Nisar Khan issues introductory note on IF international conference on Sept. 22 in NY. Invitations extended to UN missions, international human right activists and community leaders.


The word "Impatiens" is a botanical Latin word, which means, "Impatient and stem from the force with which the seeds leap out of their pods." I like to think, it also reflects the eagerness of the people to leap out, and seek the warmth of these plan

Introduction: The thought has been on my mind for a number of years, to find historical prospects of an under nourished, and over pourished Christian domain in the land of the Pure (Pakistan). The history reveals through its text, that it was not a sound atmosphere, in which the dedication of a few handful missionaries from Europe and America, founded a Missionary zone that today became a Society, with its Indian Rituals, and elusive Caste system. Today as we stand past the prospects in the 21st Century, understanding the needs of the time, we are presently putting together a Convention this fall in the Month of September 2002, here in New York. As you review the proposed Articles in the convention, I would say much briefly that in order to understand, the Present State of belief in the Pakistani Christian Society today, which stands paused in; we would need to explore the basic ideology of the Christian Movement that started some 150 yrs ago. These topics are quite dear to any Christian's heart from the region of the Sub-Continent, Pakistan (Land of the Pure), it is quite hearting to report that in the past 55 yrs, the land of Pakistan has gone through three wars with India, and three Military coup, and many dissolved Democratic Institutions and the Democratic frame work, and today at the present time as the Government under the leadership of, General Pervaiz Musharraf, struggles to rattle the much needed swipe on the corrupt and a dishonest in Pakistan, it is quite ironic that even today the Radicals, talk about freedom of speech in the framework of the Holy Book ,but the actions speak otherwise,we have a growing culture of Kalashnikov,and a de- moral in the lives of the Pakistanis,who have been in empathy under the tyranny of the Islamization process. At the present moment we can see that a new age, of thought is emerging from the bunkers of time, people think in a civil manner, and are eager to learn about the much needed Information technology, and are quite positive to make Pakistan, a Civil Society, with a good moral and co-existence among each other. In view of this thought one needs to explore, what Role have the Ethnic Christians devoted in the past 55 yrs old history, of the Present day Pakistan, according to the present Statistics today, the total population of Pakistan stands at 140 Million people, and the Pakistani Christians are 12% of the total population in Pakistan today. At a glance through history it is quite disturbing to see that the Christian society was pushed backwards in time, as the mere process of educating the Pakistan society was taken away, and the institutes were denationalized, and we can visibly see through our observation today, what impact it left the Pakistani society with, it is cohesive to see this observation, but flip the coin, and seek to find the information, to what impacts, did the Christian society have, which was still growing, and today for the past 30 yrs ,the Christian Institutes have not educated the present day Muslim Majority. It is to the readers concession, to ask Are we ready, as a nation, to face the Mediaeval Challenge, to fill the Educational, Skilled Professionals, Technocrats, Diplomats, and a very vital Technology Gap, these are certain issues that as a nation, the Christians need to explore, as they need to be consistent on their words, and actions, and see that are they ready to face the nation that is on the Virgue of Islamized by Radical Muslim Theology. Can they make a difference, and at what cost, what is our experience from the past, what is our present, and what is our future. Keeping in View of the present situation in Pakistan today, a social change has taken place in the past few years, with the introduction of the Information highway, and progress towards the knowledge of understanding, the Educated people of Pakistan have broaden their view on Religion, Ecumenical, and Education. It is quite important, that we find a remedy to a positive solution, in the core heart of the present Pakistani Christian Society, as we have entered in the 21st Century, and much oblivious problem that existed at the time of Partition, are still part of the Ecumenical Pakistani Society, we do need to see a change in the thinking of the general public, where they are at ease, with a modern trend of liberization, social changes take place with this trend, I view it as a positive step, in a developing nation, where each person can play an important role in the development of the social structure of the society. Keep in Mind that, ethical values are also part of a liberization, that keeps the cycle of value streamed lined, in a firm direction, as the pendulum of life, finds a way to co-exist with these factors. Therefore each thought and reaction is concise to the very point of a developed, and furthermore, a liberated society, with each value added, as an adjective, and pluralized in form of a zealously relationship to serve and fellowship in a true spirit. These are the topics, under the program this fall 2002. 1.Terrorism 2.Christian Feudalism 3.Present Crisis in the Pakistani Christian Society. 4.Where is the Pakistani Christian society today? 5.What role has the church played in the development of the Christian Education, Character and Spiritual Life? 6.What Role has the Schools and Colleges played in the development of the Pakistani Christian Society? 7.Where do we stand, to meet the challenge of the 21st Century? Women Issues: 1.What role have women played in the development of the Christian Society? 2.Can the Women play a dominant Role in the Christian Society? 3.Where are the Christian women today, and is she able to accept the challenge of the 21st Century? 4.How adaptive is the Christian society in America and Canada, what role has the women played in the Development? For further information, call Nisar khan @ 631-425-1913

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