Dr. A. Q. Khan "Our National Hero" Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. By Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir


In last few months we have heard and read so much against Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan, father of Pakistan's nuclear program. There are so many allegations against him created by the Western Media for "Nuclear Proliferation" and running a "Nuclear Proliferat

For a clearer picture we need to go back in history of nations their needs for self defense and their efforts to make their nation or country safe, just as the United States of America is trying to do after 11th September 2001. Pakistan was an old friend of the United States of America. It was a partner in various defense pacts. But when the need arose America backed out. In 1971, India in collaboration with the Soviet Union, planned to take Eastern part of Pakistan by massive use of force. We fought Indian invaders for long Eight months. Our Line of Communication was so much extended that we could not maintain it. On the other hand our "friend" the United States kept sleeping while we were suffering the onslaught on Indian forces duly supported by the Soviet Union. After we lost East Pakistan, we needed to protect what was left as West Pakistan. We knew that India is planning to go nuclear but the world especially our friend The United States of America kept its eyes closed on Indian nuclear program. Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto the then Prime Minister of Pakistan said after India tested it nuclear device in May 1974, "we shall eat grass but will become a nuclear power". Nuclear weapon race was started by India, yet no action was taken by the world community and especially the United States against India. It was a difficult time for Pakistan's very existence and Mr. Z. A. Bhutto took a bold step by initiating Pakistan's Nuclear program. Here when the Pakistani nation first heard or Dr. A. Q. Khan, a nuclear scientist. In next two and a half decades, it was Dr. A. Q. Khan and his team that devoted all their time energy and efforts to give a long term protection to us the people of Pakistan. For us the doors of nuclear technology were closed by our friends as well as foes. Dr. A. Q. Khan sacrificed his youth, his family life even his freedom to ensure the freedom of the people of Pakistan. Pakistan gave even bigger sacrifices than the freedom of our nuclear scientists. Mr. Z. A Bhutto lost his life and President of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haq was assassinated along with most senior defense officials. The main crime of one of our head of government and head of State was the quest of our own nuclear deterrent that took their lives. Yet the nation and the government and the defense services knew that we need this capability according to our own national needs. We created our "nuclear weaponry system" the way we could. Through the same means through which even the United States developed that "terrible weapon" that killed millions of innocent Japanese in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today if any one says that we got the nuclear know how from "Under World" I really do not give it any importance. Our national security is above every thing and I could not care less where did we get all that was necessary to for our long tern national safety and security. "Under World" is working everywhere in the world, even in United States. What do the "god fathers" of "mafia chiefs do? It is no secret. In New York itself, even the window cleaning work of sky scrapers is controlled by the "mafias". I learned this fact from a televised program that I watched while in United States back in 1983. I have my own "underworld experience" though of a low magnitude and my readers would be interested to know my experience. In 1993 while having a cup of coffee at a "Donut Shop", a young lady approached me with a little baby that she was carrying. She asked if she could sit near me. Of course I did not own the Shop so she sat and immediately asked about my nationality and "Status" in the United States. I told her that I am just a visitor and will go back to Pakistan in few weeks time. She asked if I was interested in getting "Green Card" in "Two Weeks time". That was interesting because according to my information, I needed to stay in United States for at least two years to get a "Green Card". I was told that if I can pay 3,000.00 dollars I, can get a "Green Card". I asked her about the American Passport. I was told that I could get a legal and genuine American Passport for 10,000 dollars. When she told me that both the Green Card and the Passport would be issued by the "American Immigration Department" the INS. I was really astonished. I told her that I did not believe such illegal practice in the United States and I got the reply that is still fresh in my memory. The lady said, "Well who does not need an extra buck". She gave me her husband's visiting card and left. I still may have the visiting card of Mr. Honeyman, an immigration lawyer. If I find it after eleven years, I would scan it and send it to any one who desires. This was my experience of a "small underworld". If American Passport is available for only 10,000 dollars, every thing is available in United States and else where in the world. Now selling the technology if one can call it a sale deed. When my personal and family protection is at stake, I shall not hesitate to go ahead with a deal that would ensure my safety and the safety of my family. Every nation is a family and even if we did sell nuclear technology to a second or third country, what is the big deal. After all, various technologies are exchanged and if exchange is not possible, any nation in need will buy it. I my opinion buying an American product that is absolutely necessary for me is no crime whether I buy it from open market or black market or the "Under World". If we sold nuclear technology for our existence I consider it fair and legal. It is not an offence. Our National Hero, Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan is alleged to have huge gains from sale or transfer of nuclear technology is all but "Rubbish". He is so much loved and respected in Pakistan that any patriot Pakistani would give all he/she has without a second thought. Therefore he did not need the alleged "under hand monitory deals". Let the world know that our nuclear assets are our own indigenous assets and we did not get any help from a second or third country. We know that our nuclear assets has averted at least two major wars that India wanted to thrust upon us, once in 1987 and then in year 2001 and 2002. If we did not have nuclear deterrent, India would have "rolled in Pakistan" long ago. The same deterrent ensured a safe world during cold war era. No nuclear weapon has been used after August 1945 and this is a strong argument for having such deterrent especially when you have a mean enemy as you next-door neighbor. As I wrote on 2nd March 2004, the United States has en-cashed the events of 11th September 2001. It gave Mr. George W. Bush a free hand any where in the world to go and kill on his self assumptions. The recent report that came from American Media should be an eye opener. The United Nations weapon inspectors categorically denied and are still denying the presence of any weapon of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Yet Mr. Bush attacked Iraq and destroyed what was left of Iraq by the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussain. It would be a year almost in April when America proclaimed victory in Iraq and gave good news of freedom, peace and stability to the people of Iraq. All that the world has seen is a blood bathing nation. So is the case in Afghanistan, where is the peace? Where is stability and where is Usama Bin Laden and Mullah Omer? Where is Al-Qaida? If it does exist what proof has the United States exhibited to the United Nations? After massive bombardment and mass killings of Afghan people, the mystery of Usama, Omer and Al-Qaida still stands to be resolved. The failure and exposure of American administration's false claims and wrong handling its foreign policies, American needed more and more "targeted" persons like Dr. A. Q. Khan. So that they can cheat the American people that look here so far Usama Bin Laden, Mullah Omer and Al-Qaida folly did not work according to our expectations, we have gone an extra mile for your safety. We have broken a "Nuclear Proliferation Network" run by Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan a Pakistani nuclear scientist. Once again "back stabbing" Pakistan, the United States exerted all its pressure on the government of Pakistan. Dr. A. Q. Khan once again sacrificed his name and reputation for sake of Pakistan and its security. He openly rendered his apology to the nation on national television. He chose to sacrifice himself for the long term interests of the Pakistani nation and I personally salute him and his greatness. He was our "National Hero", he will remain our "National Hero" and no one really cares what Mr. Bush says. Yet I wish to remind Mr. George W. Bush and the American nation that though this is your time, yet nations have risen and feel and no one knows where they are today. America will fall one day, not tomorrow may be not during this century. Yet the course of natures will humble it and break its pride. I may not live to witness the great noise when America will fall yet our next generations will witness the fall of a proud nation that has forgotten God and has become present day Sodom and Gomorrah. As long as you trusted in God, He gave you prosperity. Now you have left God and you are destined for His Judgment. And lastly I must make it clear that our nuclear weapon program is totally for our own defense and naming it "Islamic Bomb" is wrong by all means. If we the Pakistani people have an Islamic Bomb, you have many "Christian Bombs" Soviet Union had "Communist Bombs" so does Israel possesses a "Jewish Bomb" and there is a "Hindu Bomb" if you care to know.

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