Christian Liberation Front (CLF) claims confidence in Shahbaz Bhatti leadership. Mushtaq Victor, Simon Jacob and others were expelled from CLF.


Lahore January 2, 2003. (PR) There was strong reaction of the CLF workers and leaders on the disinformation that Shahbaz Bhatti was no more Chairman of CLF. This was created by the defection on Christian member of national assembly of Pakistan on Dec

In said press conference Simon Jacob claimed to be new chief of CLF and announced the expulsion of Shahbaz Bhatti from chairmanship of CLF. Today at Lahore, The CEC of CLF met to clarify the situation and issued this press note that: " The Central Executive Committee of Christian Liberation Front Pakistan (CLF) strongly condemned malicious, baseless and false propaganda of Mr. Mushtaq Victor and his colleagues in which they claimed that they have changed Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti from the leadership of Christian Liberation Front". The Central Committee members said that" this is the false propaganda and malicious media campaign launched by the government security agencies and Pro Taliban government administration, So for their devilish designs they have hired Mr. Mushtaq Victor and Simon Gill". Its interesting to note that CLF have been frequently meeting with General Pervaiz Mushraf, during his military rule in Pakistan and claiming him to be champion of Christian rights on the constitutional amendment package imposed by the Mushraf regime to revive the Joint Electorate for minorities in Pakistan instead of Separate elections. The CLF leadership in general and Shahbaz Bhatti have been declaring the General Mushraf to be hero against his fight against terrorism and participation with allied forces on frontline to topple Taliban Government to end terrorism in Afghanistan. Its also on record that Shahbaz Bhatti met General Mushraf only week before formation of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA in Islamabad which created impression that APMA formation only weeks before national general elections of October 2002 were on directions of military rulers. The Central Executive Committee remarks to declare the Mushraf- Jamali government "Pro Taliban" in Pakistan seemed very interesting and mysterious at this stage. Further more Mr. Ashar Choudry, The media coordinator of Christian Liberation Front, The name appeared for first time in CLF press release as no one knows in public the names of any other leader than Shahbaz Bhatti who marks the headlines of CLF only from the time of formation of CLF, have issued this statement with other Central Executive Committee names as Mr. Pervez Rafiq (MPA, coordinator), Mr. Khalid Gill (Chief organizer), Mr. Shamon Alfred (Finance secretary), Mr. Akmal Waheed (Secretary general), Mr. Asher Chaudhry (media coordinator), Mr. Naveed Amir (MPA, coordination secretary), Mr. Azhra Shuja advocate (in charge legal aid cell), Mrs. Najmi Saleem (MPA, in charge women wing), Mr. Robin Barkat (public relation officer) to add more names and their presence in CLF. Instead of Shahbaz Bhatti. In the press release it was confirmed that" in 1995 Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti was elected life President of CLF in a countrywide convention of CLF members. He is a founder and leader of CLF and no one can remove or change him from his office". Which clarifies the democratic process negation in any political Christian organization in Pakistan to represent the masses. The CLF sources said that " Mr. Mushtaq Victor was elected as a member of National Assembly with the support of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) & Christian Liberation Front (CLF) through proportional representation on PPPP ticket in a joint electorate system" On Mr. Mushtaq Victor nomination," he gave oath of loyalty and sincerity to APMA & CLF and for the struggle of minority's rights on the Holy Bible in a Church in the presence of Bishops, Pastors, Executive Members of CLF and Executive Council of APMA. He pledged that he would never ever betray the mission of CLF & APMA. He even signed legal stamp papers of his loyalty" The Central Committee said that the government wants to use him and his colleagues against CLF and Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti to place hurdles in our struggle against the discrimination, oppression and persecution of Christians in an Islamic country. The press release added, "Mr. Mushtaq Victor betrayed us and insulted his oath taken on Holy Bible". " We already held meeting of Executive Board of CLF and Executive Council of APMA on December 12, 2002, and unanimously expelled him from APMA and CLF. He was only a simple member not a Board member of CLF". " We all Board members of CLF and APMA held a press conference on 13th December 2002, at Islamabad in which we disclosed government conspiracy against CLF and APMA. We also announced the expulsion of Mr. Mushtaq Victor from CLF and APMA. The newspapers of Pakistan covered this conference widely. All prominent Christian Church leaders, elected Parliamentarians and members of CLF and APMA condemned this propaganda and betrayal of Mr. Victor and announced his social boycott. Mr. Simon Jacob and Robin Daniel were already expelled from CLF and their membership of CLF was canceled in November 1998".

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