Without understanding meaning of ‘the leader of free-world’ USA can’t handle North-Korean nuclear

By : Hem Raj Jain

Dear Editor Sub:- (i)- Misguided US policies have brought the situation where pawn (NK) is checking the king (USA) (ii)- US naively thought that nukes with amenable countries will do (iii)- Dominant military power in the service of human-rights-friendly-world is the only answer (iv)- USA should replace UN with ‘United Free Nations’ (UFN) (v)- Membership of UFN should be open to only recognized-free-countries (vi)- Nukes of all member countries should be under one command & control of UFN (vii)- UFN should try to snatch & destroy the nukes of non-free countries (viii)- UFN should not drag bilateral disputes endlessly, between its member countries, like Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan (ix)- Nuclear India a member country in South Asia with $ ~ 16 Trillion State capital will be big asset to UFN Misguided US policies have brought the situation on the chess-board of global politics where a pawn North Korea (NK) is checking the king (USA) the leader of free world and now whether it will culminate into a mate will be answered only by time. The USA naively thought that leaving nukes with amenable countries (including India and Pakistan in addition to veto wielding permanent members of UN) and by merely constituting ineffective & useless IEAE, NPT etc will do and nothing will disturb the global political order. But NK has shown the utter absurdity of such US policies which has not only immensely humiliated USA but has also brought tens of millions of people face-to-face with the danger of extermination by practically another world war. Now USA is left only with one option that is to replace ‘United Nations’ with ‘United Free Nations’, as given below, if USA is really serious about retaining its title of ‘the leader of free-world’:- (1)- First of all USA should understand that the world will never be full of good people. Rather bad people / countries will always be there hence there will be eternal war between these two [‘Sur’ (good people) and ‘Asur’ (bad people) as are termed in Hindu philosophy / mythology]. Therefore USA should think of bringing military power of ‘Sur’ under one command and should fight the ‘Asur’ -then only the power of goodness will win & prevail over the power of evil. (2)- Membership of UFN should be open to only democratic secular recognized-free-countries based on following criterions:- (i)- There should be no veto power to any member. Voting rights of every member should commensurate with contribution of money, men & material (including and especially martial) by members of UFN and records about human rights in member countries of UFN. (ii)- There should be International Political Parties (IIP) registered at UFN because in many countries if politics is left to local people then it ultimately comes under the strangulating influence of the medieval-thinking religious leaders in these countries. (iii)- Merely democracy is not enough to ensure human rights in any country as is evident from the case of India too where in addition to communal rights (rather massacre of minorities) about half of the population (small and marginal farmers) is starving and over 12,000 farmers commit suicide every year and where recently ~ 65 children in one city and ~ 49 children in another city of only one State of India have died due to lack of oxygen & other medical facilities. Hence instead of optional-protocol OP-1 (at UN) there should be mandatory-protocol MP-1 of ICCPR at UFN where individual citizen can secure his / her human rights even by military intervention of UFN in any erring member of UFN. (iv)- There should be one currency for UFN with proper asset back-up (with central bank at UFN head office and its branch offices in member countries). (3)- Nukes of all member countries should be under one command & control of UFN. Also UFN should try to snatch & destroy the nukes of non-free countries by bringing military power of member countries under the control and command of UFN for this purpose. Moreover UFN should not drag bilateral disputes endlessly, between member countries, like Kashmir dispute between India and Pakistan. No such dispute (including river water sharing disputes) should be considered a bilateral dispute rather every such so-called bilateral dispute should be resolved by UFN on the basis of standard practices & tenets of international laws.. (4)- Here it is in context to add that one such free country nuclear India of ~ 1.3 billion people in South Asia will be big asset to UFN due to $ ~ 16 Trillion State-capital which India can recover as mentioned at http://www.alwihdainfo.com/Now-India-bound-to-get-Rs--1000-Trillion-income-tax-as-Delhi-Police-steps-in_a31456.html and http://www.newsnation.in/article/121125-news-nation-disclosure-on-blackmoney-kharabpati-farmers-take-agriculture-route-t.html Regards Hem Raj Jain (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’) Bengaluru, India

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