Radical groups in Pakistan file a petition in the apex court to revoke Holy Bible in Pakistan. By: Jawad Mazhar


Islamabad: June 3, 2011. (PCP) A group of fanatic Muslim clerics in Pakistan filed a petition to clamp ban on the Holy Bible

as it contains passages and miracles of Lord Jesus Christ which he performed during the three (03) of preaching period upon the face of earth. But these passages and miracles were seen as humiliation of the Islamic Prophet by radical Muslim elements. PCP learnt through very reliable sources. Sources alleged in case court failed to do so, they added, their lawyers’ team would table an application for the Bible to be officially banned in Pakistan. The movement was intrigued and stirred up by the clerics at a Lahore mosque and it was reported Tuesday in the Karachi daily “The News” and the Urdu-language “Roznama Islam”, is the latest attempt by radicals to use the country’s blasphemy laws to shield Islam from perceived insults. The heinous campaign was formed and initiated by a Muslim cleric identified a Mollana (Islamic scholar) Farooqi, who is leader of the Islamist organization JUI-S, (Jamiat-Ulema-e-Islam, Sami-ul-Haq group). He said the “insertions” in the Bible were offensive to Muslims, who hold all prophets in high esteem. Reports on Farooqi’s statements did not include references to the supposedly blasphemous passages. So sensitive is the subject in Pakistan that people are typically accused of blasphemy without the actual offending words being repeated, lest the accuser, court official or anyone else be accused themselves of blaspheming. Muslim teaching holds that Mohammed did not establish a new religion in the 7th century, but was the last in a long line of prophets of Islam stretching back to Adam, and including Moses and Jesus. Among the biblical figures viewed by Muslims as Islamic prophets are some whom the Bible clearly describes as behaving immorally, such as David, who coveted a man’s wife and so sent him to face certain death on the battle frontlines; and Solomon, who later in life sought out pagan women and their gods. On the other hand, Biblical assertions that Jesus is God, that he died and rose from the dead, and that salvation comes through his name only, are all in conflict with Islamic teachings. It’s sad as Pakistani Christians were already facing the draconian Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan and all the time they live under the sword of death but they would have to face this additional pressure by Muslims in Pakistan. Farooqi was quoted as saying he was confident Blasphemy could be proven in court. If they failed to do so, he said, he and his colleagues would accept whatever punishment the court would choose to impose. “But do we know what the Bible says about Old Testament prophets? What if the stories of the Bible are taken to court and found blasphemous? Will we then have to burn the Bible and kill all the Christians who read it?” Farooqi’s JUI-S party, a split from another religious party named JUI, is closely associated with Jihad organizations including the Taliban. Its founder, Sami-ul-Haq, heads a madrassa (Islamic seminary) that was attended by key Taliban figures, including Mullah Omar head of Taliban/ Mujahedeen.

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