Thousands of Pakistani Christians under Slavery of Islamic Brick Kiln industry


Lahore, Punjab: June 15, 2012. (PCP) There is Islamic Banking in Pakistan to deny curse of Interest. There is Islamic Sharia to suppress and victimize non-Muslims. There is constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to declare non-Muslims second cl

There is Islamic culture in Pakistan to declare non-Muslims to be infidels and scratch their equal rights in society. There is controversial blasphemy law to punish non-Muslims in Pakistan. There is Islamic law in Pakistan to force Christians to wear yellow dress in city of Lahore. There is Islamic law in Pakistan that “Do not eat with infidel Christians and Hindus but if you kidnap and take any non-Muslim woman in Islamic marriage, you earned Islamic Heaven”. Let us observe one more tragic issue: Slavery of Christians in Islamic Brick Kiln Industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Christian Post is breaking a news story of one Christian slave family in Punjab province of Pakistan. Who so ever will read it will be surprised to know that how horrible life are practicing Christians in Pakistan? There are Thousands of Christian Brick Kiln workers in Pakistan who are like slaves in 21st century but not government of Pakistan and International community is paying attention to it. Here is only story from thousands of Christian slaves in Islamic Brick Kiln in Pakistan:. Farzana Bibi a Christian woman, from Ballo Key, Lahore is a widow who lost her kidney, her husband and money to the owner of the brick kiln where she and her husband worked. Left with her sickness and responsibility to feed her five children, she is living in a state of fear and misery. Two years ago, Farzana Bibi and her husband Rehmat Masih were working at a brick company. Rehmat was suffering from TB and owed one Lakh and ten thousand rupees to the brick owner. Due to his sickness he was unable to work effectively. One day his owner beat him up badly for working slowly. To escape the torture, he ran away from the brick kiln. So the owner took Farzana and her children into his custody. He then sent his agent to insist her that if she wanted to be released she must sell her kidney and return his money. To be released from this oppression, she didn’t have any other option but to sell her kidney. Against the wishes of her husband, she sold her kidney for one lakh and fifty thousand rupees. But soon her hopes were dismayed when she came to know that agent ran away with all her money. Her husband died from an heart attack when he came to know about it. When Farzana explained everything to the owner, he didn’t believe her and kept demanding his money. The owner had planned the whole game so that she would continue to work as a slave in his company. Farzana then borrowed money from another brick to pay off her debts and to be free. Now she is working in another company along with her children. She and her children have to make bricks all day long in intense heat (see the above pictures) to make just enough money to buy food and her medicines. Farzana is in a poor health condition; it is difficult for her to do such hard work with her illness and she is still under the debt as before. United Christian Federation was contacted by Pastor Rafique Bhatti (Chairman of Stephan Shaheed Foundation) to help Farzana Bibi. UCF is planning to make a convenient store for her and to provide her with a sewing machine so that she can live and provide for her children. She is the only support for her children. Please consider! If they lose their mother what would become of them? Please help us to provide for their needs. We are looking forward to all of you for your participation in helping this poor and needy family.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,