The murder pill

By : Clemente Ferrer

The judgment of the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States on the process Griswold of Connecticut was the first of the many judgments that accepted the culture of death in which we are immersed. In June 1965, the Supreme Court of the United States established a judicial precedent to make that the Constitution will legitimize the right to privacy. This means that the Member States of the Union would not be able to stop that a woman gets pills for the birth control. The plaintiff was Estelle Griswold, director of Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut. This is the daughter of the International Federation of Family Planning, the largest body protector of contraception and abortion. Griswold opened a center for birth control and was arrested and punished due to market prohibited contraception pills. The case was sent to the Supreme Court. Planned Parenthood League, which was breaking the law, managed to support with this process, is an official reference for trading with abortion pills. The lethal effects of the pill and other contraceptives that originate chemical abortions are many. For this reason, the American Life League, the pro-life Wisconsin and pharmacists for Life International Associate Groups call all the pro-life people for an act of protest against the criminal pill that kills innocent Childs, encouraging the condemnation of the hovels that marketed abortion products. American Life League declares that abortions are a scourge. The University of Pittsburgh together with the Ohio State University and the biochemist of the American Life League, M. Bogomir Kuhar, found that in the last decade’s 9 million abortions occurred. Human Life International supports the efforts of American Life League by spreading the truth about the abortion pill and the other so-called contraceptives. Clemente Ferrer Independent Forum of Opinion

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