The World Bank has officially evinced interest in J.Salik's suggestion of launching international lottery scheme to raise funds for IMF debt relief of poor countries including Pakistan.


Islamabad 12th July 2001. The ex. Federal Minister, a leader, won elections of metropolitan and National Assembly of Pakistan, snatching christian vote bank on very simple and attractive religious slogan of allocation of time for christian prayers an

In a letter addressed to the convener of World Minorities Alliance and former Federal Minister J.Salik, the World Bank said "Your suggestion about rising money to launch a Fund to retire external debts of the poorest countries (Including Pakistan) is interesting, and we are grateful for your concern with this important subject." In June last J.Salik had suggested to the World Bank to launch a lottery scheme like many Western and Eastern countries and welfare agencies in the larger interest of the poor and the debt ridden countries of the world. He had proposed that the Bank might put on sale vouchers of small denomination, say dollar one. The people throughout the world might invest a dollar a day in the Bank's benevolent scheme. Every week a part of the proceeds might be divided among lottery winners and the rest be utilized for debt retirement of poor countries. Pakistan might be among top beneficiaries. In response to the J.Salik's suggestion the manager of Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative Unit Washington Mr. Alex Van Trotsenburg in the letter said "We are making great progress in our efforts to eliminate unsustainable debts in HIPC Initiative Unit including to date in identifying the necessary resources from the official creditors. Mr. Trotsenburg also explained in detail the working of his unit at the World Bank. The World Bank President, Mr. Wolfensohn had forwarded J.Salik's suggestion to the HIPC initiative unit manager. Earlier in February last the convenor of the World Minorities Alliance had announced a year long campaign for retirement of foreign debt of Pakistan. J.Salik had vowed to take a bowl of poison on February 26 next like Socrates in front of the headquarters of World Bank in Washington in case of the failure.'

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