Thieves are coming back: Watson Gill


The thieves are sitting on shoulders of Christians in Pakistan and these so-called leaders are representing Christian community.

It is my foremost duty to aware my Christian brothers and sisters to use their valuable vote to push these thieves out in elections on January 8, 2008. It is very important event to outset those who are selling hopes of Christian youth. For instant, our two great MPA`s from Sindh are playing game with our people from 22 years. What they did for us? Nothing? One of them is under metric. You can just imagine his mentality by this one incident when a group of Christian youth met him for their problem. Mr., MPA refused to help them on a plea that he got fewer votes from their area. There is another neighbor of this MPA, who is educated one to whom I know from last 25 years. I saw his carrier from a scoter to AC loaded car and work with him. In the beginning, I felt him as a efficient leader but I was forced to change my mind when his two co-workers came under assassination attack by the PSF terrorists. We took our wounded workers to Jinnah Hospital and contacted Medico Legal office for registration of attempted murder case against Peoples Students Federation PSF. When I entered MLO office, I was shocked to see that our great MPA was standing with shaking legs when Zahid Saeed, leader of PSF was sitting on chair. He was in jail but came to rescue his PSF terrorists in hospital, which indicated his approach, and power in government. He threatened our MPA to not register any complaint with police of PSF attack on Christians. He was protecting PSF workers like Tariq Ghazi and under pressure our MPA registered FIR against unknown people. After that I had difference of opinion with that MPA on so many different matters like Drigh Road graveyard and police arrest Christian boys. Now he is standing with PPP. About our MNA`s, one lived in satellite Town Rawalpindi. He is no more to justify him self but he was too proud man. When a group of Christian students including me went to talk with him about Article 295/C, he refuse to talk about that law but even he protect that law. One of our well known MNA, in my opinion he was in condition to do some thing for our people but he ever never took any strong step even he could. I remember when that MNA came to Karachi from Lahore by foot. He protested against Pakistani media specially PTV and he seemed light in darkness for our people but soon he forgot his promises. I remember when we went to his office in GPO melody Chowk Islamabad. I saw in his office there was a huge hall and around the big table there were 12 or 14 people sitting around that .All of them were busy with envelopes, papers, address stickers and packing of post. I ask to our great MNA Sir! What is happening here? He answered. Ooo Gill Saab we are celebrating Hajj Mubarik to our Muslim Haji Brothers." And these are best wishing letters to our Muslim Brothers. he added. I advised him! Sir, we belong to the poor country so this is wasting of money. More than hundred thousand people are on Haj and if we sent those letters separate to Haji`s, it will be very expensive. So my advise is that as a Christian MNA you can just call a News conference and announce that Christian community have best wishes for our Haji Brothers! But the answer shocked for me. I would like to advices to our this honorable leader "Please do not embarrassed our Christian community. Please don`t use CROSS or any Christian symbol in your protest" . Some new names are coming from PPP, or other political parties. They are just `puppets and their strings are in invisible hands. In Pakistan article 295/C is the big sword on Christian's heads and only two leaders spoke publicly against those law's. Mr. George Clement who debated with Molana Azim Tariq on National TV `PTV" about blasphemy law and advised to government to change the system of FIR. He suggested the FIR registration by Magistrate or SP rank Officer shall be ordered after thorough enquiry in blasphemy cases.. And other Christian leader who spoke against the blasphemy loudly is Dr. Nasir Bhatti. Who organized first hunger strike against blasphemy law on 05-12-1990 in front of UN Office in Karachi. Only Mr. Bhatti filed a writ-petition number 8/91 in FS Court against distribution or selling wine or permit to Christians. I would request to all Christian in Pakistan "please don`t vote for tested leaders on 08-01-2008. God may give you wisdom to choose right Leader. Amen" Watson Gill From Holland

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