Pakistani Christian vow to foil conspiracy against Church and clergy. Anwar Lal Dean


Karachi: June 30, 2010. Pakistan Peoples Party PPP Minority Wing leaders vowed to foil conspiracy against Churches and clergy in Pakistan in a press conference at Karachi Press Club on June 23,

to counter alleged propaganda to draw lines among Christian and Pakistan Peoples Party. Anwar Lal Dean, President of Karachi PPP Minority Wing President and Special Assistant to Chief Minister of Sindh on Minority Affairs assured that Pakistan Peoples Party PPP have solid commitment to protect rights of religious minorities in Pakistan and attempt by some elements shall not be successful to sour relations. He was joined in press conference by Anthony Naveed, ex-Naib Nazim of UC-I, Jamsheed Town and Mr. James Sardar, ex-Councilor who said that All Pakistan Minority Alliance which is an ally of Pakistan Peoples Party and sharing power in Federal and Provincial government is instigation its PPP nominated legislatures to open front against Evacuee Property Chairman Mr. Hashmi and attempting to implicate Christian clergy in dispute among All Pakistan Minority Alliance Chairman Shahbaz Bhatti, Federal Minister for Minorities and Evacuee Property Chairman. It is published fact that Chairman Evacuee Property alleged Shahbaz Bhatti leader of All Pakistan Minority Alliance and Federal Minister for Minorities demanding one land Cruiser and guest House to prove one summary. The Evacuee Properties are abandoned state, Hindu Temples and some Church properties supervised by Evacuee Property Trust which comes under governance of Federal Minority Ministry. The Public accounts Committee of National Assembly cleared Evacuee Property Chairman in their hearings and confirmed that there’s no wrong doing in matters of Evacuee Trust but investigations are under way against Shahbaz Bhatti and one under Secretary of Federal Minority Ministry that why they passed baseless information to India on which there was uproar in Indian Lok-Saba and image of Pakistan was damaged. Mr. Anwar Lal Dean clarified that Church of Pakistan is a unification of 04 Churches in Pakistan; which is the Anglican Communion, Church of the world Methodist Council, Scottish Presbyterians (Church of Scotland) and Lutheran Church. This unification was formed in 1970’s. Before the Partition of the Indo-Pak their were only one Diocese working in Present Pakistan which is known as Lahore Diocese, and after the partition when the foreigner missionaries were fleeing from Indo-Pak they have transferred the right of properties of CMS Church and Anglican church to the Lahore Diocesan Trust Association ( LTDA) in 1956-57 whereas Scotch church and Methodist church has formed their board to take care of their properties in Pakistan. When in 1970s the unification were made by the various churches of Pakistan all the properties of the Methodist, Anglicans , Scottish Presbyterian, Lutherans were transferred to the Church of Pakistan (COP). This unification has strengthen and empowered the Churches in Pakistan, and the Central System developed many more parishes and Dioceses in various parts of Pakistan. Currently there are 8 independent Dioceses working in Pakistan under the umbrella of Synod Church of Pakistan. These Dioceses are Lahore, Raiwind, Sialkot, Faisalabad , Multan, Karachi, Hyderabad & Peshawar and there are many developing and developed projects are running actively in Pakistan under the independent management of individual dioceses. The Christian leaders said that there are certain elements which are working against the unification of the Churches in Pakistan, and still trying to dissolute the Dioceses and churches because this union of Churches are detrimental their agents and vested –interest, as various groups are trying to sold-out the valuable properties in different parts of Pakistan. Even some years back one of the Group led by Mr. Saleem Khokhar ( MPA Sindh) along with Samuel Xavier and few others evil minded people has formed the CMTA (Church Missionary Trust Association) which were the subsidiary of the CMS ( Christian Missionary Society), moreover they have sold-out various plots of the Church of Pakistan Even CMS ground was one of the example, these un-wanted elements of the Church, by using fake Bishop name Markas Saleem Raza went into the sale execution of the CMS ground, but by the great efforts of the Bishop of Karachi Rt. Rev. Sadiq Daniel the property is save. Later on they have tried to sale different plots in Karachi, property of Church of Pakistan. Recently when Bishop of Karachi Rt. Rev. Sadiq Daniel, publicly announces through the print media Dt:22nd June,2010 that the St. Andrew Church is the Property of the Karachi Diocese and no body can sell it or handover to any builder or what so ever. On the Same day one of the Agent of the Mafia which is after the properties of the Churches conducted the Press conference against the Leadership of the Church of Pakistan, and endeavor to misled the innocent Christians and Government. He claims that the status of the Church has been changed into the commercial, which is absolutely incorrect. Mr. Saleem Kokhar is only tiring to desolate the Church of Pakistan, so he may control the various properties of the church of Pakistan by using his legislative power. Christian leaders Mr. Anwar Lal Dean, Anthony Naveed and James Sardar further stated that Saleem who is the worker of All Pakistan Minority Alliance which is a Allies of Pakistan People Party on Government, is involved in the conspiracy against the Church of Pakistan and Its Leadership. As Pakistan People Party is always in the Favor of Religious freedom of all sects /beliefs, but the allies MPA is trying to damaged the relationship of Pakistan People Party and Christians of Pakistan. Pakistan People Party always supports the Christian, of Pakistan and the role of Bhutto in 1973 Constitution is the prime example of the ideology of PPP.

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