Christians reject Hasba Bill and implementation of all Islamic laws on minorities in Pakistan. Nazir Bhatti


USA. July 18, 2005. President of Pakistan Christian Congress, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said that implementation of Hasba Bill and all other Islamic laws on Christian minority in Pakistan are contrary to Liquat- Nehro Pact,

signed between Pakistan and India in 1951 to protect minority rights. He said Indian government constituted Minority Commission and Muslims in India are enjoying protection of their personal laws. The Indian Muslims are at liberty to practice marriage and divorce according to Islamic laws while Hasba Bill is an attempt to judge Christian marriages and divorces under Islamic laws by a "Qazi" who shall by a Muslim cleric. He said Hasba Bill is also a parallel judicial system to existing laws and violation of Human rights charter of UNO signed by government of Pakistan. Mr. Bhatti added that we are already demanding from decades that Muslim judge may not be empowered to issue decree on Christian marriages and divorce case under Constitution of 1973 of Islamic Republic of Pakistan while Hasba Bill shall be worst situation for minorities. Mr. Nazir Bhatti said " PCC shall submit application in Supreme Court of Pakistan to be a party in reference filed by President of Pakistan against Hasba Bill adopted by NWFP assembly" Mr. Bhatti said" Hasba Bill is conspiracy against federation of Pakistan and another attempt of forces architects of Talibanisation in Afghanistan. This Religious Alliance MMA has again planned to practice same within Pakistan by Hasba Bill in NWFP which shall be worst shape of discriminatory laws against minorities and women like Afghanistan" He said Hasba Bill is introduction of "Qazi" Judicial system when illiterate Imam of mosque shall chair in Police station and verdict issued by him shall not be challenged in any court of law. He clarified "Muslims majority or Islamic leaders has not conquered Christians in Pakistan but they voted in favor of existence of Pakistan in 1947 and are son of soil. While these Muslim religious leaders were anti-Pakistan and even against Pakistan Movement" Mr. Bhatti said that Christians have been already treated as second-class citizens in Pakistan when Hasba Bill shall turn them slaves. He declared that Christians in Pakistan should oppose such legislation to declare them slaves. Nazir S Bhatti urged Government of Pakistan to ensure Personal Laws protection of Christian under Liquat- Nehro Pact and Muslim judges may be bared to hear Christian divorce and marriage cases.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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