American Owners of CTI urged to press upon Pakistan for Restoration of illegally Occupied Property. Prof. Salamat Akhtar PCP. Exclusive Report.


Sialkot. January 30. The National Christian Hero, The all time Christian rights campaigner, Famous for his struggle against the nationalization of missionary schools in Pakistan Professor salamat Akhtar, Presently Principal of CTI have demanded rest

Talking to the PCP team Professor Salamt Ahktar said "The Sialkot Mission of the United Presbyterian Church (USA) through its Attorney General has taken all possible measures for the restoration of the illegally occupied property of CTI. Mr. Saleem Bhatti Advocate, the General Power of Attorney has fought tooth and nails at the risk of his life for this property. He with the help of the members team (PPT, PEB, CTI Administration) has faced boldly and bravely the dangerous illegal occupants at various fronts such as Civil Courts, Criminal Courts and Military Offices. The illegal occupants being very influential and wealthy bribed heavily the Government Officials concerned and saved their skins from the prison bars. However, they could not escape the Mighty pen of the Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot, who after hearing a heated discussion and sound arguments of the Counsels of both the parties decided the case pf mutation in favour of the Sialkot Mission on20-9-2000. Even then, t he defeated illegal occupants are occupying the CTI property by force and are planning to capture the entire grounds by hook or by crook" The Christian Training Institute, generally known as CTI is a revered location in the Christian Community and the history of the Punjab. "Ye are the light of the world is its MOTTO. This unique and unparallel Educational Institute has rendered meritorious services in the fields of Education and Sports. It has so built the characters of its sons that today they are illuminating the world with their light almost in the remotest corners of the Globe. It was established in 1888 by the United Presbyterian Church (USA) also known as American Mission to educate the "Least of the Least" in Punjab. Talking about the legal structure of the establishment Professor Ahktar said "The Sialkot Mission of the United Presbyterian Church (USA) is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, operating since 1895 owns land commonly known as CTI (Christian Training Institute Bara Pather Sialkot)". He said the Society owns land measuring 2o3 kanals and 13 Marlas bearing Khasras No -158 -159-174-175-176-177 situated in Revenue Estate of Kotli Behram Sialkot. The Society has been managing a Boys High School with 2 Hostels (I.D Shahbaz Hall, Morton Hall) and spacious Play grounds on this property, which is known as the CTI Boys High School. On the part of this property the Society had built houses for the Staff and other Employees of the school. To meet the religious needs of the Resident Staff and their families the Society has also built a Church. The rest of the land was used for growing vegetables for the Hostel students. CTI Estate has been with the Presbyterian Church (USA)(Sialkot Mission of the United Presbyterian Church of USA) since 1888. He mentioned that " In early January 1998' it came to the Sialkot Mission knowledge that one Mohammad Aslam Son of Malik Inayat Ullah resident of House No-31/214 Miana Pura Tehsil Bazar Sialkot, using a forged and fraudulent Power of Attorney issued to him on 17-12-1997 by one Saleem Kamran Alam son of Rev Nazir Alam resident of Rawalpindi registered a Forged Exchange Deed for 27 kanals 14 Marlas of land from the CTI Property bearing Khasra No 175,Khewat No 155 Khatooni No 551 worth crores with water logged and salinity hut land measuring 40 kanals situated at village SundarPure Badar Teh. And Distt. Sialkot owned by Sarfraz Ahmed S/o Imtiaz Ahmed, Nawaz Ahmed S/o Zahur Din and Sharaz Ahmed S/o Ejaz Ahmed Resident of People Colony Anwar Club Sialkot. Soon after, Mohd Aslam son of Ali Bakhsh resident of H/166 Street No-5 Committee Chowk Rawalpindi on the basis of a new false and frivolous Power of Attorney issued in his favour by Saleem Kamran Alam on 22-12-1997 transferred 21 Kanals and 8 Marlas From Khasara No -174 Khewat No119 Khatooni No289 from the CTI land to Malik Aslam son of Malik Inayat Ullah of Sialkot. The land purchased vide Forged Deeds was immediately registered and mutated in their names by the heavily bribed Revenue Officials in spite of being its illegality in the notice and knowledge of Patwari, Tehisdar and Deputy Commissioner Sialkot". "As a result of it during the night of 14 /15 April 1998 Mohd Aslam son of Malik Inayat Ullah occupied about 50 Kanals of the above mentioned CTI Property including play ground with the help of hired armed men and bribed police. He dispossessed our watchman and captured his house, removed and sold the Iron Gate of the school on the Kashmir Road, dismantled the huge pillars of the Gate, demolished and desecrated the graves of the missionaries, uprooted the beautiful hedges on the road, constructed a Mosque on the Church Property against the Quranic Instructions and created a havoc in CTI compound with the threats of the dire consequences which continues even today causing an irreparable loss to the Educational Environment of CTI High School Sialkot". In a question about the concerns of Christian community of Sialkot about the illegal occupation of this social welfare land Professor salamat Ahktar said "The Christian Community is worried why CTI property has not been restored so far. Some prominent Christian Leaders from Sialkot are of the view that the corrupt Sub-Registrars of Rawalpindi and Sialkot, the heavily bribed and influenced Revenue Staff of Sialkot, the non-cooperation of the Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot in spite of the notice and the knowledge of the illegality of the Sale, the lack of drastic, serious and strict action from the high Govt. Officials (The President of Pakistan, The Governor of the Punjab, The Distt. Nazim Sialkot, The Police), on the repeated application of the Mission Authorities, the terrorists activities and intrigues of the illegal occupants on the campus of CTI, the political influence and the involvement of the previous parliamentarians of Sialkot, the Church politics, the disunity among the Christian ranks, the fanning of the Sectarianism by the religious fanatics, the Anti-America wave in Pakistan, the cowardice of the people at the helm of affairs in Pakistan, the lack of interest and intervention of the owners in America and undue prolonged litigation by the illegal occupants are the major causes of the failure of the restoration of illegally occupied CTI property". Putting up a solution to the problem He said, " A good doctor not only diagnoses a disease but suggests a cure also. According to the sages of the Christian Community, the sole solution of this Christian Issue is the immediate removal of the unauthorized occupants and the Restoration of the property illegally occupied. However, if it is not possible at the moment, we suggest the following measures to be taken by the Govt., the owners and the lovers of CTI". Professor Salamat Akhtar said the best solution of this injustice is "Interest and intervention of the owners in America and their dialogue with Islamabad is the best solution of this national issue". Professor salamat said that law exists about the church properties in Pakistan therefore "Implementation on the Ordinance regarding the ban on the sale of Church Property. Directive to the revenue staff Sialkot to act on D.C's orders dated 20-9-2000 about mutation Instructions to the Sialkot Revenue Staff not to transfer the CTI property to any one in any manner what so ever without the permission and knowledge of the owners. The Sub-Registrar of Sialkot be ordered to cancel the false and forged Registries regarding CTI Property Khasaras No-174 and 175. The planning of the Housing Scheme and the sale of the illegally occupied land of CTI by Qabza Group must be stopped with an Iron hand". He demanded the " Registration of Criminals causes against the People involved in the preparation and implementation of the forged sale and fictitious registries of the CTI Property. The Courts should be directed to decide the cases pending in adjunction regarding this property on merits at the earliest". The Government should provide protection to the Contractor and his Lab our in the construction of the Wall on the Military side which is a lifeblood of the CTI Academic and Sports activities. No Christian occupant of a house or school on the CTI Campus should be allowed to sell, mortgage and transferred the CTI Property to any one and in any manner what so ever. Unity among the Christian ranks and the countrywide movement can pave the way for the restoration of this property. Union of the Presbyterian Church can also help solve this tedious and complicated problem. Appeals/Letters from the CTI Alumni residing in Pakistan (directly) Abroad through the Pakistan Embassy/ High Commission to the Central Govt. and the Govt. of Pakistan. Appeals/Letters from the Christian Organizations and Christian News Papers of National and International level to the Central Govt. and the Govt. of the Punjab can also play a vital role in the solution of this life and blood issue of the Christian Community.

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