Christian-Muslim leaders promoting national solidarity in Pakistan


Sargodha: May 27, 2012. (PCP) “We need the social harmony in the country more than before”. These were the words of Syed Qurban Shah Guest of honour from Sargodha

during the thought provoking gathering conducted under the banner of National Council for inter-faith Dialogue (NCIFD) held on May 23, 2012. He said that the seminars should go beyond just speeches. He told the 58 participants of the conference that he invites the other sects and the Christian as well and in is mosque he has dedicated a special place for Christians to pray whenever they wish to do so. He lamented that in such programs all the religious leaders claim to be the heralds of peace but as soon they go to their respective places their words are different and are not helpful for peace and solidarity. He urged the leaders and the participants,” As you have shown your concern to come together to talk about the national solidarity, you need not be serious to be the promoter of this cause.” He ended by saying that the heart and tongue should go together. After the recitation of the Holy Bible and the Holy Quran, Mr. Busharat Masih told an event in Mianwali that their group had organized providing water on the 10th Muharam when the Shaia community remembrances the Karbala massacre. He said that the Shia community was very happy for the concern of the Christians. As a consequence, he continued the civil society of Mianalwali conducted sasta (cheap) bazaar for the Christians on the New Year day. They wished to the Christians and the whole atmosphere of the city was fraternal and it had positive effects on the minds and hearts of all communities. He ended by saying that the religious leaders can bring revolution if they opt to promote peace and harmony through their preaching. Fr. Sohail Patrick; the parish priest of Mariakhel said that the religion is an experience of the love of the creator. The experience of God is a very personal thing and each human being has to promote this peace through word and especially actions. He said that God is love and this love has not reached to all the people on this planet. Fr. Samson Dilawar; the chief guest and parish priest of Samanabad Lahore said that once fire broke out and people all around were trying to stop the fire for further destruction. One sparrow was bringing water in her beak and throwing on fire. She was asked what benefit her small quality of water would do. She said when history will be written then her name will be remembered among the ones who tried to quench fire. He said that each person has to work to promote peace and national solidarity in Pakistan. Fr. Inayat Bernard; the director of NCIFD and parish priest of Anarakali, Lahore said in his introduction and inaugural speech that the council tries to conduct seminars. Conferences, press conferences, workshops for women, youth, workers and celebrate national and international days among all the religions. He continued that the council always tries to highlight and bring the soft image of Pakistan in and around the world. He urged that all means of print and electronic media should be used to promote understanding and tolerance among religions. He suggested some practical points to teach the kids at the school level to live and let live. He prayed that all participants of both the religions may become heralds of Solidarity and ambassadors of peace. Fr. Francis Nadeem; National Coordinator and parish priest of St. Joseph Church, Lahore Cantt, said in his presidential speech, “We like to make our country a peaceful place to live”. He said that the harmony has to be created in our preaching and action in life. He said we need to come close to each other by attending such programs where our vision is broadened. The dialogue, he continued, promotes closeness and lessens distances. He stressed to put all these values into practice which will definitely bring fruit and we can live in a peaceful society. At the end before cutting his 63rd birthday cake , the host Fr. Mukhatar Alam red out his poem about tolerance and asked the participants to work for human rights and struggle together to be recognized in the country as the Christian community. He said that the blood of an animal was put in the foundation of the building but in the human family the generosity is to be cherished and love of human beings is to be promoted.

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