In Response to My Parents are from Pakistan

By : Asif

Dear Sir, I would like to respond to a letter entitled, "My Parents are from Pakistan" on your, which is either written by some Muslim pretending to be Christian, or by some extremely disillusioned Christian. In the second line of the very first paragraph of his letter he writes, "I believe that all Muslims can (and will) go to heaven". If he believes in the Christian faith, then I don't understand that what is the theological basis for his this particular belief. Because Jesus Christ very clearly said that "I am the Way and the Truth and Life; and no one comes to the Father except through me (John 14:6). Secondly the Muslims are looking forward to going to Paradise (sura 56:12-24), whereas Christians are looking forward to going to Heaven (Rev. 21:4,24); and the descriptions of both of them are quite very different. He further writes, "and I have absolutely no reason to hate any Muslim person". I will agree with him on that, because Christian faith nowhere teaches to hate anyone in the first place. The writer goes on all lengths to condemn homosexuality being condoned by Churches, and bashing whites for trying to set Pakistani males with other males. Homosexuality is a lengthy subject, but I wonder if he is aware of NWFP in Pakistan, where Pathans are famous for their homosexuality. Moreover the Pakistani Newspapers are full of the stories of Muslim mullahs/clerics committing indecent assaults on young children, who come to study the Koran in the mosque. Since I never read anywhere by any Muslim leader condemning this act, then shall we assume that this act of paedophilia is actually condoned and encouraged by Islam? The writer says that his parents try to set him up with other males, and then argues that an Islamic stance is needed on homosexuality. This shows a bit of his actual colours, but we would even then give him the benefit of doubt by considering him a Pakistani Christian. The Christian Faith condemns homosexuality, and I would encourage him to read through the!se references in the Holy Bible (Romans 1:24-27). But is he aware that Muslims will be given young teen age boys in their Paradise to have sex with (Sura 56:17). My friend totally comes out from under his cover when he writes, "please remember that the Christian church in Toronto is based on trickery, a combination of a pygmy Filipino mentality and the Nazi mentality of hatred instilled by the Europeans that live here". He moreover writes, "the parents of these RICH people here try to force their sons to marry with men (while they distract them from finding real girlfriends) maybe due to business dealings the parents have with the parents of the male to be set-up with the first male". Obviously he is not only unaware of the Christian Church, but unfortunately is ignorant of the individualistic western society too, where parents don't make decisions on behalf of their children. It is not Pakistan where parents will find the spouses and arrange the marriages for their children; children in the West are treated as mature individuals, who can make the decisions about their life partners by themselves. While discussing homosexuality and sexual perversion, he further writes, "It is sick, meanwhile, young Indian and Pakistani girls are taken advantage of by these white Nazis, I have seen the young girls (approx. 13) dating the 30 year old men". He had earlier condoned an Islamic stance on this perversion, but does he know that the prophet of Islam married 9 years old Aysha, when he was about 60 years old. In that case the Islamic stance may not work in the Canadian scenario, but may even deteriorate it further. He writes about the sins of sex, revenge, greed etc. found in Toronto, and regards it a city unfit for a Christian, and suitable for a Satanist. His knowledge about other parts of the world doesn't seem very good, I suggest he examines the situation of Afghanistan, Sudan, Indonesia, Pakistan and Iran, where people are being denied even their basic human rights. People of all religions from these countries are putting even their lives at risk to come to the western world for the sake of being considered and treated as human beings. I wonder if my friend is aware of the aid and relief work done by the Church in the third world, along with helping the homeless and destitute even in the city of Toronto as well. If the city of Toronto is fit only for the Satanists, then why don't he consider moving to some Muslim country, where he would be able to enjoy an Islamic stance on these issues much better. It is much better than living double lives, and struggling with one R!17;s conscience; I might have left if I was feeling the way he is feeling. He has written the last paragraph in all capital letters, hampering on the same string and comparing the sex of 13 years old with 30 years old as Rape and Nazi German phenomenon. I agree with him on that, but in the countryside of Pakistan, the marriage of 13 years old girls to older men is not considered a condemnable issue. Moreover no one regards 9 years old Ayesha's marriage with Mohammad as a condemnable issue. If the writer is an honest Pakistani Christian/Muslim, then he should start the condemnation process from his home country first to set an example for the world. Because the Lord Jesus Christ said, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye, and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye." (Matthew 7:3)

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