Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Muslim Mullana did not stated truth on Christmas programme of Geo TV. Bishop T. Nasir.


Gujranwala. December 25. Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir, Presbyterian Bishop of Pakistan, of The United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, in a statement have strongly condemned the remarks of Muslim cleric invited by the TV producers on

The counter part from Christians to present Christians point of view in this programme Rt. Rev. Sadiq Daniel, a Bishop of Church of Pakistan, hesitated to check upon the remarks of Muslim religious leader, on the birth of Christ and Christian teaching which brought the 15 million christen viewers of this programme, on the Christmas night to verge of anger. Its first time in Pakistan that on TV programme any Muslim religious leader was brought to comment on Christ and to express Islamic view point on Christmas. The government of Pakistan owned electronic media allocates 30 minutes time only to Christians on eve of Easter and Christmas, to present the Christian programmes to sing hymens and a sermon by any Christian religious leader but it was very surprising on this Christmas that Muslim religious leader was invited. Bishop T Nasir said that "I watched the "Christmas" topic on your programme (Geo TV). I was astonished that Bishop Sadiq Daniel and Mullana Sahib did not state the truth". He said that " The truth is that Lord Jesus Christ was born (date has no significance) 2000 years ago. He was arrested by the Jewish Clergy, Tried and was crucified. He died on Cross for the sins of all mankind, He was buried and rose from the dead on third day. The Quranic reference given by Mullana Sahib is not our faith". Its openly preached in Mosques every Friday by the Muslim religious leaders that Christ was only prophet and those who accept him as " son of God" are Kafirs and liable to death according to Islamic teachings by the hands of Muslims. All such daily remarks on TV and other Media of Pakistan against Christian teachings, the Christians were provided with the chance for 30 minutes twice a year to reveal truth which was barred by the presence of Muslim religious leader this time. Bishop Sadiq Daniel avoided the remarks of Muslim leaders and hesitated to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ accordingly. Bishop T Nasir Said that " I am sorry that during a programme that was with reference of Christmas, Mullana Sahib was invited to give his point of view where as during Eid and Ramazan programmes no Christian was given a chance to express his views on Islamic festivals" Its very important that Christen religious and political leaders are never given any participation in any programme of TV during the year ling programmes. The government of Pakistan under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting controls the electronic media in Pakistan. There are not any independent channels to cover other religious communities on any event of the year. The anger raged among Christians of Pakistan and PCP received many calls from Christians in Pakistan to condemn the government of Pakistan and their concern about the silence of Bishop Sadiq Daniel during this programme and demanded his removal from his office of Bishop of Church of Pakistan. Bishop Sadiq Daniel took the office of Bishop or archdiocese of Karachi of Church of Pakistan after the out going Bishop E Rudvin in a very controversial manner. The contesting Reverenced for this vacant bishop seat for more than 6 years, have already challenged the Bishop ship of Sadiq Daniel in the Sindh High Courts. Its general opinion of the Christians that Sadiq Daniel captured this office by his Tactics only and he is not known as an intellectual or learned person in the theology of Christ. Bishop Nasir said that "I am also shocked that the Bishop (Sadiq Daniel) did not check Mullana Sahib for imposing the views of Islam on Christian faith. Please note, we do not believe in "Essa" that is depicted by Islamic ideology we have our faith in Lord Jesus Christ who is and never was a "Prophet" but "Son of God" and "The Only Savior" of the mankind". The Presbyterian Bishop added that he is writing to government of Pakistan to inform that "it is therefore requested that please restrain from telecasting such misleading programmes. I am taking up the matter with the "Church of Pakistan" to remove Bishop Sadiq Daniel from the office of Bishop and put better learned person"

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