London-14 April 2002
Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) addressing a large gathering of the Christians from Korangi, Karachi who had come to the Head Office of the MQM, commonly known as "Nine Zero" to show th

Mr Altaf Hussain declared that only unblemished entity is of Allah Almighty. No Constitution, whether of America, Britain or Pakistan, is faultless. The members of Christian fraternity are Pakistani citizens because they were born, educated and bred in Pakistan. When every Pakistani citizen is equal then why discriminate on religious majority and minority? It means that there is some fault within our system. If religion is made a basis of permanent citizenship then the definition of nationality must also change. It must be announced that believers of certain religion would be first class citizens whereas others would be second class citizens. However, when everyone is of the same nationality, i.e. Pakistani, the discrimination on the basis of religious majority and religious minority must end. And those who do not accept this phenomenon must also declare that Quaid-e-Azam was not the Founder of Pakistan. If they do accept him as the Founder of Pakistan then they should also practically adopt the message of his speech of 11 August 1947, in which Quaid-e-Azam stated that now Pakistan has been created, every citizen is equal, Hindu, Muslims and Christians are free to go to their Temples, Mosques and Churches. Mr Hussain said that when Quaid-e-Azam eradicated discrimination then who are we to discriminate? Have these people read Bang-e-Dara of Allama Iqbal where he has eulogised Ram and Gru Nanak! If the praise of Ram and Gru Nanak is considered a sinful act then this word "Rahmatullah Alay" should be not precede the name of Allama Iqbal. As Allama Iqbal is considered a revered poet we should all follow his example and treat the followers of all the religions equally. If one accepts that people of different religions are Pakistan nationals then all Pakistanis must be treated equally. He said that he views all Pakistani nationals whether Hindus, Christians, Muslims and others should be equally treated. Those who spurn Christianity are actually showing their dislike for Jesus Christ PHUH, where as Islam direct us to have faith in all revealed books of God including Bible and all the prophets of God including Jesus Christ. Those who caused deaths in churches and killed Christians while be living that they performed a pious act, should know that Islam does not preach desecration of places of worship nor does it permit killing of innocent people. Anyone who thinks that Islam permit such actions is distorting the teachings of Islam. Mr. Altaf Hussain quoted from the Bible where Jesus states that why do you call me a God if you do not act according to my teachings. Those who do not act according to the teaching of Jesus, their example is like those who build their houses on shallow foundations, so when the land was flooded the entire structure was washed away, unlike those who act on my teachings, they are the ones who build their houses on foundations of solid stones. Mr. Altaf Hussain said that we want to lay strong foundations for the followers of Jesus Christ and people of all other faiths according to the teachings of Jesus Christ so that any opposition or any Fatwa is unable to demolish the house we build on unity. Mr. Altaf Hussain reminded the audience that he is not a feudal or a rich man but with the blessing of God people of all faiths feel comfortable to visit his home. I do not care about the Fatwas religious cleaves pronounce on me. I am interested only in propagating my message of love and harmony. I am not interested in becoming a minister or a president. My mission is to struggle for the rights of all the religious groups and the downtrodden people of the country. As I do not seek position I can tell you the truth openly. No other political leader can do that, he declared. Addressing the Christian community directly Mr. Altaf Hussain appealed to then that if you are convinced with what you have heard, then you should convey my message to everyone throughout the country to join MQM and work with me for the attainment of equal rights. In the MQM you will not find any discrimination. Your work will be judged on merit. Deserving people will be given responsibilities on merit regardless of their cast, creed or religion. You can attain the top position in this movement on merit. He concluded.

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