One Pakistani Christian killed other seriously injured by Muslim mob attack on Essa Nagri


Karachi: August 29, 2012. (PCP) The Essa Nagri, a Christian colony in Karachi East, came under Muslim mob attack and one Christian Faisal Mughal died in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital after receiving bullet injuries.

The Christian came out to lodge protest on which Karachi police opened fire injuring Pastor Cornelius who is in hospital in critical conditions. It is learnt the police bullet hit the spinal cord of Pastor Cornelius who was crossing road to enter in Essa Nagri. The road leading to Liaquatabad from Hassan Square remain closed for two hours when Essa Nagri youth came out to protest on firing by Muslim mob. The police instead of arresting Muslim mob fired tear gas shells and live round which hit Pastor Cornelius and injuring many other Christian protestors. The police arrested more than dozen Christians on protest against Muslim mob attack. The situation in Essa Nagri was tense from weeks when ethnic Pushtun were entering and collecting “Batta” illegal tax from Christian shopkeepers. Pushtu speaking armed intruders used to fire on homes of Christian to threaten them on late payments of illegal tax which was duly reported in PIB Colony Police Station but no action was taken against Muslim militants. Witness this episode of terror and justice in Essa Nagri “Mr. Liaquat Munawar Masih and Raja Yousaf Bhatti both Pakistani Christian leaders, enter in PIB Colony Police Station Karachi to seek release of two Christian activists who were surprisingly detained when they brought two Muslim militants for arrest on intruding in Christian colony Essa Nagri at midnight on intentions of robbery. The Essa Nagri Christian youth have decided to take security of their area in their own hands after continuous robberies, firing and drug pushing by Muslim anti-social elements in collaboration with PIB Police Station officials but PIB Police detains Mr. Liaquat Munawar Masih and Mr. Raja Yousaf Bhatti also: Is it not surprising justice with Liaquat Munawar and Raja Yousaf Bhatti? Compare it with Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan in “Rinkle Kumari and others case of enforced conversion of Hindu girls to Islam” in which Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhry ignores cries of Hindu girls in open court to unite with their parents but orders to send them in shelters. For two weeks of Hindu girls in shelter, parents were not allowed to visit them but Muslim husbands backed by one powerful Sindhi parliamentarian who enforcedly converted them to Islam after kidnapping were freely meeting them. They were threatening girls that if they voiced to go back to their Hindu families, they and their families shall be killed as blasphemer or apostate. What pity on Pakistani justice system? The honorable Chief Justice and other Justices on Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan, not even bothered to record statement of Hindu girls in open court room in this hearing and orders to record statement with SCP Registrar in police custody. What can be statement of Hindu girls in police custody? Muslim police, Muslim Registrar of SCP, Muslim husbands, Muslim Justices and Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Migrate to India as Hindus have no justice even in apex court of Pakistan. Let’s concentrate on justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan with PIB Police Station in Karachi; The Pushtun (The ethnic community speaking Pushtu language living in KPK province of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan) community leaders started gathering in PIB Colony Police Station early in morning to seek release of Muslim Pushtun armed robbers whom Essa Nagri Christian Youth security have nabbed at night. Suddenly, PIB Colony police officers orders release of Pushtun armed robbers and puts two Christians of Essa Nagri in lock up on charges of maltreating respectable Muslims. When Christian leaders Liaquat Munawar and Raja Yousaf Bhatti reached police station, police have given judgment that Christian shall pay Pakistani Rupees 1, 00,000 to Muslim intruders of Essa Nagri to get freedom” What a justice? Liaquat Munawar Masih and Raja Yousaf Bhatti, Christian leaders and residents of Essa Nagri paid amount of 1,00,000 Pakistani Rupees to sleep peacefully in their homes; Illegal tax imposed by Muslim militant with collaboration PIB colony Police officials. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has strongly condemned Muslim militants attack on Essa Nagri and killing of Faisal Moughal. Nazir Bhatti also condemned police firing on peaceful Christian protestors who were inviting attention of Karachi administration against terror of Muslim militants in Essa Nagri and demanding safety and security of life and property. Nazir Bhatti urged Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Governor of Sindh province Dr. Ishrat alabad to order arrest of killers of Faisal Mughal and action against police on opening fire on peaceful Christian protestors.

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