J Salik, like usual ,again rescued by Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman to end Peace in cage drama.


J. Salik was self-confined in cage for more than seven months at his Islamabad residence terming his recent play by the name of " Peace in cage ". This peace in cage move remain operative when world was fighting against terrorism in Afghanistan.

The government of Pakistan was leading the international community to revive the image of Pakistan as peace loving nation with commitment to justice and peace values rejecting the views to express Islam being message of hate and threat to peace. The peace in cage during these crucial period claimed to voice for the international minorities but condemned the attacks on Bahawalpur church and Islamabad church by the Muslim extremist militant groups killing innocent Christian worshipers at very low cord creating suspicions among Christian community the objectives of this peace in cage. The voice in favor of Palestine was so forcefully from the confined J Salik to express his support for Palestinian Muslim minority followed by the incidents of Gujarat Indian Muslim minority, leaving 15 millions Pakistani Christian minority stunned on his expression on attacks on Christians and their worship places in Pakistan. There was also mysterious silence by J Salik to condemn the terrorism when majority of Pakistan population was supporting the government actions against the terrorism. The most important question under discussion is the representation of J Salik? Do he represent the Christian minority of Pakistan? If he is Christian representative then why he is always silent on Christian minority issues of Pakistan? What game he is playing on the shoulders of poor Christian minority of Pakistan? The answer to all these questions requires the complete study on his role in entrance in the Christian leadership. It's the most important question that is he the Christian leader as he claims to be? It's on record that his role as Christian councilor of Lahore metropolitan was fully supported by the Muslim leadership of Jamiat Ulema Pakistan of Lahore. He was unsuccessful businessman in soap products inherited by his father at very low levels comparing to the market, which compelled him to earn fortune in Christian leadership. The experienced religious Muslim leadership suggested him to ignite the religious feeling to win sympathies of Christians by wearing the TATT dress as they had set forth the Taliban fleet to Afghanistan to take powers with holy Quran in one hand and gun in other. The plays of long marches, living in tents, claiming to be penniless and dress of Tatt was all the acts designed by his Muslim religious leaders to misled the Christian voters. The Christian community of Pakistan was firstly astonished by his statement in parliament that he is wearing this Tatt dress as protest against the genocide of Muslim minority in India. His acceptance of ministry of population instead of minority ministry was the second blow to their faith in his leadership as one of the Christian among them. Their feeling of stranger toward his leadership was very clear in verdict of the out going national assembly elections when they rejected him very clearly comparing to the margins and percentage he secured as returned candidate in previous elections. The Christians do not believe in him any more on his claims that he is penniless when they observe his standard of living now. Its not surprising for them that now again contingent of Muslim religious leadership headed by Mulana Fazal Ul Rehman have approached to rescue his image and to make respectful end to his drama in the cage. The Christian religious leadership on frequent visits requested him to end his self confinement and join practically hand in the safety and security of Christian community living in fear during the allied forces attacks to curb terrorism in Afghanistan but he refused to them and pointed to wait when he achieves his objectives for the international minorities in cage. Now the cat is out of bag and his motives very clear before the Christian minority of Pakistan. At last his masters rescued him to end this peace in cage drama. Nazir s Bhatti.

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