Nisar Khan declares alternative proposed subjects issues for the 2002 Conference.


New York. June 21. (PCP Report). Mr. Nisar Khan, chief of IF issued the alternative subject issues for conference 2002 in New York. He said that major issue under discussions should be Terrorism and its affect on the Pakistani Christian society. The

Today we live in a time, when the life form of the human Geno, is described on genetic codes, and highly intelligent computers determine the survival rate, every moment of existence is based on the theoretical interpretation of Biological Change; we are cloning ourselves with outpouring information, on the information highway to infinity. And much to our despair, the human sociological system is on the verge of Desperation, engaged in Self- determination, Superiority, and Dominance. "We are at war", were the words of our President George W. Bush, after the attacks on September 11, 2001, and it is to one conscious to co-relate the fact, that the lifestyle, of an American Citizen changed forever, and in observation today, the world became a different place. Terror has engulfed the five continents. What is to come, common phrase "Hang in there", the fact of the matter is, that America, a Super Power in the world, was awaken from sleep, and today after a couple of months, with 3000 dead, people are still struggling with the loss of life, and prominent landmarks of this continent, many are shocked by the devastation, and the trauma, that still persists on the minds of many, as Casper bells of fear looms around, many are stringent to focus on their ethnic lifestyles, while others go about the old ways. A large number of people have gone back to the old American traditions, and in the cosmic circle of progress, a Puritan idea exists today, in this advanced and fast paced society. As most of the activity was pre-focused on Afghanistan, the Taliban, a ruling race at the time, was pre-emptively targeted, as mostly isolated, the terror camps, under supervise training, and trained with radical Muslim theology, were the prime suspects, and today the target. In view of these thoughts, many from the East have been targeted and blazed for the obscene incident, that they were never a part of, but as doubt remains, patriotism requires of a common man, to follow the law of the land and to join hands in the effort, to combat terrorism from its roots. The word "Terrorism" means "Nuisance, use of force, to demoralize, intimidate, and subjugate, such as a political weapon or policy." And evenly said so that many a colored minority from the east, fell into this stringent hole, ironically the emotions of the American were hurt, and after many debates on Capitol Hill, Senate and Congressional floors, it was spelled out again and again, that peace among each other would bring us eventually to locate the pivotal cause that brought us to the present stage today, and if you follow the stories today with all the majors names in print and entertainment media, you can follow the daily information relating to the cause of the terrible tragedy. After many silent moments, one needs to praise the Presidency of United States of America, its Cabinet members, that in such difficult times they asked for patience and asked for prayer from the nation, and every speech ended with "GOD BLESS AMERICA" giving it a new meaning. Recently the present tension that has emerged between India and Pakistan is quite ironic, as both nations are Nuclear Capable, and the fear of existence looms through the whispers. During these crucial times, we the Impatiens Friends are, setting stage to seek the present struggle of an ethnic diverse community that rolls through the main stream in Pakistan, but unfortunate enough have never been praised from within. The common term used to identify any ethnic community from the Indian sub-continent is "Desi," (from my Country), today the Pakistan Christian roams the world, for their survival to co-exist among the many continents of this world, in prudence of truce, for recognition in there respective Motherland. And as terror rings door bells on the sanctuary of churches and homes of many, it has become quite evident to get the attention of the world that this minority community has been deprived the rights of co-existence, and equally important for the world to know the historical facts and the struggle this minority ethnic group of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh backgrounds (both low and high castes), had to go through as a converted Christian society. As the world today snipes to source the terror, within it course of time, it is become extremely important, to source this diverse minority society as they struggle to survive among the many around the world today when the bombs are detonated in churches, and the women are raped, homes are burnt, many principles are broken. Today we need to explore what is the common thought of this ethnic diverse minority group from Pakistan, what is their core struggle in its co-existense, and what is there future in Pakistan and among the world nations. With these thoughts, I leave the people living abroad with much more resources, and for the conscious to speak for itself, are we ready and are we able to remedy the many suffering around us and very much today in that part of the world WE CALL HOME. The alternative proposed subjects for the 2002 Conference are: 1. Terrorism (how does it affect on the Pakistani Christian society). 2. Christian Feudalism (why?). 3. Historical facts (past, present, future) of the Pakistani Christian society. 4. Impact and compare the role the Pakistani Christian schools and colleges have played before nationalization and after denationalization. 5. Where do we stand to meet the challenge of the 21st century. On women issues: 1. What role has women played in the development of the Christian society, and where is the Christian women today, and is she able to accept the challenge of the 21st Century. 2. What struggle is the diverse minority society facing today, how adaptive is the Christian society in North America today, what is the contribution of the women in the development of the Christian society.

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