Dave Willson, Dr. Bernard Malik, Stephen Akhtar and Pakistani Canadian “ Gabi Shaer” masked poet comment on stopping ‘ Aman Ki Rah” of Dr. Stephen Gill by Pakistan


Canada. More letters are coming in concerning the action of Pakistan’s post office about the poems of Dr. Stephen Gill that have been sung by Nazir Shad in a CD albums titled Aman Ki Rah (road to peace).

People from different nations are shocked and bewildered that why the Government of Pakistan has refused to let this album of peace to go even to the father of the children of the poems. Its father, author, lives in Canada. Mr. Dave Windsor from Ontario, Canada, says that this action of the Government of Pakistan is the abuse of the constitutional rights. He states: "I desire to express my dismay that Dr. Stephen Gill has not been allowed by the post office of Pakistan to distribute his poetic CD's on world peace through normal channels throughout the world. Peace as with the former John Lennon is what it's all about. By withholding this beautiful poetry done in song and in a flavour likable to the world, Pakisrtan has been doing not only Dr. Stephen Gill a horrendous disservice, but indeed the entire world at large. "By this demeaning government directed act, post office has deliberately sabotaged a superb way for even the government to show the world that it also has a strong desire for world peace. Take the high road, release the stronghold on Dr. Gill's work and that of all who's only purpose is to show Pakistan well to the outsiders as well as to impress upon your own people the true meaning and value of peace, so, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. " Similar opinions though in a different tone have been expressed by Dr. Bernard Malik, a prominent figure from the United States. Dr. Bernard Malik is the president of Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America. Like Mr. Dave Windsor, he also takes the approach of human rights. He says in his letter to Dr. Stephen Gill: "I have been beginning to believe that Pakistan has been improving the Human Rights record and government was doing its best to polish its hard image. But I am shocked to read what has happened to the album authored by you. If somebody of your fame and caliber is targeted this way, I feel sorry for the lot of common man. If a peace activist and peace literature meet this fate then the future prospectus of peace in that country are in poor shape. I pray this is just a simple mistake and they would rush in to fix it." Mr. Stephen Akhtar, also expresses his skepticism: "It is an astonishing news for me. Dr. Gill, please double check with the higher authorities at the concerned offices as it might be a misunderstanding or confusion. I don't think of any specific policy in this regard." Some persons have come forward to suggest some steps that Dr. Stephen Gill should take to get copies of this CD. Here is Mr. Wilbert Isaacs from Canada: "I am sorry to hear this. What can I say except that you contact the Ambassador/ Consul General of Pakistan in Ottawa and also the Foreign Ministry of Canada to find some sort of a solution. The Canadian Embassy may be able to get it to through their post. You can also try to write directly to the President of Pakistan. It might be a good idea if you can accompany your request to the above with the copies of the poems that are recorded on the C.D. Istead of calling them just peace poems call them Christian Peace and Love Poems. May be you have already taken these steps. Please accept my sugestions in good faith." A poet who wants to remain anonymous calls himself Gabi Shaer (masked poet). He has the suggestion to be obedient to the laws of Pakistan. He suggests: "One should respect the laws of land in effect at present time in a country. If the law dictates that recordings etc. can't be exported from Pakistan as part of the War on Terror, then it is the law for everybody, not just for one particular individual. Up-to-date information about present laws can help avoid resentment and disappointment. There are other resources available right here in North America. One should consider an album recorded by some local Pakistani/Indian recording artists available in North America."

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