An exclusive interview from Parvez Masih, arrested under section 295-C PPC.

It is very difficult to meet Parvez Masih in district jail of Sialkot where he is under surveillance of authorities and he is restricted to see any body except his family members. The Pakistan Christian post arranged an interview without the knowledge of jail officials to provide full information directly from the victim. We are presenting the contents as the victim said, in questions and answers. June 13,2001. District jail Sialkot. Look of Parvez Masih. Our correspondent witnessed that Parvez Masih was wearing the dirty clothes and looking more aged without having bath and shaved, he seemed highly depressed behind the bars. His family members also looked afraid and instead of any conversation his wife was only staring at his husband and crying. I introduced my self as correspondent pakistan christian post and encouraged him that christian nation is grieved with him and his family on this unjust act of government to register blasphemy case after two months of the alleged occurrence. Whatever was our conversation we are presenting as it is. Q.what is your full name. A. My name is parvez masih and my fathers name is ghulam masih. Q.what is your age. A. I am 35 years old. Q.tell us about your family. A. I belong to a peasant family from village chalay ke; in sub district daska.i have four sisters and four brothers. My mother is dead. I am eldest among my brothers and sisters. My father wanted me to become an officer and in poverty he arranged my college expenditures and I passed intermediate exams. I was unable to get any government job and my father was unable to provide funds for my further studies and to support the big family. I started my career as teacher and established my own school Iqbal Memorial School. I was very kind to my Muslim students and my students also respected me because I was always available to help them in their studies after school hours. Muslim parents of vicinity prefer to seek admission for their children in my school than other school run by Muslim teachers. Q.what happened that brought you behind these bars. A. The other school owner named Mohammad Sajjad was angry on not having enough admissions in his school. After summer vacation, the new admissions have to start, in summer vacation he blamed me that I have spoken against the sacred marriages of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and started propagating in public against me. When he failed to get up to mark admissions in his school after summer vacation, he approached police station and accused me committing blasphemy two months earlier. Q. What was the police action? A. Police arrested me on April 1,2001 and kept me at sadder police station and on 2nd April sent me to dist. Prison, and now I am here before you. Q. Do you know that what is punishment under the section you have been arrested? A. Yes, I know that I am in death row now, under capital punishment of death by the blasphemy law by the administration or if released by the hands of any fanatic Muslim. Q. How do you feel in this situation? a. I believe in Jesus Christ and confidant that holy sprit shall help to save me from these false allegation and to live peacefully again with my family and to do something for my family and my community. Q. What is the progress of your case? A. Circumstances are not in my favor. My bail application in session Court has been rejected and now my family members are moving to high court, my date of Hearing in high court for the bail is 23 June 2001. Q. Have you submitted any application for the inquiry of F.I.R? A. Yes. My family has submitted an application for inquiry but result Is not positive and the report is not in my favor. Q. Can you tell me the name of members of the inquiry committee? A. This committee comprises of five members. Their names are as under. 1. Abdul shakur. (Resident Magistrate) Daska. 2. D.S.P. Daska. 3. Qari Mohammad Khalid. 4. Qari iqbal Raza. 5. Ch. Hammed. (Vice chairman. Relevant union council. ) Q. Is there any Christian member in this committee? A. No, we requested to take Christian represented in this committee but our request was not given due consideration, so, there was no Christian in enquiry committee. Q.why you were unable to prove your self-innocent in inquiry committee. A. It was not a matter in fact, Committee was under pressure Of the Religious groups. Number of my student, their parents and my staff members Were ready to witness in my favor and surface the facts but they were refused presentation. About 50 peoples have provided Written Statement to the inquiry committee in my favor. Most of them are Muslim. Five Muslim peoples. Have gives their evidence Personally to the Inquiry committee there names is. As 1. Mohammad. Youqab. 2. Mohammad Khorsheed. 3. Mohammad. Bashir. 4. Zaheer Ali. (Student of Perveaz ) 5 Mohammad Zaheer. (Student of pervaz)6. Mohammad Rizwan (student of perveaz) but committee turned down the findings. Q. Any NGO And any Church leader is working for your release. A. Many representatives of church and different orgnizations visit my family and inform them that they have brought the case before the international community but practically they are not doing any thing. My family members have left home and they are in hiding, they are also afraid when they come to visit me. Only my family members are working for my release and approaching the attorneys and to file my bail applications. Truly speaking all Christians are afraid to visit my family or me. However through your Magazine. Q. Do you feel safe in prison? A. I am not safe here From the Hands of Fundamentals. The prison. Administration keeps away from other prisoners. I am Living alone in my small solitary cell. Q. Tell me about the Behavior of the prison Administration with you Being an accused of Blasphemy Law. A. I am not free from the problems. I cannot receive And send the letters to the friends. Because administration check my mail Before delivery. Q. After releasing from prison will you like to stay in Pakistan? A. I have no idea that what shall be the future of my family. I am in a dark tunnel and there is no sign of light. I love Pakistan and I proved by selecting the name of my school on the national poet Allama Iqbal, the Iqbal memorial School. Q. You shall like to give any message to Christians of Pakistan. A. I shall request them to remember me and my family in their daily prayers.

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