Christians settled abroad must try to set a system to help youth in Pakistan to stay firm in their faith. Robin Michael


As a Pakistani Christian, I use to read twice a week christian Post online. On 22 Sep 2005, I read different comments from Mr. Stephen, Miss Niala & Mr. Adil Gill, about (Mohd. Youaf, formerly Youaf Yohana). In fact its true Youaf Yohana was an ambassador of Christian Community, but what has he done is painful for all Christian of Pakistan, I don't want to add my comments on it as he is an adult to take his own decision of his life. It's true our Christian community is happy to see him as a STAR Player playing for PK team, but I think he is only to knows what he was facing in his real life in Pakistan as he is only Christian man playing for PK team without any support from our Christian Minister's. I don't think any of our Christian Minister, Christian Bishops or anyone from high level took any action against Muslim's who raised their voices as, "O BHANGI AA GAYA MAIDAN MAIN HAIJ MALO". - Regarding our Minister's!! so far as I know our Christian leaders, they just come to our cities on the election time to collect votes and again vanish somewhere in Islamabad for next couple of years. Even myself do not know that presently who's our Christian Minister. . - Regarding our Bishop's and Father's, so far as I know and assume our Christian Bishop's (specially from Methodist churches) & Father are not honest & not open heart to our Christian community, specially to poor Christians. * There are some cases that you can become a Bishop in a night by paying to government. * There're some cases where Bishops are fighting like a gangster with other Bishops. * There're some cases when Bishop wife was beaten by another Bishop (party), but no action has been taken from the Christian community. * There're some cases where Father are staying in the church parish house from more than 16 years when are allowed for 5 years only. I can say that Father's are using Church Parish house and Community donation, funds including (local and international) to their own benefit by growing their children , sending them aboard (foreign countries), making them married and give resident in the same Church parish house for their second generation. These days what I saw in Pakistan young jobless Men (including their wives & Children's) or Boy's who knows reading Bible. They are calling them self Pastor's, gathering some poor people's from small area's, visiting their houses every week regularly for charity (chanda) or other benefits. When these pastors assume that they have enough members, they rent a room in their member's area and make their own church or create Memorial Trust on any name to collect all benefits in name of Jesus. Even if you put an eye on Christian graveyards, there are so many corrupt people. Most of graveyard boundaries are broken, wild trees and grass are growing but no one takes care. I personally request to all who are sitting aboard in foreign countries and like to do something for our Christian peoples of Pakistan, instead of writing "bla bla bla" please try to create a system in Pakistan for Christian community which help young Christian generation like Youaf Yohana to stay strong with their faith. I would like to thank you in advance for reading my mail and keeping in touch with me I will be happy to involve myself to help our brothers and sisters to put them on right track for their future good.

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