Who responsible of killing innocent PARA CHINAR shia-e-ali

By : Ashfaq Sharif

I want to question from the head of state and interior minister what you did to catch the real culprits who did bomb blast in para chinar which killing many shia-e-ali. Sorry to say and very regret Shia minority always attack by special terror group but what Govt did to eliminate this group. Please do not show mercy when real culprits caught and admit he committed the crime only to reach SHORT CUT wahabi heaven WHEN these mad and un-educated brain wash people kill the other specially shia? Why not make and pass a law in assembly when a target killer or terror caught he should be immediate basis hang on PUBLIC place which is the only cure and get rid of target killing and terror activities in Pakistan. Those who showing sympathy and satisfy with the devil performance of terror activities it means such activities is not only perform by the terrorist but those who agreed with them also involved in this crime and deserve example punishment. I must question with all terror and its supports you have courage first to skip from DEAD or you can skip from God punishment, that time called for help from your beloveds to protect you from angry God punishment that time your entire influence remain helpless in front of God punishment. I pray to God those who responsible for this devil act send them where they deserve without any delay and treat these pig IN VVVIP manners and allow them to convey this treatment message to their wahabi/yazadi followers if you remain in this path than ready for GOD punishment unless faith and believe in AHL-E-BAIT to reach heaven otherwise wahabi shortcut heaven finally reach to HELL? Govt totally fail to protect the life of SHIA-E-ALI that reason their killer not getting example punishment plus their master mind and supporters should be condemn and punished too to eliminate terror activities in entire Pakistan. In Past many cruel rulers did their best to eliminate shia-e-ALI but shia-e-Ali spread and strength in the entire world only DUE OF Hazrat Fatima Zehra SA but those who responsible for killing shia-e-ALI their GRAVE’s un-known to their blind wahabi followers if they make efforts to find where pig brined. Sorry to say Govt totally failed to protect the life SHIA-E-ALI does Pakistan is Islamic State? Where every minority get religious freedom and protection from Govt, In short I totally condemn and regret this cowards act by true WAHABI followers but the question is why you killing shia-e-ali to reach HELL or heaven who decided. Thanking You. Ashfaq Sharif Karachi, PAKISTAN

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