Reverend Harding's comments on Canadian mosque message "Merry Christmas equal to Murder" By Christian Standard News.


Canada. January 04. Reverend Harding, Minister of Exhortation of The Church of Exhortation Canada commenting on the news item appeared in the Toronto Star when a Canadian Mosque warned Islamic Followers, that wishing someone a Merry Christmas, is li

Now, the mosque director, Abukar Sheikh Hussein told the Star a junior employee without his approval had sent out the e-mail. One of the mosques board members, Said Omar, said, " We didn't give permission to the person who sent the email. Members of the Muslim Canadian Congress, a group formed six months ago to try and promote a liberal and pluralistic Islam in Canada, denounced the message as shameful hate mongering. Still, Muslim members of this mosque are saying that shameful hate mongering is part of their faith and must be accepted according to the Koran. Fellow worshipper Alfaaz Karamat added: " This is no one else's concern. This is our belief and we have the Right to practice in that way." Another founding member, Tarek Fatah, said the e-mailed message contradicted the spirit of pluralism espoused in the Quran. Well, as always, there is a contradiction in what is actually taught in the teachings of the Koran and are interpreted in the minds and hearts of Muslims. I would like to offer this in response to those who lack the evidence. Ibn al-Qayyim in Ahkam Akl al-Dhimma (vol.1,p.205) writes," Giving congratulations on the special events that are specific to the disbelievers, such as congratulating them on their holidays by saying, " Blessed holiday for you' or similar other greetings, is considered forbidden by the agreement of the scholars. In fact, that is one of the greatest sins in Allah's sight. That is a greater sin than congratulating them for drinking wine, having illegal sexual intercourse and so on. Ibn al-Qayyim, has included a beneficial section mentioning the opinions of the scholars concerning this matter (Ahkam Ahl al-Dhimma, vol 2, p. 722.) " In the same way that it is not allowed for them to publicly [celebrate their holidays], it is not allowed for the Muslims to assist them for the holidays or to help them or to attend [their ceremonies] with them according to the agreement of the people of knowledge. In fact, the jurists who follow the four legal schools have made this clear in their books. Abu al-Qasim al-Tabari wrote, 'it is not allowed for Muslims to attend their [the disbelievers] holidays and festivals because they are a type of evil and falsehood. If the people of good mix with the people of evil without putting an end to what they are doing then they become like those who are pleased and influenced by the evil. Clearly the Islamic teachings are this, that all Christians who celebrate Christmas as the birth of the Christ Child are evil. Whilst it may be true that permission was not granted to send this email out, it certainly dose little to reflect the truth of the subject matter. And yet oddly enough we have a few Muslims who deny their very own teachings. We hope and pray as the believers in the only true God, the God of the Jews, that these Muslim moderates from the Members of the Muslim Canadian Congress, who have called these Islamic teachings as "shameful hate-mongering" can change not only the teachings, but as well the hatred that is found in the hearts of those who would write such things and the hearts of those who agree with them as well. Incidentally, this information was found in a high school with other pamphlets about Islam.

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