Tammy Gaskins vision to be a Missionary to Pakistan. PCP Report.


Its need of time that laymen missionary may take over the evangelical work in Islamic Republic of Pakistan than the professional missionaries who prefer to establish contacts with the existing clergy instead of direct approach to the persecuted souls

The poor Christians of Pakistan can never forget the golden era of Christianity led by the Belgian, Dutch and German missionaries in united Punjab of sub continent of India. The millions accepted Christianity from different tribes, races and religions on commitment and dedication to the word of Lord of those western missionaries. The churches were erected, schools, colleges and hospitals were built up by those true servants of Lord Jesus Christ who collected donations from western communities and traveled in far-flung areas to utilize such funds for betterment of converted souls. In 1980 when local clergy took over the control of churches and other mission owned institutions in Pakistan, the corruption and vested interests penetrated in the churches in Pakistan. Dr. Adil Ghouri, a prominent poet from Sialkot in his poem on Clergy have said that " If I need a car and Bungalow, I must make my son the father in the church" Dr. Ghouri have expressed truth by notion of the thoughts of a poor Christian father who dreams to be rich and wish to enter in feudal class of Pakistan. Sure the clergy is no more a service but turned to be a business concern by such opportunist parents. The situation is changed in religion, social and political fields on all levels in Pakistan. The hate among different religious communities is at its peak in Pakistan. The persecution of poor Christians by the hands of majority community of Muslims and by the legislation of the government is more than ever now in the history of Pakistan. At this difficult time the congregations require more confirm belief in Lord Jesus when the clergy is busy in looting and occupying the church properties with little consideration on evangelical works in Pakistan. We met one lady named Tammy Gaskins with a vision to start and join missionary work in Pakistan. We are putting forwarded the vision and testimony of this dedicated woman in her own words for our readers in hope that many more laymen around worlds shall follow the same vision to establish the laymen missionary mission in Pakistan to overcome the current detroit religion situation of Pakistani Christians to revive that same" Golden Era" of Church in Pakistan like western missionaries of 1947 to 1980. Here is vision message of Tammy Gaskin. "I am Tammy. Please allow me a moment to truly introduce sons and myself. I am, by the Grace of God, coming Pakistan to live for a while. My great goal while there was to continue to grow in the Word of God and to be a Missionary of God's Holy Word, to be of aide to other Christians and the Church while in Pakistan." "I was born in Georgia, raised mostly in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. I am 37 years old. God has blessed me in my life on so many levels. I have two sons, Billy Lee who is 11yrs old and Levi who is 9 yrs. Old, I work ever hard at being a good Mother. I adore my sons, a true and great blessing from God. They tend to be the caring but adventurous type. They are both excited about coming there and working and helping others. Both are big into everything other boys are, sports, school (they do well) friends, church and family. I work in many fields over the years, Genealogy (family histories) I was and am the Founder and Historian of an Ancestral Society. I am a part time Web Designer and have worked in many fields over the years from Personal Asst. to Professionals, Sales, Personal Nursing and Caregiver." "I attend church at a United Methodist Church in USA. I now am living with a Christian Elderly couple that has been friends of the family for years. They needed help and the boys and I needed them as they are so sweet, loving and yes they support our coming to Pakistan as well as other family and friends." "All my life, as others I have questioned everything. Many of us spend most, if not all our lives wondering why things happen to them and question God, as I did for many years. As my life has been filled with more pain than joy. But, I no longer question our Lord." "One day not long ago, after a simple bed time prayer and a really bad day, I found myself asking God again...Why me God, why did this happen, why that happen, why me Lord? And am not sure if I just got tired of not being answered or was to tired that night to continue to ask, but I recall saying to the Lord. " You know what Lord, I love you, I am sure you have your reasons and that will be enough for me now." "The next day I woke up, and before my feet hit the floor I knew, why me, why this, why that. The full understanding of what my life and trials and tribulations were about, what the (some) lessons I was to learn were as clear in my mind and heart as the Sun was bright in the sky that morning." "That's the day I knew my life had a reason behind it and any pain I suffered, that God was truly in total control and when I gave him the control he was seeking from me, he would then give me the answers I was longed for. That's' the day I knew God was real, powerful, yet just as loving as a Fathers gentle touch on a Childs cheek." "I never question the Lord anymore, no matter what, even if I do not understand, I know he has everything under control and will supply my needs, whatever they may be." "I pray that I will have the funding and will be in Pakistan by the middle of February, 2003. I am so excited about getting started working with the Church and my fellow Christians there. I do not worry, because I know God will provide and put me where I need to be. And I pray to see you all soon". Your Sister in Jesus Christ our Savior, Tammy Gaskins

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