of district Nankana on Saturday. The rampaging crowd was protesting against alleged desecration of the Holy Quran. Some 300 Christian families reside in the tehsil. It is alleged that on Friday one Yousaf Masih threw a burning matchstick in the Quran Mahal situated in the Sangla Hill stadium which caught fire. This resulted in some copies of the Holy Quran being burnt to ashes. Students of a seminary run by Anjuman Melad-i-Mustfa and staff of a dispensary adjacent to the Quran Mahal rushed to the spot and saved the remaining copies of the holy book, newspapers and other material. Ten hours after the incident, announcements were made from mosques asking people to gather in front of the Jamia Madni Masjid of the town. Similar announcement were also made after Fajr prayers on Saturday. People were asked to observe a complete strike and not to send children to schools. Responding to the call, a strong mob carrying hockey sticks, iron rods, and axes assembled at the appointed place. Eyewitnesses said some youths also carried tins of kerosene oil.Religious leaders made fiery speeches and allegedly provoked the mob to set to fire each and every place of worship of the minority community. Obeying the orders, the protesters rushed to Presbyterian Church of Pakistan situated on the Faisalabad Road and set it to fire. All the furniture, fixture, articles, and religious books were consumed by the blaze. The mob also burnt the residence of Pastor Tajamal Perveiz. The enraged youth then went to the Church of Holy Spirit in the Mancher Colony and vandalized it as well as the residence of Father Semson Dilawar. They also caused severe damage to the Saint Anthony High School, destroying its furniture, record, laboratories and library. Some 650 girls receive education at the school, majority of them Muslim. Police used tear-gas shells and resorted to baton charge to disperse the crowd. DPO Tahir Alam told protesters that the accused had been arrested and a case under section 295-B registered in the Sangla Hill police station. Police later arrested 80 people for taking part in the rioting. Reuters adds: The attack seems to be planned and organised as the attackers were brought to the site on buses, Catholic Archbishop Lawrence Saldanaha told a news conference in Lahore.He said the church's own initial investigation suggested the accusations were motivated by a dispute over money. Akram Gill, a Christian legislator, said the dispute was due to a gambling debt owed by two Muslims to a Christian. "They refused to pay the money and created this nuisance," Gill said. With courtesy of DAWN Group of Newspapers, 13th November 2005

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