Full Gospel Assembly of God is a balanced Pentecostal church in Pakistan. Pastor Hizkiel Serosh. PCP. Report.


Rev. Pastor Hizkiek Serosh is on evangelical tour of Canada and United States. He is addressing large gatherings of Pakistani and Indian Christians in different cities of North America. In these conventions, individual are being healed and witnessing

In Pakistan, millions of Christians have heard lectures of Rev. Pastor Hizkiel Serosh in annual united conventions organized in villages, towns and cities. He is very famous to change the lives in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, which have drawn attention of international community and compelled to extend invitations to deliver sermons in churches around the world. Its Lord blessings that now Christians around the world pour in large numbers to listen his healing sermons and passionate lectures on Christianity. Rev Pastor Hizkiel serosh born in cultural city of Lahore, studied in Don Bosco School and graduated from Punjab University. He became first Christian graduated in music education from Punjab University with B.A (Hon). He adopted medical profession for his living with Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi in 1966 but left his job on call to be servant of Lord in 1968. He entered in Bible School of Full Gospel Assembly of God in Lahore and joined the pastorate team of FGAG in Pakistan. He completed his religious theological studies from Gujranwala Seminary under leadership of Late K. L. Nasir and secured Bachelor and doctorate in Divinity. In 1983 he joined Rochester Bible College for diploma in Ministry in Holy Spirits. Rev Serosh is serving with Full Gospel Assembly of God in Pakistan till this day. We are updating the conversation of Rev. Serosh for our readers as: Q. Its amazing to know about your regular studies in Music, Would you tell our readers about your interests in Music Ministry? A. When I was Music student in Punjab University, I was not aware that Lord is preparing me for great task of Music Ministry in Pakistan. No doubt Music is integral part of religious rituals and services in Christianity. Its great honor for Full Gospel Assembly of God in Pakistan that first recordings of religious hymns were conducted in 1974. This cassette contained, my poetry and my composition as first Music Ministry event in Pakistan. I have written thousands of religious poems and sonnets. Mr. Earnest Mal and other famous Muslim singers have performed my compositions. I praise the Lord that he is using me for his services in poetry, Composition and pastoral services under Full Gospel Assembly of God in Pakistan. Q. How would you differentiate Full Gospel Assembly of God from other churches? A. The Full Gospel Assembly of God is a balanced Pentecostal Church in Pakistan. We cannot term it as a fanatic Pentecostal church. I would add that we respect the works of all churches in Pakistan and we have cordial working relationship with existing denominations in Pakistan. The Full Gospel Assembly of God is in operation with its headquarters in Kot Lakhpat Lahore. We have Schools and social services centers for our congregations, which are also serving suffering communities, irrespective of race, creed and religion. The Full Gospel Assembly of God has congregations in all the four provinces of Pakistan and we are growing in numbers very rapidly by the grace of Lord. I am serving the congregation of more than 4000 in Lahore Cantonment, adjacent to Calvary Grounds. We have Church building and Parish House for our members in vicinity. Q. Are you satisfied with religious freedom situation in Pakistan? A. The Christians in Pakistan have no problems with the government of Pakistan as The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan fully guarantees the right of minorities and freedom to profess and practice faith but there are issues of religious freedom with religious political parties of Pakistan who attempt to undermine the constitutional rights of other religious communities for vested interests. For example, the shiti Muslim who are in minority are also targeted and victimized by the Muslim majority sect of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan. The killing of more than 40 shiti Muslim in Mosque in Quetta city is recent incident of violations of religious freedom. The Christian minority in Pakistan has witnessed such incidents in year 2001-2003, when churches, schools, hospitals and other religious institutions were under attack, more than 50 innocent Christians were killed by the Muslim fundamental groups in Pakistan. The government adopted necessary measure of safety and security of Christians life and property in Pakistan but when we view Christians incident, comparing with incidents of sufferings of Shiti Muslims being faced from a decade with heavy loss of lives, we visualize that certain groups are planning to create law and order situations to damage the image of government of Pakistan as major objective in Pakistan. I am of the opinion that after war against terrorism, launched by the government of Pakistan, the religious freedom situation shall improve in Pakistan. Q. What effects shall face the Christians living in NWFP after the implementation of Shariat Bill? A. The Shariat Bill is implemented by Alliance of Six Muslim Religious Parties MMA in NWFP. We have experienced that these component parties of MMA have different approach Shariat Laws on their representation of different Muslim sects and school of thoughts and they have been criticizing each other on different issue in past. I think that MMA alliance shall never stay united in long run and nor this Shariat Bill. We know that majority of Muslims in Pakistan are also not happy on this Shariat Bill in NWFP and term it contrary to existing judicial system and public laws conferred in constitution of Pakistan. Therefore this Shariat Bill will not be practicable in Pakistan. Q. What is your opinion on implementation of Islamic Laws on Christians in Pakistan? A. I would say that Blasphemy laws, Laws of Compensation and Laws of Evidence are affecting the status of Christians in Pakistan. The arrests of Christians under blasphemy laws have caused fear among Christians. The blasphemy laws are naked sword hanging on necks of Christians. The use of this laws by the Muslim groups on religion grounds and business rivalry against Christians have created feelings of being second class citizens in a country for which they sacrificed and played active positive role. I also oppose the Marriage act introduced in Pakistan as it is against the Christian personal laws. The Christians social and economic conditions are vulnerable and religious aparthied can lead them to negative expects in society which is not favorable to solidarity and integrity of state. Q. Would you wish to convey any special message to our readers? A. I would like to extend message of unity among Christians and Christian leaders in Pakistan. I would stress upon Christians to be stronger in faith because its only way to salvation in this difficult situation. I believe that Lord is with us when we put our burdens on him and offer our prayers in his love with concentrations.

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