Pakistani American Congress leaders and their tool’s sending threatening and hate mails to editor Pakistan Christian Post


USA. July 22, 2005. Mr. Ashraf Abbasi, Past President of Pakistani American Congress seems frustrated and full of hate as well as threatening on one of my news article. First of all, I wish to remind Mr. Abbasi that you are not son of soil but your

I inherit soil of Pakistan and reserve every right to discuss my land. In future, try to find roots of your family 'Abbasi' first to discuss issue and undermine sons of soil. I am on asylum due to persecution and discriminatory laws legislative by majority community of Muslims in Pakistan. Why you left Pakistan? Go back to land which our forefathers ruled and accepted your forefathers as refugees and now you claim its ownership; The communities are in desperate need of people like you and need your services there. I will soon publish the lists of Muslim asylum seekers in USA. Those are from PPP, PML, and MQM and from different religious sects of Muslims in Pakistan. Those Asylum seekers are hundreds and thousands in numbers in USA and Europe on pretext of persecutions of different Pakistani administrations. They are still here and in Pakistani American Congress also. They were supposed to go back to Pakistan after the relevant regime changes but they are settled here and true mark of shame on Pakistani Muslim majority. Have you ever discussed those Muslim refugees in USA and yourself? Never refer Christian tools in Pakistani American Congress in future. I have well knowledge of such elements and surely can term them as opportunist and so-called leaders. I cannot forget such Christians who cowardly in search of fame damage Christian cause. In my many lawsuits in higher courts in Pakistan, the government has been using such shameful persons to damage Christian cause and deny justice as you are using in PAC to damage Christian issues. Your mail is full of hate while I issued an open statement to clarify that Pakistan American Congress is not representative of Christians from Pakistan in USA. I expected an honorable and justified clarification but it seems you are among same fantastic Muslims who do not avoid expressing their hate towards Pakistani Christians. I will keep on writing and speaking on unity among Christians in Pakistan and settled abroad. The persons like you can attract ordinary Christians because you do not have any commitment or any ideology. You dance on your master's voice to seek respect and publicity, no matter, its Zia, Benazir, Nawaz, Jamali or Mushraf. You feel comfort to abide any master who may hire you for being presence in dinner or meeting. I will advise you to seek your identity and integrity without expressions of hate toward others.

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On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,