Armed Muslim attack Pastor House of Grace Ministry in Pakistan


Faisalabad: February 22, 2012. (PCP) The dozens of Muslim attackers wounded Sajid Masih in lethal arms firing and threw away Boota Masih from twenty feet high roof of Grace Ministry Pastor and Guest House

after beating with rifle butts in an attempt to take possession of the Church property. The Grace Ministry was founded in April 1987, by Rev. Altaf Khan and Mrs. Kim Mi Kyeong Khan in Faisalabad; Rev. Rehmat F. Chand, father of Rev. Khan also served Church from 1942 to 1998, which provided breeding ground to grow steadily to Grace Ministry in Pakistan. Rev. Khan told media after attack on his ministry “Since last two months I and my family members were receiving life threatening calls from the extremists and unknown terrorist who wanted us to stop our evangelistic activities. Some local Christians and Muslims who were jealous of our growing ministry were also lending these terrorists groups financial support. According to information’s, on February 18, 2012, around 5:00 p.m. around 15 to 20 armed men forcefully broke in and took over control of Grace ministry house, just in front of residence of Rev. Altaf Khan. There were orphan children in guest house who were taken care by grace ministry. The security guards of Church of Grace Ministry were attacked and assaulted by attackers. The Evangelist Rev. Khan was present at his residence with wife and son Aman Khan who is attorney by profession and he called Rescue Police who arrived within 15 minutes and temporarily brought the situation under control. However, the police did not arrested armed men but let them walk free. The same day after few hours around mid-night (12:45 ~ 01:25 a.m.) on February 19, 2012, those armed gangsters along with some local residents came with the firearms and hurled bricks and stones at Rev. Khan’s house. The mob accused Rev. Khan of converting people to Islam and threatens to burn his house and to kill his family. The neighbor of Rev. Khan who was the only Muslim family in street was the informants and main witnesses that guest house of Grace Ministry was being used for the evangelism and gospel activities. Instead of taking action against Muslim attackers, the police arrested driver/helper Mr. Pervaiz Masih, Mr. Nazish Nadeem and Church security guards Mr. Rafiq Masih and Mr. Shahzad. Mr. Sajid and Mr. Boota were immediately rushed to the emergency hospital in the ambulance where doctors operated for more than four hours to take out the bullet from Mr. Sajid's ribs. Still, Mr. Sajid is in critical condition and doctors have told that his arm may have to be amputated in order to save his life. The x-ray reports have shown that the bullet is stuck in one of his ribs. The police have lodged report against Rev. Khan and more than 20 believers of Grace Ministry while attackers are not arrested.

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