Christian leader urges Pakistan to establish diplomatic ties with Israel.


Karachi: November 27, 2007. Mr. Asharf P. Butt Advocate Secretary General of God's People Fellowship of Pakistan and Legal Advisor of Pakistan International Human Rights Organization, a Christian religious leader in press statement have urged Govt. of Pakistan to recognized and to have diplomatic ties with the state of Israel and they may be officially allowed to have pilgrim visit to the historic holy bible land of Israel, Jerusalem on Pakistani Passport. Ministry of foreign Affairs should change the policy in respect of Israel to recognize and establish diplomatic ties/ relation with the state of Israel in view of the changes in Geographical situation of the Global world. He said that it is very important and better religious interest of Pakistani Christians (The biggest Leading Religious Minority of Pakistan) that they have been deprived from the rules of Universal Human Rights Charter and accordance with their religious Rights they can not visit their Religious Holy/ Sacred Places situated in the Holy Bible Land of Israel, but due to non Diplomatic relation/ ties of Pakistan Govt. with the state of Israel. The Secretary General of G.PF.P Mr Asharf P. Butt Advocate added that since decades Egypt and Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, Mauritania and other Arab neighboring Muslim States have also established diplomatic ties/ relation with the state of Israel, and further told that under changed Geo Political situation of Sub-Continent after 9/11 the serial need to review the establish diplomatic relations with Israel is more important then past, while our neighbor India had been established full diplomatic ties/ relations with the state of Israel and enjoying with the Modern Technology and Military aid, while India is a secular and rival enemy of our country which have forcibly occupied on Kashmir and we had fought three battle/ war despite of this we can have diplomatic ties with India and why Government of Pakistan cant not recognized and friendly relations with the state of Israel? What is the harm? We can take advantage the offer of the state of Israel. Mr. Butt further said that time and again the more than ten million Christians of Pakistan demanded to every Govt. of Pakistan since last 50 years to have diplomatic ties with the state of Israel, which is historical bible land. Holy place as per the faith of Christians and their Holy Book Bible. He also added that Pakistani Christians have keen desire in their hearts but sorrow that they have been deprived from the performing of their ritual obligations, religious prayer/ worship on the said historical places since last 56 years. He also added that if Govt. of Pakistan is not willing to allow such permission for pilgrim visit to the Holy Land it will be flagrant violation of International Human Rights Character of U.N.O as well as religious Liberties given to the minorities of Pakistan in the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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